Increase Your Size Naturally: Methods and Factors

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘4 Natural Size Enlargement Methods for Men | What Increases Size and What Doesn’t?’ by Michelle Kenway

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Caution advised for non-surgical enlargement methods; lacks scientific support.

Key Insights

  • There are several non-surgical enlargement methods for men, including supplements, lengthening exercises, vacuums, and extenders.
  • Herbal remedies claiming to increase size are often expensive, not FDA approved, and lack scientific support.
  • Vacuum devices are recommended for men with impotence but have no scientific evidence to support claims of increasing size.
  • Extenders work by applying prolonged stretch to tissues, resulting in microtears that can lead to lengthening. However, there are potential risks involved, such as damage to blood vessels and decreased function if used incorrectly.
  • Lengthening exercises, performed through traction or stretch, have no scientific backing for increasing size and may come with risks like bruising and tissue damage.
  • It is important to approach these methods with caution and make informed decisions regarding size enhancement for men.

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Title: Non-Surgical Enlargement Methods for Men

Non-surgical enlargement methods for men include supplements, lengthening exercises, and various gadgets all claiming to increase size. So what methods actually work, and which ones will just waste your time and your hard-earned dollars?

Hi, I’m Michelle, and today we’re looking at four non-surgical enlargement methods for men. Now, we’re going to be going through each in turn. We’re going to go through herbal remedies. We’re going to go through vacuums. We’ll also go through extenders, and I’m getting my hands full here, extenders. And then we’ll also talk about lengthening exercises.

But I’m going to be talking about these particularly in relation to what the science says into how effective these particular methods are for male size. Now, I think right from the word go, we’ll start with herbal remedies and dive right in. Before I do, if you’ve got any questions or comments, I really welcome them below. And also too, just a little prompt, if the video is helpful for you, I’d be really grateful if you could give it a like, because then YouTube will share this information with other men that might benefit too.

So herbal remedies, let’s talk about these. Now, a quick search on Amazon revealed to me these two products. So I think you can see that they’re actually, at a glance, quite expensive in terms of US particularly if you’re buying these products repeatedly. Now, these products are not FDA approved, and this means that there’s no controls over the marketing so that the people who are making the products, the manufacturers and the distributors can make any claims they really like about whether they actually increase length or increase size or whatever. And also too, they don’t need to actually put the ingredients on the products.

So these products often state that they actually include herbal ingredients. So some of the herbal ingredients in a study by Cordazza in 2014 has looked at these ingredients and found for one, that there’s no benefit at all for increasing length. So what are these herbal ingredients? Well, the herbal ingredients that are commonly used in these products are horny goatweed, maca, and also too, ginkgo biloba. And the interesting thing about these products is they’ve actually, or these particular herbs, is they can actually cause psychological changes. They can cause mood changes and anxiety in users.

So these are products that you’ve actually got to be really careful with if you’re going to use them, but also too, bearing in mind that there is actually no scientific support for these having any benefit. And I think if you think rationally too about these, they say that they increase circulation to the area. How is a medication, a tablet that you’re taking, actually going to specifically increase circulation to that particular area and make it increase in size? So you’ve actually got to think practically and rationally and critically about that type of product.

The second product I’d like to talk about is the vacuum device. Now vacuum devices work via suction. There’s a number of different types of suction available. Some work on like an air suction to length. They state that they increase length and girth via air suction, and others via water, which there’s some claims that the water devices are actually safer than the air devices. That’s debatable. But what we know is the American Neurological Society does support these for men with impotence. So it does recommend these for impotence. But this particular discussion today is about the claims that they increase size.

Now the studies, and the studies, the research looking into this is by Agami in 2006. And they actually found that over a period of using these for, I think it was three times a week, yeah, for 20 minutes at a time. So three times a week, 20 minutes at a time, over a period of six months, actually found no increase in length and definitely no increase in girth. But these guys just measured the increases in length. So no clinical support for these, despite the claims that the manufacturers make that they increase in length. Although the researchers did note that there was, men did report some psychological satisfaction to using the product, psychological benefit to using the product. So again, these retail from 90 to 200 US dollars. So I think, again, think critically about using these for increasing size when it comes to using these types of products.

Now the third gadget that I’d like to talk about is this, which is the extender. So this is the medieval looking device. These actually work by prolonged stretch. So if we think about prolonged stretch to tissues, so looking at prolonged stretch to tissues using a traction device, just as shown here, what actually happens is these actually work by microtears in the tissues. So the microtears actually break down some of the collagen fibers and that’s how they actually lengthen. So you have to be aware before using these, thinking about safety, that microtears, there’s lots of capillaries and little nerves that are in the shaft that it could actually be damaged using these types of products and if they’re not used safely.

So let’s go through the two research papers, the two reasonable research papers that I’ve actually managed to find. And again, there’s not much research supporting and not much research into these products, but the two research studies that have actually been done have actually supported an increase in length. And I’ll go through the details now so that you know how these products were actually used to make length gains. The first study by Jontero, and it was done in 2008, and men in this study used these devices for six months. Now what they did, they started off using them for four hours a day. So these are a time-intensive product to use. And what the researchers actually found was an increase in length of 2.3 centimeters or 0.9 of an inch in length for using the product over that timeframe. Now this result was actually confirmed again in a second study by Knickerbacht, and that study was done in 2010.

The men in this particular study used this device for three months. This was really labor-intensive though. They actually used for the first two weeks, four to six hours a day, and then they increased the tractioning to nine hours a day. So again, you’ve got to be thinking about the amount of time you’d need to be spending and how comfortable that’s going to actually feel. And I think you’ve also got to consider the fact that there is a potential risk again to the little blood vessels, the tissues, and also to the potential for decrease in function if you’re using these traction devices and using them incorrectly over a prolonged period of time.

Now the final method I’d like to talk about is one that you’ve probably already heard about, lengthening exercises. Now you’ll see these all over the internet. Lengthening exercises normally, again, they work via traction or stretch, and stretch in the relaxed state. It’s normally performed twice a day for 10 seconds at a time and three different directions, straight out and to either side. And again, there’s no research supporting lengthening exercises for increasing length. And also too, there is the risk of bruising, perhaps some tissue damage, and also too, some decreased function as well in terms of performance. So I think that’s something that you’ve got to approach with caution too.

So I really hope that this information helps you make informed decisions about the ways you go about approaching size matters for men. And also too, I hope that you found the presentation interesting and insightful. I’d like to thank you very much for your time today and look forward to seeing you in the next presentation. Goodbye for now.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘4 Natural Size Enlargement Methods for Men | What Increases Size and What Doesn’t?’ by Michelle Kenway