Increase Testicle Size: Natural Methods in 30 Days

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Grow LARGER Testicles in 30 Days! (Naturally)’ by alpha m.

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Video: Testicle size relates to testosterone; both studies found soda consumption increases hormone levels and testicle size, emphasizing overall health and Sheath underwear, highlighting probiotics’ effects but not noticing a supplement impact, advising lifestyle changes and self-exams.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the topic of testicle size and testosterone levels.
  • It mentions a study conducted in China where mice that consumed Coca-Cola or Pepsi had higher hormone levels and larger testicles.
  • Another study with human participants showed that drinking a liter of Coke a day resulted in a 30% lower sperm count.
  • The video suggests that bigger testicles are associated with producing more sperm and being healthier.
  • The speaker came across a product claiming to maintain testicle size and hormone balance, which they decided to try.
  • The video discusses the importance of maintaining overall health to support testicle size and hormone production, including maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, avoiding steroids, having protected sex, avoiding excessive drinking, smoking, and drug use, and wearing appropriate underwear.
  • The video mentions Sheath underwear as a recommended option for supporting testicle health.
  • The speaker discusses a study where a probiotic called lactobacillus ruteri was given to aging mice, resulting in lower stress hormone levels and higher testosterone levels, as well as no testicle shrinkage.
  • The speaker tried a supplement claiming to increase testicle size for 30 days but didn't notice any significant changes.
  • The speaker advises getting testosterone levels checked by a doctor before considering testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and suggests lifestyle modifications as an initial approach to improving low testosterone levels.
  • The importance of regular testicular self-exams and overall health is emphasized.

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So for the past 30 days, I’ve been taking a natural supplement that claims to be able to make your balls bigger. What? Now, obviously this isn’t the label. I don’t want to actually promote the product, so I’m covering it up.

But the whole reason why I started thinking about this was because of an article I saw in the New York Post. Drinking Coke and Pepsi leads to larger testicles and more testosterone. There was a study conducted in China where they basically wanted to see what the effect of carbonated beverages was on like sexual health and reproduction.

And so they basically had three different groups of mice. One group of mice, they drank nothing but water, and then the other two groups, they basically varied the amount of Coca-Cola and Pepsi that they were drinking. And then they measured their hormone levels at different intervals for 15 days.

And what they found is that the mice that drank nothing but Coca-Cola or Pepsi had higher hormone levels, not to mention like larger testicles. The reason why this was so like kind of like mind blowing was because there was another study that basically showed the opposite, where they took 2,500 dudes, made them drink a liter of Coke a day, and what they found is that they had 30% lower sperm count.

This got me thinking a little bit more about testicle size and testosterone level. And so I started going down like the rabbit hole and looking into, okay, are bigger testicles better? The research shows, yes, they are because bigger balls basically produce more sperm. Bigger balls are healthier. And the other unfortunate reality is that as we age as men, our testicles tend to shrink.

And so during this time when I was doing my research, I came across this company and this product that basically saying, hey, we found a solution to help your balls maintain their proper size and to be healthier and for you to maintain proper hormone balance and levels. And so I decided to actually buy it and try it after reading some of the reviews.

Now the reviews were all pretty much amazing, right? Lots of five stars. And a lot of these dudes are saying, yo, after like using it for like 30 days, my balls were big, they were heavy, and I was like producing like big monster, like, like, like loads.

So I decided to give it a try to basically see if I could make my balls bigger. Now, before we actually go into what actually happened, I would like to go over a few tips in order to make sure that your balls are as healthy as possible.

Number one is don’t be overweight or obese. All right. There’s been a gazillion studies and data that shows that when dudes are overweight or obese, your testosterone level is going to drop and your balls are actually going to be a little bit smaller. All right. You want to make sure that you’re healthy. You got to make sure you’re in a reasonably low body fat percentage range. All right.

Number two, you got to exercise, right? Exercise does a lot of incredible things for your body, not to mention your balls.

Number three is don’t take steroids or TRT if you don’t need it. All right. Now that’s the big thing. A lot of you guys are starting to experiment or take them in order to look good just because you see all these other dudes on TRT or testosterone or steroids on Instagram or YouTube.

The truth is when you do this, you’re giving your body artificial testosterone and your balls. Like I said, they’re the brains of the operation. They’re like, yo, we don’t want to work any harder than we have to. So if you’re going to give us extra, we’re not going to work as hard and when we’re not working and producing, guess what? Those babies are going to shrink like raisins.

Don’t have unprotected action with spicy senoritas that you don’t know where that spicy senorita has been because lots of data and research has come out to show that if you contract an STD, certain STDs as a man, it can absolutely damage permanently your balls’ ability to produce healthy, sexy sperm.

Don’t drink in excess, don’t smoke, and don’t do drugs, all right, including weed, right? Weed has been shown to actually be really bad for your balls for your boys in terms of testosterone, not to mention sperm production.

And the last thing that we got to talk about is actually your underwear, right? Wearing the proper underwear is critical for your balls being healthy, all right?

Now, the best underwear on the market are the sheath underwear. I’ve talked about these a bunch. I know the owner and the founder, Robert, and the whole deal with these guys, it’s all about that inside pouch, right? Dual action, dual chamber. There’s a little pouch that you actually set your testicles in, and then that hole you stick your big al through.

And what happens is you’re actually separating the twig from the berries. And when you do this, you’re supporting the balls, but you’re not

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Grow LARGER Testicles in 30 Days! (Naturally)’ by alpha m.