Is AG1 Worth the Hype?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Is AG1 (Athletic Greens) A Scam?!’ by James Smith

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Video criticizes high-priced Athletic Greens supplement, suggesting whole foods instead.

Key Insights

  • The video is a review of Athletic Greens AG1, a popular nutritional supplement.
  • The reviewer questions the high price of the product, which is $99 or 90 pounds per pouch.
  • The positive reviews on YouTube are criticized as potentially biased.
  • The reviewer believes that consuming whole fruits and vegetables is a better option for gut health than relying on a powdered supplement.
  • The ingredients and benefits of Athletic Greens AG1 are discussed, highlighting the use of a proprietary blend and the lack of scientific evidence for its effectiveness.
  • The marketing strategy behind the product's success is questioned, particularly in relation to Joe Rogan's sponsorship and potential commissions for influencers.
  • The reviewer suggests focusing on consuming more fruits and vegetables and getting blood work done to assess specific nutritional deficiencies.
  • The high cost of the product is attributed to marketing expenses rather than the quality of the supplement.
  • Some skepticism is expressed regarding the business model, comparing it to a pyramid scheme.
  • The video concludes with a discount code promoting the consumption of actual fruits and vegetables instead of purchasing the supplement.

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If you’re anything like me, you probably fall asleep at night listening to Joe Rogan and then BAM This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens Every single influencer and every single big podcast is talking about Athletic Greens So I decided to take it upon myself to figure out whether or not this AG1 is worth the hype

So what even is Athletic Greens? Sponsors Athletic Greens. Athletic Greens AG1. Well, according to their advert It’s this. AG1 by Athletic Greens brings 75 vitamins, minerals, whole food sourced ingredients Probiotics and adaptogens together in one place. It might just be the most comprehensive and convenient nutritional regimen on the planet Now straight out of the box Now there are two things that are gonna be different about this review compared to others.

The first one, I’ve never even tried it And the second thing, this is definitely not sponsored. Across social media I’ve got over 4 million followers and I’ve never done an endorsement or a paid post So I have zero financial incentive to chat shite about anything Now as far as reviews, I went across YouTube and the majority of them seemed pretty positive It actually looked like the majority of influencers were arse-licking the brand However, then I decided to look underground across reddit forums and the reviews were not so positive

The first thing we need to talk about is the price I do not mind spending money when it comes to making content, but this Was 99 US dollars. It was 90 quid. It was a hundred and eighty Australian dollars for this tiny little pouch What and is that little water bottle supposed to make me feel better about it? Do you want to know why I think some of the reviews are so positive on YouTube? I think a lot of people bought this and the second they got it out the box. They went my my I’ve just spent Nearly a hundred pounds on a pouch of green powder. So they go find a positive review They can watch to make themselves feel warm and fuzzy about it. Inside of the box says you’re gonna need a smaller cabinet Oh, you’re gonna need a bigger bank account 90 pounds 100 US dollars What’s in it? For that kind of money you would hope there’s cocaine in it I’m just not sure how you could justify 90 pounds a month on this.

Before we get into the purported benefits And I said the purported benefits. We need to appreciate that. This is more expensive than most Swiss gym memberships You get a gym membership with a hot tub. My online personal training platform It’s half the price of this pouch of powder a month you can nearly get a car and finance a month instead of this when I open the box I expected there to be like a Something bigger I don’t think anyone’s been so devastated about something being so small since the third date Now I actually know why every bag of this is so expensive and I’m gonna tell you at the end It’s a truth You might not want to hear but let’s first of all get into the ingredients

When we look at the vitamins and minerals that are inside this we can say that it’s a pretty decent amount and collection of these But I suspect that not many people are taking this for a multivitamin because they could get a multivitamin for a fraction of the cost Now I know probiotics are a big trendy thing and a lot of people want to feel good that they’re doing something for their gut Microbiota and when we look at the research and the data that we do know we know that prebiotics are better than probiotics prebiotics being fiber fruit and vegetables

