Exploring Porngore: Unveiling Vol 1 & 2

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘PornGore Vol 1 n 2… What is it?’ by ColdRaven’s Nest

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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YouTube video discusses banned words, extreme content volumes, and support options.

Key Insights

  • The video is about two banned words in YouTube history: porn and gore.
  • The creator is discussing the controversy and shock value of merging porn and gore into one concept.
  • There is reference to audience requests for certain content, including "cheese pizza" (a euphemism for child pornography), but the creator dismisses it.
  • The video mentions other volumes that have been reviewed and the upcoming volumes focused on extreme content like MD Pope and Fubar.
  • The first volume is described as being three and a half hours long, featuring extreme BDSM, mutilation, and gore.
  • The second volume is also three and a half hours long, with graphic content like scat, beheadings, and torture.
  • The video seems to be an introduction to the content and covers of the two volumes, with sarcastic comments made about the design choices and typos.
  • The creator discusses the extensive preparation and viewing time required for each video.
  • There is a mention of the creator's Patreon account and the benefits of subscribing to support the creator's work.

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Title: “Porn Gore Volume 1 and Volume 2 – YouTube’s Most Banned Words”

Porn gore volume 1 and volume 2, it’s like the two most banned words in YouTube’s history. Fucking history. Porn and gore have just fused together like Goku and Vegeta to make Gogeta or Vegeta, whichever one you prefer. Fuck Vegeta, Gogeta gang over here. I’m here to create this absolute fucking horrific thing that’s ever been made, to incite you to take the algorithm cock and smack my YouTube channel for a fucking home run and knock me right into obscurity. So hopefully that doesn’t happen, but I’m a gambling man like Gambit. So you know, I like to take those fucking swings, go for it. No balls. Um, but thought I should be said, I got both volume covers right here. I’m gonna be reading them off. I’ll give you a little bit of history right here, now before I should get into that shit. Let’s address the elephant in the room, and I’m not talking about your mother. Is there any cheese pizza on there? Is there any cheese pizza on there? And some of y’all motherfuckers started out sounding concerned, but then I’ll some of y’all seem like y’all really want that shit, like y’all be like, “Yo, is any cheese pizza on there? Send me a link.” There’s any cheese pizza, I’m asking for a friend. Like, get the fuck out of my face, man. What’s wrong with y’all? Some y’all really be fucked up like that. And then y’all wonder why I’m just like, I ignore some of y’all comments. There’s one dude who was mad as shit in my comment section, like, dude. I said, “Send me a link.” Oh, what the fuck you gonna do? You’re gonna get mad and type in all caps, “Oh my god, are you gonna see me IRL and suck my fucking cock?” Get the fuck out of my face. I’ll be getting all tight for no reason. Anyway, with that bullshit being said, this on the solid Waterberg over here. Now, if we see the red line, that’s because that’s feet, as much as volume 1 and volume 2, which I did reviews on. Check that shit over there. I also did reviews on MD Pope and MD poke, too. When you’re gonna do MD Pope 3? When you gonna do Fubar? I’m leaving those as the finale for this um, this level, because I know those are like the worst of the worst, the most abhorrent, depraved, decrepit, whatever word you want to use to describe it, out of all these movies. So I’m leaving them as a finale. So don’t worry, I will get to them, but not anytime soon. I’ll probably in a couple of weeks. Again, those are apparently the worst of the worst, so I’m gonna leave those for last.

Description and Contents:
Now, one thing I do want to say is, apparently, Porn Gore Volume 1 is three and a half hours long, and the second one is almost three and a half hours long. So that makes about seven hours worth of content. What type of content is it? Extreme BDSM, people putting worms in their wormholes, people putting cockroaches on their cocks, people fisting their anuses until they start to bleed. Gore, you know, beheadings, fucking people getting mutilated, just the most depraved shit you can find on the internet. Now, Feet is much, as typically, 300-400 clips of just kind of weak shit. You got MD Pope, which is like 150-200 clips of some very, very strong shit. Hold on, check this shit out. You got me…you got me burping once, we’re very fucking strong. Oh my god. And then you got Porn Gore over here, that’s about 30-40 clips, each about 5-10-15 minutes of just some very fucked-up shit. You also got a lot of scat in there, so you already see a big smile on my fucking face. It’s not like that. I hate that, I find it completely torturous.

Volume 1:
Right before I go over the covers here, which I will leave the unedited, uncensored covers down there inside the description below on my upload on the Reddit, so you can check them out for yourself and kind of take a look at them for your morbid curiosity. And before I get into actually reading what’s on the covers, I do want to say this much. I don’t get paid for these videos, again. I don’t put any ads on this. So like and subscribe again, that helps me out a shit-ton. Share the video with all your friends who have a morbid curiosity. And on top of that, one last thing, check out my Patreon. I’ve cut all prices in half because, again, I’m trying to gauge my prices to something fair. I’m gonna have exclusive content over there that is just so bad. I can’t upload it to YouTube. I mean, is that fucking bad? And I’m gonna have vlogs and voting polls on what videos I should do next and keep you updated through the process of what I’m doing, and you know what videos are up next. So go ahead and check that out again. That’s the best way to support me and it helps me out a lot and keeps me determined and motivated to make more videos like this. So, right here, I’m looking at the first cover. It says “Porn Gore Volume 1 Mixtape” on the right-hand side. And it’s just a whole bunch of naked females, naked dudes. They’re fucking and shit. And right smack dab in the middle, I see a chick with some fake tits. Now, I know this is gonna cause a huge controversy between the men, including myself, obviously, because I’m part of that group. You can’t fucking tell. You know those tits aren’t fake? Those tits are fake, and that argument kind of goes on for about three or four… No, it goes on for about 20 minutes because you also have those assholes who don’t believe that fake tits exist. I mean, I’ve had at least 20 pairs of tits in my fucking face. I can tell you, those are fake. How are they fake? Because gravity is not kind or generous to real tits. They’re not, it’s just not. Those are very stiff and very upright, and you can see the nipples being stretched. There’s some silicone in that motherfucker. Those are fake tits. Now, on the left-hand side of the first one, you got a chick with a fucking hook in her head, and her nipples missing, and some stitching, and like her absolute bottom half is gone. You see, like, a fat chick’s body. Oh, you mean overweight. You gotta be PC. Oh, fuck PC, motherfucker. Suck my dick. Our head’s missing, our arms

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘PornGore Vol 1 n 2… What is it?’ by ColdRaven’s Nest