About Us

How does Recapz.app work?

Recapz.app is a technology-based website where you can access transcripts of various popular YouTube videos. We have developed software that allows us to recognize popular video trends. We then transcribe these with our software and present them to you clearly on this website.

We Identify Popular YouTube Videos

Not every YouTube video should be transcribed. That's why we have developed a method that we use to pre-filter popular YouTube videos. These are then checked again and approved for transcription.

We Use Our Own Transcription Software

We have developed our own transcription service. This is based on the freely accessible OpenAI integration and a special Python environment. Our technology is capable of transcribing all types of YouTube videos.

Quality Assurance

Unfortunately, AI is not yet up to producing error-free content. That is why we have developed various critic systems that are able to assess the quality of a transcription based on various factors. This content is not published on our website.

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