Get a Deep Voice Permanently

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Get a DEEP Voice (Permanently)’ by Matt Phelps

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Video teaches techniques for achieving a deeper, powerful, and confident voice through various methods such as airflow, vocal cord management, posture, breathing, tonality, exercises, and facial features.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses techniques to achieve a deeper voice.
  • Using the proper airflow, managing vocal cords, and reaching their full potential can lead to a deeper voice.
  • The importance of good posture, standing straight, relaxing the stomach, and breathing deeply from the diaphragm is highlighted.
  • Using more air during speaking can make the voice more powerful, resonant, and projective.
  • Two exercises are suggested to increase the depth of the voice: "bing bong" exercise and "an egg is up on an Eve" exercise.
  • These exercises should be practiced 5-10 times a day to improve voice depth and projection.
  • The tonality of speech is discussed, emphasizing the importance of confidence and stability in voice pitch.
  • Three tonalities are mentioned: voice up (nervous and insecure), voice even (confident and powerful), and voice down (patronizing).
  • The video also mentions improving facial features and jawline to enhance the overall impact of a deep voice.

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This is your throat voice. This is your diaphragm voice. You’re still using your throat voice. You will have a deeper voice after watching the first few minutes of this video. When I show you how to manage airflow, you won’t be changing your vocal cords, just reaching their full potential.

After I teach you how to use your strong, natural voice, then I have two exercises to increase the depth of your voice beyond your current potential. You can do them every day until you sound like Darth Vader. You have failed me for the last time. Or you can stop a little bit earlier when you sound like George Clooney.

How much did they first pay you to give up on your dream? Let’s get a quick win and let’s unlock your full voice. The more air that is flowing out of your vocal cords when you’re speaking, the more powerful resonant and projective your voice will be. Think of like a whistle, a horn, a trumpet, or any wind instrument. You don’t use enough air. It sounds weak and broken.

You need to stop speaking with your throat and start speaking with your diaphragm. And all that starts with good posture. Stand up straight, shoulders back, open up your chest and put your chin up and out. Relax your stomach and let your gut hang out. You can’t use your full voice if you’re tensing your stomach.

Big mistake I used to make when I was a teenager, I was always walking around tensing my stomach, tensing my abs in case someone came up and punched me in the stomach or if I was shirtless or whatever. But that meant that I was always using my weak throat voice instead of my deep late night DJ voice.

Now you’ve got good posture. You’re free of tension and you’re relaxed like a cat with a belly full of hot milk. Now let’s learn how to breathe. Pull air into your lungs deep from within your diaphragm. You shouldn’t be using the muscles in your throat to suck in the air. You know you’re doing it wrong. If you’re raising your shoulders as you’re sucking in air, we’re talking about breathing here.

Like why don’t they teach this in schools, man? They teach you all about the history of Antarctica, but they never even teach you how to breathe or even how to kiss a French badminton player in a bar. It’s absolute insanity. I’m just kidding about the last one.

Kind of talk from your diaphragm and your throat, not from your nose and mouth. The more air flowing through when you’re talking, the more powerful your voice will be and the more it will carry. All right, let me hear it. You sound great. It’s going to be hard to maintain that all the time because you’re not always going to be as relaxed as when you’re sitting at home watching your favorite mesh. Like confidence is key. You feel more confident, more relaxed. You’re going to have a deeper voice.

Now you’re using your natural deep voice. Let’s increase the potential of your voice. Make it deeper. The first one is called bing bong. Weird as hell. Yeah. I normally do this one in the car when I’m driving. This is how you do it. Bing bong ding dong King Kong. So the idea is to hold that tone for the first bing bong hold a consistent strong tone for the next ding dong. Then you use a deeper tone and then for the King Kong, you want to use your deepest one. So you keep doing that. And over time you want to try and reach lower, reach into a lower voice without your voice breaking and try and hold that. So you’re slowly moving your way down in depth and you’re trying to access that lower portion of your voice. I recommend you do this like five to 10 times a day. Not only will you get a deeper voice, but it will also help with your voice projection and being able to have a booming voice.

The second exercise you want to say this sentence, an egg is up on an Eve kind of like Humpty Dumpty. If you know what the hell that is, there’s a lot of food getting hurt in this video. I don’t know what’s up with that. It’s similar to the bing bong one, but this one is more about your voice, not breaking between switching tones and being able to maintain consistent depth. This is how you do it. Ah, ah, ah, eh, eh, eh, ee, ee, ee, ah, ah, ah, oh, oh, oh, ah, ah, ah, ee, ee, ee, ee, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

It sounds like you’re in some freaking cult doing some weird tongues chant or something. The thing I’ve found that it’s super effective for is when you’re using your deeper voice, sometimes you have to speak slower without your voice breaking. This exercise really allows you to use your full speed and tie in the words together. Do this one five to 10 times each day, staggering.

I’ve just given you the tools to use your natural deep voice and to increase the depth of your natural voice. Now I’m going to talk about tonality, how you speak and the information you give people through the tones that you use when you’re speaking.

So there’s three ways that you can say a sentence. First one, your voice goes up towards the end of the sentence. Hey, how are you? Like you just met Elon Tusk on the street and you’re really excited to meet him and talk to him. This tonality says that you’re nervous and feeling a little bit insecure. If you’re feeling insecure, you’re not going to sound masculine and powerful. A big part of voice up is rapport seeking. You feel under someone or you’re nervous or you’re talking to your boss. Hey, how you been?

The second one is voice even. This is the one that you want to mainly be using because when your voice doesn’t go up at the end of a sentence and it doesn’t go down, it stays pretty flat. Hi, how are you, John? You know, it’s stable. This signals confidence. It’s powerful, it’s forceful, and it just commands respect.

Third one is called voice down. It’s when the pitch goes down at the end of the sentence. Like when a cop pulls you over for speeding and he comes over, show me your meatballs and sausage. This tonality says that you don’t care and you’re talking down to that person. It’s patronizing. It’s not that nice, but there might be times it’s appropriate to use. Just make sure this isn’t your everyday tonality or you might find that you die hair.

Your deep resonating voice with a strong face and jawline. Not only will you look like a superhero, but people will actually start to treat you like a superhero. If you don’t already have a chisel jawline, I’m the guy that can help you. I improved my face from this to this in 16 months using a three step formula that I made.

Everything you need to know is in this 10 minute video. Tap on that and I’ll see you there. I hope you have a fantastic day, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you next time. Thanks again. Bye bye.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Get a DEEP Voice (Permanently)’ by Matt Phelps