Impotent Rage: The Liberal Superhero – A GTA V Analysis

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘GTA V – Impotent Rage: The Liberal Superhero’ by Anim’s Gaming Mouse

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video features liberal superhero Impotent Rage advocating for entitlements, confronting Braxton Industries, satirizing liberal entitlement, and using humor and exaggerations in its message.

Key Insights

  • The video features a character called Impotent Rage, the liberal superhero.
  • The character advocates for less work and more entitlements, such as 200% raises, summer Fridays off, and pensions for life after retiring at 37.
  • Impotent Rage confronts an evil corporation that wants employees to actually work and be productive.
  • The video portrays Braxton Industries, headed by billionaire liberal playboy Braxton Hunter, as the target of Impotent Rage's protests.
  • Braxton Hunter is speculated to be the caped superhero Impotent Rage, but he denies it.
  • The video satirizes liberal entitlement, environmental activism, and the clash between conservative and liberal ideologies.
  • It mentions issues like banning God in schools, welfare for flunkies, and safety regulations.
  • The video includes humor, exaggerations, and colorful language to convey its message.

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Title: Impotent Rage Union Entitlements Rule, Ban God in School, Smack for Chunkies, Welfare for Flunkies – Impotent Rage, The Liberal Superhero

[Impotent Rage Union Entitlements Rule, Ban God in School, Smack for Chunkies, Welfare for Flunkies]

Impotent Rage: The Liberal Superhero

I just care too much

What do we want? Less Work! When do we want it? Now!

What do we want? Banjo!

Everyone get back to work! What the hell is this? Get back to work!

Impotent Rage, Impotent Rage, Impotent Rage, Impotent Rage, Impotent Rage, Impotent Rage, Impotent Rage, Impotent Rage

Safety First!

Hey fellas! What’s going on here?

Oh, Impotent Rage! Thank God you’re here! We’re being oppressed by an evil corporation! Our bosses want us to actually work! It won’t guarantee us 200% raises! Summer Friday’s off and pensions for life after retiring at 37!

Why, that’s outrageous! But we’re going out of business if we don’t make some changes! They want free snacks, massages, and raises every year! Then most of them go on disability with full pay anyway!

You revolting chancellors, you! They’re trying to fire me for sleeping at my desk!

You were drunk!

You would be too!

He’s just deadening the pain inside! From being trapped as a mediocre cog in the dead-end machine of capitalism!

But he’s the CFO!

I said American workers should be able to retire at age 35 and receive healthcare! And a salary for life on your dime! Otherwise… What’s the point?

It’s impossible! That’s not how economics work, don’t you understand? I’m extremely rich! I understand how economics work and what the working class needs! They want a six-pack of beer, an eager girl in their pickup truck… And a depressing folk tune playing on the radio!

This here’s a free counter, boy! Free, but with thousands of rules and regulations to keep greedy corporations like you in line! If you don’t like it, move to China! But because of the free trade agreement, that’s why we’ll have to move the company if we don’t want to go out of business! We just want a sensible discussion of the issue!

Oh, you’re nothing short of a disgrace! If peaceful protest won’t change your mind, we’re going to have to solve this the old-fashioned way! With mind-bending, liberal, impotent rage!

A victory for the working man! My work here is done. But our workplace is destroyed! Ah, hell, go on welfare! Kick back, get a six-pack, and relax! You deserve it after all this work! We just want to work!

Braxton Industries, headed by billionaire liberal playboy Braxton Hunter, recently celebrated the closing of another highway to install more bike lanes and collective urban farms. Braxton recently returned from a trip to Antarctica on his private jumbo jet, where he’d been to accept an environmental award. Some critics say that Hunter is also the caped superhero, Impotent Rage, because they look exactly alike and have the same voice, and Impotent Rage tends to show up right after Mr. Hunter quietly sneaks out. He has emphatically denied they are the same person. A hero of the liberal media, others say Hunter is a rich, entitled asshole with too much time on his hands.

