Is Bannerlord Patch 1.2 Worth the Wait?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Bannerlord Patch 1.2 Is HERE But Was It Worth the Wait?’ by Jackie Fish

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Patch 1.2 released after months of beta, improving game mechanics, adding cheats, new maps, and tweaks to multiplayer, perks, and weather effects.

Key Insights

  • Patch 1.2 has been released after five months in beta
  • The patch is available for Steam, Epic, GOG, PlayStation, and Xbox
  • The update includes improvements to the world map, weather effects, formation targeting, more warehouses for trade, kingdom destruction, reworked auto-resolve, new fog of war changes, new missions, battle terrains, and hideouts
  • Cheats for console players have been added
  • There have been changes to multiplayer and perks
  • The update introduces six new battle terrain maps and four new bandit hideouts
  • Weather effects now impact battles, affecting cavalry speed, projectile speed, and damage
  • Auto-resolve battles now consider the terrain
  • Perks have undergone changes
  • There are improvements to the Fog of War mechanic
  • Kingdom Diplomacy and Economy have been tweaked, allowing factions to be destroyed and adding warehouses for trade
  • There are also additional missions and optimizations
  • Armor effectiveness has been adjusted, higher-tier units are less likely to be one-shot, and stagger effects are reduced for higher-tier soldiers
  • This update is recommended for players who want to return to Bannerlord
  • Waiting for mods to update is suggested before diving back in.

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It is a Christmas miracle. Patch 1.2 has finally been released out of beta and should now be the main branch of Bannerlord for Steam, Epic, GOG, PlayStation, and barring any unforeseen circumstances, they say in this post, also Xbox. I think they’re waiting for the go-ahead, but by the time this is released, I would imagine that the Xbox version of this patch has also now been released.

So finally, after five months, this patch is out and it’s kind of crazy it’s taken this long. I mean, we’ve all been saying it, you know, the development, how this has just gone down the drain when it comes to speed. Patch 1.2 was a huge update, but the fact that it took five months to then come out of beta was just a bit weird when all the work had already seemingly been done.

So in today’s video, I’m going to basically run through all the changes in 1.2. If you remember that and you watched my video five months ago or whatever, then not much has changed since that patch. They’ve obviously tweaked a few things here and there, sorted crashes and fixes, and also actually improved online servers, which is great for the big BRE event. But for the most part, it is still just patch 1.2. All the changes there are the same, so you don’t have to kind of stick around and watch the rest of the video if you’ve already been playing it and know exactly what’s in it.

They also went ahead and gave us a nice little recap as well. So again, if you’re just looking for the lowdown, this is basically what is in the brand new patch.

We have new improvements to the world map and weather being added, so that’s stuff like rain and snow. We have formation targeting, so you can now tell your archers specifically what part of the enemy formation you want to fight. Really useful for cavalry. There are

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Bannerlord Patch 1.2 Is HERE But Was It Worth the Wait?’ by Jackie Fish