Ibis Armored Core 6: An Embarrassingly Easy Guide to Defeat Cel 240 Boss

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘HOW TO BEAT Cel 240 Ibis BOSS Embarrassingly EASY GUIDE | Armored Core 6’ by Elbethium

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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Boss named Cell, annoying, hard to locate; use recommended build with songbirds/machine guns, stagger boss; enhance OS; stay close, unload songbirds, use miniguns; phase 2 disorienting, hug arena wall; stagger boss with counter-attack; finish with miniguns; boss fast and light; strategy in video helps speaker and others; feedback requested, goodbye.

Key Insights

  • The boss being discussed is named Cell.
  • The boss is described as extremely annoying and hard to locate.
  • Using a fast build is recommended, but if not comfortable, the guide will help.
  • The recommended build includes dual songbirds and dual machine guns.
  • Unloading both songbirds as soon as the fight starts will stagger the boss.
  • Enhancements in the OS are recommended.
  • In the first phase, staying close to the boss is advised.
  • Unload songbirds again when close and the boss cannot dodge.
  • Use miniguns to finish off the boss.
  • The second phase is disorienting, and the boss's attacks make it hard to locate.
  • Hugging one of the walls of the arena may help keep the boss on one side.
  • When the boss hits with a stationary attack, unload your own attack to stagger the boss.
  • Finish off with the dual miniguns.
  • The boss is fast but also light.
  • The strategy discussed in the video helped the speaker and should help others.
  • The speaker asks for feedback in the comments and says goodbye.

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I tell you guys, this boss might be even more annoying than Baltheus.

Hey guys, it’s Albeth here, back with Armored Core, back with another guide for a boss fight, and this time it’s going to be Cell. Now, this boss is extremely annoying because most of the time you simply don’t know where this boss is unless you are maybe using a very fast build of your own. But if you’re not comfortable using those, then this guide is for you. And before I even think about asking you to click that like or subscribe button, well, I just ask you to give me a chance to earn that. And with that being said, well, let’s get into this.

Okay, so we’re gonna be using pretty much the same build we used for the Enforcer. We have the dual Songbirds, we have the dual machine guns. From the very moment you spawn into the arena, simply unload both of your Songbirds, and it’s going to be enough to stagger this boss. I also cannot recommend enough that you fine-tune this in the OS as well with some enhancements. You’re gonna be trying to stay close to this boss that is kind of fast but still manageable in the first phase. Every time you feel like you are close and the boss just cannot dodge, unload the Songbirds again. If one of them hits, well, simply polish off with the miniguns as well.

Okay, so the second phase is gonna be the phase where most people have the most problems because it’s a very, very disorienting boss fight. From all the attacks, you simply don’t know where the boss is, and it’s just absolutely infuriating. And sure enough, hugging one of the walls of the arena made the boss kind of stay on one side a little bit more. And while this is gonna be another “knocking heads” tactic, every time I was sure enough that he is hitting me with some sort of a stationary attack, devastating as it is, I unloaded my own, and that was always, always enough to stagger the boss and simply finish off with the dual miniguns. It is a very fast boss, but it is also very, very light, guys. That is that. Hopefully, this helps you. It absolutely did the trick for me. And, well, let me know in the comments. I will see you again. Bye. Bye.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘HOW TO BEAT Cel 240 Ibis BOSS Embarrassingly EASY GUIDE | Armored Core 6’ by Elbethium