What? I am not a rich, entitled asshole with too much time on my hands! Woo, baby! Now that is one productive day’s work. I’m gonna go home and do some yoga, drink some wheatgrass, and go to my favorite farmer’s market.

Good morning, Braxton. You look great. You’ve got a bunch of voicemail messages.

Uh, yeah, yeah. From who? Uberman. Uberman! My arch-nemesis! I hate that right-wing bully!

Hey, Impotent Rage, you pathetic hypocrite! I was just eating some whale sashimi and a manatee steak when my thoughts turned to you, dumb slow vegetarians whom the state will no longer protect. See you around, schmucko!

Oh, do I hate that man? Do I despise him?

Oh, Braxton, Braxton, there, there. I know a way to calm you down. Something wet and relaxing that you’ll really like.

Oh, a flaxseed smoothie. You’ve got a great idea, baby.

Braxton, I need to tell you something. I’m in love with you. I want you to take me, rip my clothes off, and thrust yourself inside me. Sometimes I feel like you don’t even notice I’m here.

I’m sorry, what were you saying?

Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay. I get emotional about this stuff too, Violet. The environment, marriage rights, hemp clothing, recycling, placenta cakes. You know, I became a liberal at a very young age. My parents were…

Violet, we’re about to start the flashback sequence, so please wiggle back and forth for me now.


My parents moved here as immigrants from Vice City and built a huge empire, exploiting people mercilessly. My father made a fortune strip mining, whaling, dumping toxic pollution, and marketing tobacco. He was a womanizer. And much more interesting to me, he belittled me constantly. And then he died before he could write me out of his will. And so I became the majority shareholder in a huge multinational company. I travelled the world, I joined lots of NGOs, and did what any other impossibly rich, sexually confused rich kid does. Became a superhero. Through the art of self-meditation, yoga, and a freak green energy accident, which gave me unnatural god-like powers, I became… Impotent Rage!

Wait, what’s that? What is it?

It’s my echosense going off. That man isn’t recycling. Hey, Neanderthal, do you know what century it is? Recycle that soda can, or I’ll come down there and teach you a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry!

I can’t stand being disrespected like this! Braxton, quick! To the anger room!


Wow! Oh my god! All this relentless self-righteous posturing! It’s exhausting! It’s exhausting!

What is it?

High-tech device of the future I personally invented, even though I am otherwise entirely incompetent? Impotent rage! There’s some trouble down by the river! Fascism never sleeps!

Violet! I’m over here.

Of course you are. Why are you wearing that ridiculous outfit?

I thought superheroes run around in their underwear, so should their assistants.

I thought you would like it.

Violet, it’s that kind of hyper-sexualized clothing that exploits and demeans women.

Fuck me. Fuck me!

Time for impotent rage! Where is it?

Here. For the record, this is an organic, entirely fair-trade cotton one-piece that is dyed in berry juice, harvested by a lesbian commune. And it’s every bit as effective at fighting crime as the synthetic fibers made popular by some of my rivals.

Quick! To the suit-up montage!

Uh, Braxton? What’s this?

That’s the cost to animate your overly elaborate and lengthy suit-up montage.

Uh, got it. Okay, skip the montage. Let’s go straight to… Impotent Rage!

There are over 8 million species of migratory birds that travel through San Andreas. But every day, hundreds of thousands of birds are slaughtered by a not-so-silent predator. Windmills. So-called environmentalists’ desperate need to destroy our state’s indigenous oil industry will lead to noisy, nature-killing windmills literally in your backyard. At San Andreas Water and Power, we’re working with state and local officials to make sure that windmills and solar panels don’t ruin our pristine environment. Let’s keep the power on! Nature, and in particular our beautiful birds, will thank you.

Nothing is more dangerous for a bird than a slow-moving windmill. They, like any half-sentient creature, much prefer 100-acre industrial plants spewing out noxious chemicals. Let’s all work together to preserve our environment. San Andreas Water and Power. No more fracking! No more fracking! No more fracking! No more fracking!

What’s going on here? These protestors want to stop

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘GTA V – Impotent Rage: The Liberal Superhero’ by Anim’s Gaming Mouse