Impressive Python Projects for Your Resume

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘5 IMPRESSIVE Python Resume Projects (You Can Finish in A Weekend)’ by Internet Made Coder

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Building impactful projects on your resume showcases skills for high-paying jobs.

Key Insights

  • Building the right projects on your resume is important to stand out and get a high-paying software engineering job.
  • Building projects is the only way to show your skills as a self-taught developer.
  • Five project options using Python that can be finished in a single weekend are discussed.
  • Python automation projects are great for beginners as they don't require specialized knowledge.
  • Web scraping projects are recommended to combine Python skills, web scraping, and data science.
  • Building a budgeting tracking application is suggested to learn web development basics and showcase front-end, back-end, and database management skills.
  • Creating a simple AI application, like a recommendation system using Scikit Surprise, can impress employers.
  • Cloning a popular application with a unique twist demonstrates creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • The most important factor in any project is solving a real problem and showing that programming is a tool to solve problems.
  • Building projects you are passionate about and telling the story behind them is more impressive than the code itself.
  • The importance of presenting yourself well, networking, and learning how to strategically approach job hunting is highlighted.

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On this channel, I talk all the time about the importance of building projects. Building the right projects on your resume is the one way that you can put yourself ahead of other candidates and get that high paying 100k plus software engineering job, even if you don’t have a CS degree or any previous experience.

This is because, like, let’s face it, when you’re looking for your first job, the employer needs evidence that you can do the job. And building projects is really the only way to show that as a self-taught developer.

But the thing is, you also need to build the right kinds of projects and show the few key skills that employers are really looking for.

In this video, I’m going to give you five options for these exact projects that you can build using Python and even finish in a single weekend. And it’s not just like any other project building video you have seen either because I don’t just want to give you yet another five project ideas you will forget about tomorrow.

I want to give you a blueprint to understand what makes for a great resume project so that whether you choose to build one of these projects or not, you will have a framework to think about what makes a project something that will actually make companies go, “Yes, I want to hire this guy.”

And at the end, we will culminate this with the one thing that all these projects have in common that makes them great resume projects, as well as the one magical programming project that is the most impressive out of all of them.

Before we start, in order for you to have the skills to build these projects, you first, of course, need to have the necessary Python fundamentals and programming logic under your belt. If you haven’t yet gone through a premium quality program that teaches all of this for you in one place, then I have my own program that you might want to check out down below. It’s called the Python Developer Bootcamp. And the purpose of it is to take all my knowledge about programming that I wish I knew before I started and take you through step by step from zero to actually getting hired as a 100K Python developer. It’s not just the programming course. The main part of the value comes from the career advice side, where I teach you how to get interviews and how to come across as a great candidate in these interviews, including resume building advice, like literally like copy-paste templates on how to build your LinkedIn, your resume, everything like this, all in one package format. If you’re tired of struggling with low-quality resources and scattered information, you can check the program down below to see if it’s for you.

If you haven’t built many projects before, it’s good to start with an easy win. And I think the best kind of project to do that is some kind of a Python automation project. You might consider building some kind of script to clean out your desktop, for example.

In fact, right here, I have that exact kind of project. All I have to do is run the Python script, and it will automatically clean out my downloads folder and move all my files to separate folders based on the file type. And I actually made a tutorial way back in the early days on my channel on exactly how to build this. The one in the video is a much earlier version of this than what I have now, but it’s a great place to start. And something can easily build in just a few hours.

The reason I like Python automation projects so much is that they don’t require a lot of specialized knowledge on top of the basic Python fundamentals that I just mentioned. So it’s a great place to start. You can build some pretty cool and impressive stuff that is very easy to understand to recruiters, and that is the first key to building great resume projects. Most likely, your resume will be read by someone who doesn’t have the time to think hard to understand what you’ve built. You want to make your projects so that they are very, very easy to understand for anyone who reads it in just two seconds because when you do that, they’re way more likely to go like, “Damn, that’s a pretty cool project. This guy probably knows how to code.”

Next great programming project idea can also be applied to many different things. For me, programming is at its coolest when I can use it to build something that actually helps me. About a year ago, I was planning my move from London to Dubai, and I wanted to understand what were the prices of apartments in Dubai and which areas in Dubai offered the best value. Of course, just going through the listings manually gave me some idea. But especially as programmers, we want to think about things statistically on the aggregate. So I figured I could use something called web scraping to aggregate the price data from all these listings I could find and get the average prices based on different criteria like area, size. And it really helped me make my decision on where to move in Dubai. So this is

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘5 IMPRESSIVE Python Resume Projects (You Can Finish in A Weekend)’ by Internet Made Coder