Harness the Power: The Ultimate Guide to Osrs Mage Training Arena

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘God Tier Content: Mage Training Arena’ by Walk Escape

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The Magic Training Arena in RuneScape offers nostalgic and engaging content with different arenas, enchanting activities, changing item values, maze challenges, bone spells, and lucrative rewards.

Key Insights

  • The Magic Training Arena in RuneScape is a nostalgic and engaging content that dates back to January 2006.
  • To start, make sure to have a hat from a Guardian, which requires a trip to the Duel Arena.
  • There are four arenas to tackle: Enchanters, Telekinetic, Graveyard, and Alchemists.
  • In the Alchemists room, you cast alchemy on different items, but their values constantly change, adding excitement to the gameplay loop.
  • Telekinetic room requires casting Telegrab on a Maze Guardian, with 10 different maze options.
  • The Graveyard Theater involves casting spells on different types of bones, giving you fruit and nice runes as rewards.
  • Enchanters room involves enchanting a certain shape, but you can choose any shape and continuously enchant it for points.
  • The rewards for this minigame include full infinity, wands, and bones to peaches, which can be obtained in about 40 hours of gameplay.
  • Selling runes from the rewards can lead to profitable gains, such as blood runes.
  • The video creator recommends revisiting the Magic Training Arena for satisfaction and enjoyment in gameplay.

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Do you ever find yourself logging into RuneScape these days, not quite sure what to do, feeling a little uninspired, looking back on those childhood days where you were just excited to get going? Well, I’ve got a way for you to recapture those feelings, my friend. And that is the Magic Training Arena.

I’ve recently been doing this on my main to get the achievement diaries, and boy oh boy is this a piece of pristine content, almost entirely untouched since it came out in January 2006. This is a glimpse back at the golden age, so today, join me as we do the Mage Training Arena right.

So now that you’ve completed Step 1, walking from the Duel Arena to the Mage Training Arena, it’s on to Step 2, realizing that you forgot your hat, which you can’t enter the arena without. So, you’re gonna go talk to a Guardian and get a spare, no big deal, right? Wrong. If you’ve already got one in your bank, you can’t get another. You’ve gotta march all the way back to the Duel Arena, get it, and come back. That’s what we in RuneScape call a feature. There’s a good reason you can’t have more than one, we just don’t know why.

But be thankful for this time, because now you get to reflect on the amount of engaging content you’re gonna be able to interact with, and you can decide which of the four arenas you want to tackle first. There’s Enchanters, Telekinetic, Graveyard, and my personal favorite, Alchemists. Let’s start off with that one.

So what makes this room so cool is that you’ve got a bunch of different items to cast alchemy on, and they’re each gonna give you different amounts of coins, so you wanna find that one worth 30 gold. But it’s gonna switch around every 40 seconds or so, and this means that the moment you find the item that you want, it’s gonna change, only be worth 1 gold, and then you’re gonna have to go through the whole engaging process all over again. This makes for an exciting gameplay loop that keeps you coming back for more.

But just in case you do wanna switch it up, let’s check out another banger of a room, Telekinetic. Now in this one, you’re gonna be casting Telegrab on a Maze Guardian so that you can shatter him out of the stone and free that dude. Every 5 mazes you’re gonna get a bonus, effectively meaning that you get 3.6 telekinetic points per maze. Plus, there’s 10 different maze options. Now that’s variety. That means that if you’re going for the full green log, you’re only gonna have to solve 745 mazes, and since there’s 10, you’re only gonna be doing each one about 75 times. Just enough to get to know it without really getting tired.

If you find yourself looking for another change of scenery, fear not, you can venture into the Graveyard Theater, which is full of everyone’s favorite RuneScape mechanic, chip damage. Now in this one, you’re gonna be casting either Bones to Peaches or Bones to Bananas on four different types of bones, and each one’s gonna give you a different amount of fruit. So make sure you’re constantly doing mental math, knowing how much you’re gonna get. Then, when you deposit them, you get some graveyard points, plus a bunch of nice runes. Definitely not a small enough amount that it’s just annoying in your inventory and you wanna drop them. You’re gonna wanna bank these, those sell for a lot.

If you still find yourself hungering for more Mage Training Arena, I’ve got great news for you. There is one more room, and that is the Enchanters. Now, this one is gonna tell you that you wanna grab a certain shape and enchant it. We’re just gonna ignore that. Screw their rules, pick your favorite color, and just cast the highest level enchant you can on it. Bonus, don’t worry about it. Just enchant, drop those white balls in the middle, and get your points. Now, this one is a bit underwhelming as far as the runes go because, unfortunately, you can just cast enchant once, and then kind of just AFK it, let it automatically cast your spells for you as your inventory turns into basically free points. It’s disappointing because it’s not quite as engaging, but I do still like the rune. Probably my least favorite of the four if I’m being totally honest.

Real quick now, before we wrap up, let’s go through some of the awesome rewards you can expect from this minigame. Unfortunately, they are a little cheaply priced, so you can get full infinity, all of the wands, and bones to peaches in just over 40 hours of gameplay. Not really enough to experience the content, but fortunately, they also sell runes, so I would recommend you start out buying those before you get to the outfits or anything silly like that. Blood runes, excellent rune, only cost 2 telekinetic, 25 enchantment, 2 graveyard, 2 alchemist. You go hard here, you can easily earn 100 to 120 bloods per hour. That’s what we call profit.

So that’s gonna do it for this one. I know it was a little shorter, but I hope I gave you enough reasons to try out the magic training arena again if you’re looking for some satisfaction and enjoyment in your gameplay. I’m gonna be here probably 10 hours a day or so for the next few years because I’ve just been loving it so much, so feel free to join me. I’ll probably be streaming it as well. I do stream, so keep an eye on my YouTube channel if you want to join. Please, I need people to commiserate with me to get through this hellscape. Oops, sorry, what was that errant thought? I love this place. Anyway, if you enjoyed the video, leave me a like, leave me a comment, subscribe. I appreciate you watching as always, and I’ll see you in the next one.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘God Tier Content: Mage Training Arena’ by Walk Escape