How to Use Heelys – Ultimate Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How To Heely’ by Bayside Blades

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The video shows how to practice heeling using heelies, including trying them on, keeping feet in line, dragging a partner for balance, lifting toes for rolling, using the “step, push, roll” technique, and braking with a heel slice.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the process of practicing heeling using roller shoes called heelies.
  • The first step is to try on the heelies, walk around, and practice tiptoeing as the default safety position.
  • Keeping the feet in line is emphasized as the most important step while learning heeling.
  • The instructor suggests dragging a partner along during the learning process to help with balance and leaning forward.
  • After mastering the first two steps, the final step is to lift the toes on both the front and back feet to roll along.
  • The instructor explains the "step, push, roll" technique, where one foot takes a step, the back foot pushes, and the toe is lifted to initiate a rolling motion.
  • A braking method is mentioned using a small slice on the back of the heel to slow down or stop while rolling downhill.

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Hi, I’m Matt from Bayside and today we’re going to go through how to practice heeling and how you can learn to do it. This is Dani, she’s just picked up a new set of heelies and we’re going to go through the basics of how you can teach your young one to heeling.

Step one is to try them on, walk around and practice tiptoeing. On your tiptoes, you’re not going to be engaging the wheels at all, and this should be your default safety position. When on your toes, you won’t roll, so you’re nice and safe. This is good for going down hills or if you hit a big puddle.

To practice the heeling motion, we’re going to do it in three steps that are easy to remember. The first step and the most important step is to keep your feet in a line. It’s quite normal while we’re learning for your feet to come side by side, and when this happens, it needs to be your instinct to put your toes back down, back into the safety position, and reset into that number one position.

Step number two, while we’re learning, I’m going to drag Dani along, so I’ll ask her to hold her arms out nice and straight, and she can lean on me. She can lean forwards and lean on me. We don’t want to teach her to lean backwards, so I won’t stay behind her at any point during the learning process.

The last step, and you only do this when these two steps are complete, is for her to lift up the toes on both her front and her back feet and roll along. She’s not having to push or kick at all, I’m really pulling her along, and she’s learning to lean forwards and balance her weight evenly across her front and back foot. We’re going to practice this the other way, down a straight smooth part of the concrete. Step one is the feet, step two is the hands, step three is lifting the toes.

So now that I’ve gotten the hang of where my feet need to be, I can learn how to step into heeling and do it on my own. So the first process is what’s called the step, push, roll. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my favorite foot from behind, take a step with my wheel touching the ground with my toes up, push with my back foot, and lift my toe up at the same time so it turns into a rolling motion. So it’s a step, push, roll. That motion is a step, push with the back, and then a roll. Step, push with the back, and then roll along.

So if you’re going downhill and you need to slow down but can’t come to a complete stop, your heelies do have just a little slice on the back of the heel that is used as a brake, so I can show you how to use those as well. So while I’m rolling along, I’ll just bring my foot and just push down with the heel. Easy!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How To Heely’ by Bayside Blades