iCloud VS Google Drive: Which to Choose?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Google Drive Vs iCloud Storage! (Which Should You Choose?)’ by Simple Alpaca

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video discusses differences between Google Drive and iCloud Drive, including storage options, automatic syncing with devices, and personal preference.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the differences between Google Drive and iCloud Drive.
  • The speaker mentions using both services and suggests that many people might do the same.
  • Google Drive and iCloud Drive are pre-installed on respective devices (Google products for Google Drive, and Apple products for iCloud Drive).
  • Free base storage: iCloud Drive offers 5 GB, while Google Drive provides 15 GB.
  • Google Drive provides three times more free storage than iCloud Drive.
  • Paid storage options: Google Drive offers a basic account of 100 GB for $1.99 per month, while iCloud Drive offers 50 GB for $0.99 per month.
  • Google Drive also has options for 200 GB and 2 TB, priced at $2.49 and $9.99 per month, respectively.
  • iCloud Drive offers options for 200 GB and 2 TB, priced at $2.99 and $9.99 per month, respectively.
  • The video mentions personal preference as a deciding factor. If already using one ecosystem (Apple or Google), it may be more convenient to stick with their respective cloud storage service.
  • The speaker mentions that iCloud Drive automatically syncs with Apple devices, which they find convenient.
  • Google Drive may be preferable if needing more storage and/or using Android devices.
  • The speaker declares both options to be solid, but their preference leans toward iCloud Drive due to being in the Apple ecosystem.
  • Ultimately, the choice depends on personal needs, pricing, and preference.

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Well, everyone, it’s time for us to go ahead and take a look at the differences between Google Drive and iCloud Drive and see which one you will actually probably end up using or you would end up liking.

Now personally, I use both and I actually do think a lot of you may end up using both as well. The thing with between both of these is that iCloud and Google Drive are pretty much built in with a lot of different devices that we use.

If you use any Google products, including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google anything like even YouTube sometimes, you may already be syncing up some things within Google Drive in order to actually store videos or photos or any other things like that up on your Google account.

Now if you own any Apple product for the most part, not just iPhones but also iPads, MacBooks, iMacs, like any Apple product you’ll probably think of, even maybe an Apple Watch, who knows, you might already have an iCloud account set up or at least have access to iCloud Drive.

So you may already be involved in both of these, so it’s not like you have to go completely out of your way to go ahead and use one over the other. You may already have an account set up on both of them. You may not even know about it.

I will say with Google Drive, it may be a little bit easier for you to go ahead and access it and or for you to already have access to a Google Drive account because if you have a Gmail account like I mentioned, then you probably, you already have Google Drive set up.

So that’s kind of the best way to kind of think about it. Now the best way to kind of think about in terms of I guess the starting point is the free base storage that you’re getting between both of these accounts.

So you can store anything you want to up to the limit in which you’re going to purchase and or you already have access to for free. So for iCloud Drive, we have five gigabytes of storage that we can use for free. It’s not really that much Google, it’s not really that much, you know, iCloud Drive storage.

I wish they gave us maybe 10 or 15 gigabytes because I almost every single time I get any device I remember like five years ago, I filled that thing up and I barely even did anything on my phone. I was barely even texting people. I barely had anything synced up and it was already kind of backed up for the most part. So that was kind of the issue I had with that.

So five gigabytes you’re getting for free there. With Google Drive, you’re getting 15 gigabytes of storage for free. So you were getting three times the amount of storage completely for free on Google Drive over iCloud Drive.

Is that a crazy big deal? Well, I don’t know if it’s like the biggest deal of all time, but like I mentioned, if you’re already kind of utilizing both these accounts and you have access to them kind of the same way, well then it might make a little bit more sense to go switch to Google Drive, especially if you’re under that 15 gigabyte limit because you can save yourself a bunch of storage that way and or, you know, save yourself from paying every month for that type of storage because it’s completely for free like I stated.

Now, the other thing to keep in mind is what you can actually go ahead and pretty much, you know, post on these specific accounts. You can pretty much whatever you can post on Google Drive, you can pretty much post on iCloud Drive as well and vice versa.

So if you need to store up files, videos, you know, photos that you took, zipped files, any games that you want to go and backup or anything like that at all, you can store them up on your account completely for free up to that 15 gigabyte limit and then after that you can go ahead and then kind of pay for your account as you normally would.

So you might be asking yourself, well, what are the payments and the, you know, increments that you can go up to? Now, I personally pay for an iCloud Drive storage every month and there’s a reason for it is because it pretty much syncs up really well with my other, you know, iCloud devices like my Macs and other devices. But also if I have something like my Androids, they have Google Drive and you can access them on other devices too.

Now with Google Drive, you can go up to 15 gigabytes for free like I mentioned, but that next increment above is 100 gigabytes. That’s their basic account and you’re getting 100 gigabytes of storage, you’re getting access to Google Experts. I don’t even know what that means and you’re getting share up to five others which is cool and that is $1.99 every month.

So keep that in mind, for $1.99 every month, you’re pretty much getting 100 gigabytes of storage. So not the biggest deal of all time and I do think that’s kind of a, you know, decent price to pay for that much storage.

Now for my iCloud, you know, account, I guess iCloud Plus, that’s what they call it, I am paying 99 cents a month for 50 gigabytes of storage. So you are getting half the amount of storage, but it, you know, makes sense. You’re getting, you know, the 99 cents here instead of, you know, $1.99 on Google Drive. So that is one thing to keep in mind.

You know, the next increment above that five gigabytes here is 50 gigabytes and I think that’s totally fine. You know, I’m totally okay with paying 99 cents a month for that.

You can go up to $2.99 a month for 200 gigabytes on iCloud Drive and you can go up to two terabytes for $9.99 a month on iCloud Drive, which isn’t that bad. The two terabyte option for Google Drive is $2.49. So it’s kind of decent now for that’s $2.49 for one month, it is $9.99 every month after that.

Google Drive and iCloud Drive pretty much almost have the same pricing structure. It’s a little bit different in terms of how they price it, but pretty much for every dollar, you’re pretty much paying for like 50 gigabytes up until like two terabytes. So it’s not a bad way to think about it.

Now there’s obviously, like I said, features between both, but the reason I pay for iCloud Drive and I don’t have the Google Drive, you know, storage account is because while I do have Google

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Google Drive Vs iCloud Storage! (Which Should You Choose?)’ by Simple Alpaca