Frank Ocean – Pink + White Lyrics

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Frank Ocean – Pink + White (Lyrics)’ by TheGoodVibe

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Video’s thematic focus includes love, nature, life, colors, following example, flying, weather, holding onto someone, keeping calm, hurricane, summer, flooding, fun, dying and coming back, appreciating earth, love and glory, not knowing much, different people and personal experiences.

Key Insights

  • The song lyrics are presented in the transcript.
  • The video seems to have a thematic focus on love, nature, and life.
  • The narrator mentions the colors of the sky (pink and white) and the ground (black and yellow).
  • There is a reference to following someone's example, perhaps in terms of behavior or attitude.
  • The lyrics mention the concept of flying and feeling different weather conditions.
  • The narrator talks about being on land and someone to hold onto.
  • The idea of keeping calm and not letting things ruin is emphasized.
  • There is a mention of a hurricane, summer, and flooding.
  • The reference to cannonballing off a porch and kids jumping off a roof suggests a sense of fun.
  • There is a mention of dying and coming back to life and appreciating the earth.
  • The lyrics mention love and glory from above.
  • The narrator expresses not knowing much about life or how it was.
  • The transcript ends with a mention of different people and personal experiences.
  • Please note that without the visual context of the video, there may be additional elements and meaning that are missed in this bullet point summary.

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That’s the way every day goes, every time we’ve no control
If the sky is pink and white, if the ground is black and yellow
It’s the same way you showed me
Knot my hair, don’t close my eyes, pathway on a slow move
It’s the same way you showed me
If you could fly then you’d feel south, up north’s getting cold soon
The way it is we’re on land, so I’m someone to hold true
Keep it cool when it’s still alive, won’t let you down when it’s all ruined
Just the same way you showed me, showed me
You showed me love
Glory from above, regardless dear
It’s all downhill from here
In the wake of a hurricane, dark skin of a summer shade
Nosedive in the flood lines, tall tower in the craze
It’s the same way you

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Frank Ocean – Pink + White (Lyrics)’ by TheGoodVibe