How to Quickly Reach 10% Body Fat

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The FASTEST way to go from 30% to 10% BODY FAT’ by Doctor Mike Diamonds

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Dr. Diamonds’ video summarizes his journey from 30% to 10% body fat, detailing five simple steps including caloric deficit, cardio acceleration, intermittent fasting, HIIT, and recommended supplements.

Key Insights

  • The video is about Dr. Michael Diamonds' journey from 30% body fat to 10% body fat and his technique to achieve this transformation.
  • The five simple steps to go from 30% body fat to 10% are outlined in the video.
  • Dr. Diamonds used these steps with his clients, including one client who dropped 53 pounds in 16 weeks.
  • Step 1: Establishing the perfect caloric deficit through reducing intake and increasing output through exercise.
  • Step 2: Implementing a cardio accelerator technique to burn fat more effectively.
  • Step 3: Using intermittent fasting, specifically the 16-8 method, to improve focus and create a consistent and enjoyable diet adherence.
  • Step 4: Incorporating high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to increase fat burning and energy expenditure.
  • Step 5: Recommending supplements, particularly whey protein and a caffeine-containing supplement like PRIDE, to aid in satiation, muscle building, and increased energy during workouts.
  • The video includes additional details about Dr. Diamonds' personal experience and nutrition plan, along with a call to action to indicate interest in a detailed video breakdown of his transformation.

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The Fastest Way to Go from 30% Body Fat to 10% in Five Simple Steps

Hi, my name is Dr. Michael Diamonds, the founder of Scott by Science. In 2015, it was the first time I went from 30% body fat to 10% body fat, and it was the hardest and the longest journey I’ve ever been on.

The truth is, because once I finally figured out the science, I still had knowledge gaps and that slowed down my journey. Two years later, with more knowledge and motivation, I joined a 90-day transformation competition. These were my results.

I’ve used this technique with multiple clients like JL. At 36 years old, starting at 251 pounds and being a new dad, I used this technique to help him drop 53 pounds in 16 weeks.

These five simple steps require a lot of attention to detail, and I’ll show you exactly how to execute them.

Before I even started with these five steps, the first thing I did was taking a long, hard look at myself and asking myself whether going from 30% body fat to 10% body fat is worth pursuing and focusing and spending my time on it, and if it was realistic.

From my previous experience, I knew that getting to 10% body fat required a huge amount of sacrifice. The average body fat percentage for men that I speak to on average is around 25% to 30% body fat, and for women, it’s around 30% to 36%. Note that women are supposed to have a higher body fat percentage than men. This means that the average man and woman would need to reduce their body fat percentage by more than half to see their abs.

If you weigh roughly 200 pounds and have 25% body fat, then this is 50 pounds of fat tissue on your body. You would need to lose 30 pounds of that fat to reach 10% body fat. This represents 105,000 calories burnt.

It’s important to set yourself up with a contract and understand the requirements. You could have an incredibly successful diet and exercise program. You could transform your life forever and add 10 years to your life expectancy. But before we dive in, a lot of research and editing goes into making a video like this. Just do me one favor, if you wouldn’t mind, gently hit the like button. It’d be greatly appreciated. And if you enjoy this kind of content, subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’re new. Let’s kick it off.

This bag is a representation of your 30% body fat and more specifically your midsection. You can feel all the fat tissue around it, which is represented by the water, and the red in the middle is your rectus abdominis.

You have a sensation if you press deep enough that there’s something in there because everyone is born with it. And this is step one. And when we establish that, although as you can visually see, we are losing fat tissue, you can’t really tell the difference.

And a month will pass, two months will pass. However, to speed up the process, we’ll implement step two. And we can see that it’s accelerating the amount of water coming up. And then we’ll implement step

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The FASTEST way to go from 30% to 10% BODY FAT’ by Doctor Mike Diamonds