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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘NEW WISH ENDER QUEST | HOW TO GET WISH-ENDER EXOTIC BOW 2024 | Updated Full Guide | Fast/Easy Guide’ by Just Arman

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video explains acquiring Wishender bow in Destiny 2: visit Petra for the quest, defeat Quirrim, Erevix, and Zavoth.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses how to acquire the Wishender exotic bow in Destiny 2.
  • The quest for Wishender can be found in the quest archive terminal in the tower.
  • The quest is called "Hunter's Remembrance."
  • Players can only complete this quest once per account.
  • The previous method of obtaining the quest was through the Sigiros statue in the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  • To start the quest, players need to go to Petra in the Dreaming City and interact with her.
  • Players will receive the Awoken Mementos quest item, which goes into the kinetic slot.
  • Having space in the kinetic slot is crucial to collecting this item and receiving the Wishender at the end of the quest.
  • The quest requires players to summon and defeat three named bosses in the Shattered Throne dungeon: Quirrim, Erevix, and Zavoth.
  • Quirrim must be defeated first, followed by completing the Labyrinth mechanics.
  • Erevix is found within the Descent, and players need to complete specific mechanics to summon him.
  • Using certain subclasses and equipment can help with survivability during these encounters.
  • After defeating Erevix, players must head towards Zavoth, located in the same room as the Big Ogre.
  • The encounter with Zavoth involves killing four wizards to break the boss's shield.
  • Dunking the buff at the deposits around the room breaks the shield.
  • It is advised to take your time and focus on one thing at a time during the encounter.
  • Following these steps will lead to the conclusion of the quest and reward players with the Wishender Exotic Bow.

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How’s it going my fellow guardians? Welcome to another Destiny 2 video. In today’s video, I’ll be showing you how you can get your hands on one of the most sought after exotics in Destiny 2, the Wishender exotic bow.

I will go over the new method of acquiring the Wishender because the quest got updated with Season 22. If you find any of the information in this video useful, you can go ahead and support me by getting this video to 50 likes.

Now without any further ado, let’s jump right into the guide.

To start your journey on this new quest, simply head to the tower and interact with the quest archive terminal. Select the exotic tab, and here is where you’ll find the Hunter’s Remembrance quest for the Wishender bow. Just keep in mind you can only complete this quest once per account, so if you’ve already done it, you won’t be able to complete it again.

Now the previous method of getting this quest was through the Sigiros statue in the Shattered Throne dungeon, but now this is the new method, so you just simply have to come to the quest archive, and you’ll find the quest right here.

Once you pick up the quest, the first step requires you to go and speak to Petra in the Dreaming City. Interacting with her triggers a dialogue, which then she gives the Awoken Mementos. Now this quest item goes right into your kinetic slot, so make sure that you have space available for this item, otherwise, you will not be able to collect it from Petra.

Now it’s really important that you collect this quest item, otherwise, at the end of the dungeon, you will not receive the Wishender bow. A lot of guardians have already faced this issue, so make sure you have space in your kinetic slot so you can collect this item and receive the Wishender at the end of the quest.

Once you’ve collected the Awoken Memento, the quest will update, and you will need to summon and defeat three named bosses within the Shattered Throne dungeon, Quirrim, Erevix, and Zavoth.

So from here, all you need to do is launch up the Shattered Throne dungeon from the Dreaming City. The Minotaur boss can be found in the Labyrinth section, which is the first encounter of this dungeon. Now it’s really important to defeat Quirrim first before completing the Labyrinth. So to summon Quirrim, you must head to the top of the left tower to collect an orb and deposit the orb at the Open-Handed Statue.

Follow the path I’m taking on-screen and just take your time, there is no rush when doing this quest. Once you deposit the orb at the Open-Handed Statue, the Minotaur boss Quirrim will spawn right behind you. Just keep in mind, once you’ve gone ahead and killed the first Minotaur, a second one will spawn as well. So make sure you kill both of them. After the two Minotaurs have been defeated, you will receive progress on your quest, and the first boss will be ticked off. Now you can complete the Labyrinth mechanics.