So the research seems to really clearly suggest that eating enough fiber Which is again a prebiotic that that is a better way to get a healthier gut per se Than probiotic if you really care and want the benefits to your gut You should be eating more fruits and vegetables not a probiotic powder and one of the biggest issues I see with this is there are a lot of us out there that do not consume enough fruit and vegetables

So we’re looking for a magical solution around it. So we grab a bag of this however the big issue is if you’re gonna drink a glass of this in the morning you’re gonna go through the day thinking I don’t need To eat fruits and vegetables because I had my greens powder and this is no way going to be superior to consuming fruits and vegetables We’re missing the forest for the trees here If you’re not consuming enough fruits and vegetables for your gut then consume more fruit and vegetables The benefits would be better and significantly cheaper. No doubt that when people start consuming this they will consume less fruit and vegetables They will consume less prebiotics for a manufactured and processed probiotic. This is going backwards So let’s get into what’s actually inside it to really get an idea of exactly what is inside it You’re better off looking on the website But even then you’re gonna find out they’ve got something called a proprietary blend Which you could argue is not giving away exactly what your product is So your competitors can’t create a carbon copy and price you out the market But the reality is you don’t have to tell the people buying your product how much of each product you put in it now I’m not gonna bore you with a massive science lesson But some very smart nutritionists on the internet have pointed out the fact that spirulina is the first thing that’s mentioned and it’s supposed to Be in the order of the heaviest compound first now the evidence states that you need about eight grams of spirulina to really get the benefits From it. However, the servings are 12 grams. So if spirulina alone, it’s gonna take up two-thirds of the serving Well, it doesn’t leave much room for everything else in the blend and when you see how many ingredients are in this Let’s say even if there was two grams of each of the first five ingredients That means the other 20 ingredients are only gonna fill up two grams you get two dosages and efficacy Really the majority of these things in here are just a way to virtue signal how good the product is without the product actually being That good

And as far as people actually saying that they feel better taking the product well placebo You’re drinking a green juice in the morning. That’s supposed to make you feel healthier You’re probably gonna feel healthier not to mention you probably get to work and see a pastry and you go No, not today because I’m taking my very expensive greens juice and there’s no point taking a greens juice I’m gonna get to work another pastry. It’s the same reason people can make good progress taking fat strippers No, not big girls on poles like fat loss pills. It’s not even the stimulants in these pills create fat loss It’s that when people spend 50 quid on a pot of pills they’re more inclined to exercise and go to the gym and be active because they want the pills to work that they spent all their Money on and really it’s just green tea extract and other rubbish now We can’t talk about athletic greens and this we’re gonna talk about the marketing when Joe Rogan signed to Spotify in 2019 It said he had a hundred and ninety million downloads a month So let’s be conservative and say he’s got 200 million and this isn’t mentioning any of the other podcasts or sponsorships with Andrew shorts Or Andrew Huberman, so let’s say 200 million downloads and that’s being really conservative So let’s imagine that nought point nought 1% of people that listen actually bought the product and I know what you’re thinking Not everyone that listen It was only a matter of time until I bought it from being woken up in the middle of the night This podcast is sponsored by athletic greens. Oh gee one. I could have had a therapy session for the cost of this I’ve heard on the grapevine that the commissions are up to 50 US dollars not just per purchase But every purchase they’re on in so if you end up buying 12 of these a year one a month There’s kickback for that person that got you involved every month until you stop but on the website it states $30 but most people never speculate the amount they actually give people to sign people up like whoop For instance, they don’t openly tell people that they give people 50 US dollars per person They bring on so when someone says hey, do you want a free whoop? They’re getting 50 US dollars for it Anyway, nought point nought 1% of 200 million is yes 20,000 20,000 people being super conservative. Well, yeah, that’s 600,000 US dollars a month 7 million dollars a year Now, let me tell you this if I

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Is AG1 (Athletic Greens) A Scam?!’ by James Smith