FNaF Sister Location Animatronics: A Quick Overview

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Every FNaF Sister Location Animatronic in a Nutshell’ by Animation Time

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Manipulative Clown Girl sings, makes balloons, serves cake, and serves vanilla ice cream; Freddy and Bon Bon are introduced; Funtime Foxy, Blind Ballerina, Ennard Metal Spaghetti, Mini Bonnie, Re-Colored Bon-Bon, freakish clown baby, dancing mannequins, and Re-Colored Funtime Foxy appear; non-canonendo Funtime Freddy confuses the speaker.

Key Insights

  • The person speaking in the video goes by the name Manipulative Clown Girl or Elizabeth. She sings, makes balloons, serves cake, and serves vanilla ice cream with a built-in scooper.
  • Another version of Freddy, a cooler version, is introduced, along with Bon Bon.
  • Frustrating Funtime Foxy is mentioned as a character from Sister Location and Ultimate Custom Night, inviting viewers to not miss their show and emphasizing their effort.
  • Blind Ballerina is introduced, expressing frustration about their design but claiming the ability to hear breathing and someone sneaking up on them.
  • Ennard Metal Spaghetti mentions being part of a plan and successfully getting out, but doesn't want to talk about something that happened. They also mention getting rid of Baby.
  • Mini Bonnie is described as cute and primarily stays on Freddy's hand to calm him down, as he supposedly has anger issues.
  • Re-Colored Bon-Bon states that touching their nose will make them go away.
  • A freakish clown baby talks about trying to attack someone named Michael on the first night and peeking through holes in a metal door.
  • Little dancing mannequins claim to make the viewer's life a literal hell.
  • Re-Colored Funtime Foxy with a hook appears on the screen and blocks the viewer's view, asking them to guess how to get rid of them. The suggested answer is typing "lol" on the keyboard.
  • A non-canonendo version of Funtime Freddy appears in the custom night to terrorize the viewer. The speaker expresses confusion about how they would fit inside Freddy due to limited space.

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Hello. I am Manipulative Clown Girl, a.k.a. Elizabeth. I sing, make balloons, and serve cake. I also serve ice cream. Only vanilla though. Oh, I also have a built-in scooper.

Well, hello again. I am another version of Freddy. A much cooler version of Freddy might I add. Right Bon Bon?

Sure thing Freddy. Since I’m here, I might as well introduce myself. You’re not the birthday boy Bon Bon.

Hello. I am Frustrating Funtime Foxy. Not only for my mechanic in Sister Location but also Ultimate Custom Night. What can I say? Don’t miss my show. I put too much effort into it for you to just forget about me.

Hello. You aren’t facing the screen. As I was saying, hello. I am Blind Ballerina. My design was a mistake. I mean, just look at me. I may not be able to see, but I can hear you breathing. Just like how I can hear you sneaking up on me Freddy. Can I at least jump scare you once?

Hello. I am Ennard Metal Spaghetti. I have been here all along, tricking you so that our plan could work. And it did. We all got out. It was great for the most part until… I don’t want to talk about it. At least we got rid of Baby in the end. We shouldn’t have taken her with us in the first place.

Hey. Uh-oh. Hi. I am Mini Bonnie. Aren’t I just the cutest? Teehee. I stay on Freddy’s hand for the most part and calm him down. He has anger issues.

No, I do not. Denial will get you nowhere.

Oh, I’ll show you denial. Uh-oh. Hi. I am Re-Colored Bon-Bon. Whoop my nose and I’ll go.

Hi. I am a freakish clown baby. I don’t do much except try and attack Michael on the first night. I peek at him through the holes in the metal door for the hiding place. Don’t ask how the holes got there. Anyway, that’s it.

Hi. We’re little dancing mannequins. We make your life literal hell. Now watch me do a sick flip.

Hi. I am Re-Colored Funtime Foxy, but cooler. I have a hook. I appear on the screen and block your view a bit. I bet you won’t guess how to get rid of me. I’ll wait. You type “lol” on the keyboard. Clever, right?

Hi. I am non-canonendo of Funtime Freddy. I only appear in the custom night to terrorize you. Come to think of it, how exactly would I fit inside of him? I mean, think about it. He’s designed to fit a child inside his chest, but there wouldn’t be enough room if me and a child were in him. Then how? It doesn’t make any sense.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Every FNaF Sister Location Animatronic in a Nutshell’ by Animation Time