To do this, you must defeat adds as well as a mini-boss at six different locations. Once the group of adds has been cleared, a new symbol will appear, which is where you must clear the next group of adds. The order of the symbols is random, but the locations remain the same. So I’ve gone ahead and left the map of the Labyrinth on-screen. You can use this to navigate around this encounter and just find those symbols a lot quicker.

The next boss is Erovix, and he’s located within the Descent, and you must complete a series of mechanics to summon him. Now, before you can do that, you have to cross a bridge occupied with a bunch of snipers. Now, what I recommend doing is running through this entire section. You don’t have to fight any of the adds besides the ones you must kill to open the door to the next part.

Now, there’s going to be a lot of Taken Hobgoblins here. So I recommend equipping Sniper and Void Resistance on your chest piece to increase survivability. Hunters can go invisible using Omnis or Six Coyote with the Void subclass. Warlocks can use Sunbracers or Starfire with Healing Grenades. And Titans can use Sympho Steps with the Throwing Hammer. Now, if you have Strand Unlocked and you’re comfortable using it, then I would recommend using that subclass as well. You can also pair it with a sword that has Eager Edge, and you can cover some great distances using that combo.

Simply clear the adds outside of this door to get the door to open, and you can cross the bridge. Once you’ve made it across the bridge and you head up the stairs, you’ll reach the next room where you must pick up and deposit the orb at the Open Handed Statue. You can find the orb by the first ogre spawn on the pillar that’s on your right. I recommend using the Malfeasance for this section since it melts the Taken Ogres from a distance. Otherwise, a bow should suffice.

Go ahead and kill the ogres, then make your way to the bridge. Go ahead and kill the ogres, then make your way to the pillar that has the orb. Simply climb forward to get to the second orb and deposit it at the Open Handed Statue. When you reach this room, head up the first stairs and go to the room on your right, where you’ll find the second orb you must carry and deposit. In this little section, you’re going to be slowed and Taken Thrall will be chasing you, so simply grab the orb and run to the next statue you must deposit at.

You can get through this section fast by pressing jump once followed by a melee attack, which allows you to bunny hop out of here. Keep doing the jump and melee, and you can get past all of the Thrall before they can even catch up to you.

After depositing the second orb at the statue, Erevex Chamber opens where you must go and defeat Taken Ads until Erevex spawns. Once Erevex is defeated, there is only one more boss to kill until you get your hands on the Exotic Wish and a Bow.

Once Erevex is defeated, head out the same way that you entered from and go towards your left, and there’s going to be a wall that you can scale and get across to the next section. Just be careful when going across here because there’s blights on the floors and walls that can push you off of the edge. If you have Strand and Eager Edge, then you can just get across this whole bit very easily.

This brings us to the final objective on the quest, Zavoth. Now Zavoth can be located in the same room as the Big Ogre. Now you’re going to have to summon Zavoth whilst fighting the main boss. This may sound a little complicated, but here’s how the encounter works. As soon as you jump down, the main boss spawns in the middle, followed by four wizards around the room with rank foul enemies to protect them.

In order to break the boss’s shield, you will have to kill the wizards around the room, which gives you the buff Petitioner’s Mark. This buff has a countdown, and you can refresh the timer by picking up another Petitioner’s Mark. However, if you let it hit zero, you will die. You will need to kill four wizards to get the Petitioner’s Burden, and then you must dunk it at one of the four deposits around the room, and once the buff has been deposited, the boss’s shield breaks.

Before you begin dealing damage against the main boss, look for the Taken Minotaur that spawns as soon as you deposit the buff. He may be invisible, but he always spawns in the back right corner of the room. What I recommend is taking out each wizard clockwise because the last wizard is near the deposit where the Minotaur spawns. You can see me doing this on-screen right now.

Go ahead and kill the Taken Minotaur, and once he’s dead, the next orb will spawn at the top of the stairs here. Go ahead

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘NEW WISH ENDER QUEST | HOW TO GET WISH-ENDER EXOTIC BOW 2024 | Updated Full Guide | Fast/Easy Guide’ by Just Arman