Is Adin Ross Jewish: The Ethnicity Perspective

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Adin Ross claims being Jewish is a ethnicity’ by Lets Investigate

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Jewish identity is religious, not defined by ethnicity or lineage.

Key Insights

  • Being Jewish is not an ethnicity or culture, but rather a religion.
  • Judaism is not exclusive to a specific bloodline or family.
  • Judaism originated when God gave the Torah to a group of random people, who were not Jews at the time, on Mount Sinai.
  • The Torah came with a mission for the Jewish people to fulfill God's 613 commandments.
  • Anyone willing to accept the Torah can become Jewish, whether through receiving it on Mount Sinai or through being born to Jewish mothers.
  • Those who accept the Torah now can also become part of the Jewish people.

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Breed. Okay, very nice. What about you?
321 I’m Jew. Okay. I’m Jewish. Okay. Yep.
Is that that’s bro. That’s not an ethnicity, bro. Yes, it is. But how are you gonna tell me bro? Well, because nigga that is that not a religion, dude. It’s literally an ethnicity, bro. I’m telling you it is.
Okay, so that’s it. You full breed. Jewish. I’m like, Yeah, I’m up there. I’m Italian. I’m Italian. I’m Italian. I’m Italian, too. Okay. Oh, okay. You got it. Yeah. Okay. Okay.
Sure. I’m an ultra Orthodox Jew. Well, that’s why I haven’t been in movie theater for 50 years. And to me, Judaism, being a Jew means one thing. Judaism is not a culture. Chicken soup. I met Gilla the first time in a kosher deli on Broadway. And he sits down and he says first thing he says is opens the menu and he says, what’s the most Jewish food? So first thing I said, I said, there’s no such thing as Jewish food because Judaism is not an ethnicity. But if you want to know which food Jews would probably eat most order the sushi.
Judaism is being Jewish is not an ethnicity. Being Jewish is not a culture. Being Jewish is not even a blood family. You can convert to Judaism, you can convert to a blood family, you can convert, you cannot convert to a race. Judaism is a religion. That’s all it is. In particular, specifically, in the year 2448, after creation, God came to Moses and the Jews on Mount Sinai and gave them the Torah. No, I was wrong. That’s not true. God came to a group of random people who were not a nation at all. They were not Jews, and gave them the Torah. Because they got the Torah, they also received with it a mission to fulfill God’s 613 commandments in this world. The reason they got it was because God was and still is willing to give it to anybody who’s willing to accept it. Those people who were there were willing to accept this job. When I give you a job, I’m also presumably giving you the tools to get the job done. God then created the Jewish people. It’s not that there was a Jewish nation called the Jewish people who created the religion. No. The religion created the Jewish people. The definition of a Jewish person is somebody who is transformed by receiving the Torah. You could receive the Torah on Mount Sinai like the Jewish nation did then, or our tradition tells us that the souls of many people who are not yet born will also receive the Torah on Mount Sinai. God ensured that those people will be born. When they’re born, they will have Jewish mothers. They also receive the Torah on Mount Sinai. Or, if you weren’t there, neither in soul or in body, you can accept the Torah now, and you’re one of the Jewish people as well.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Adin Ross claims being Jewish is a ethnicity’ by Lets Investigate