Is Chumlee in Jail: The Truth Behind His Arrest

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Chumlee from Pawn Stars arrested in 2016, took plea deal, surrendered weapons, completed probation, remains active on social media.

Key Insights

  • Chumlee from Pawn Stars was arrested in 2016 on multiple charges during a search warrant at his home in Las Vegas.
  • The police found drugs (marijuana and methamphetamine) and at least one illegal firearm, resulting in arrests and charges.
  • Chumlee took a plea deal to avoid jail time and pleaded guilty to a felony weapon charge and an attempted drug possession misdemeanor.
  • He surrendered multiple weapons, including both illegal and legally registered firearms, as part of the plea deal.
  • Chumlee was ordered to stay out of trouble and follow probation until 2019.
  • His legal issues did not impact his appearances on the show Pawn Stars, as he was not filming during the arrest period.
  • Chumlee opened a successful candy store called Chumlee's Candy on the Boulevard in 2017, indicating that his business career was not affected by the arrest.
  • He has remained active on social media, sharing updates about his life and businesses.
  • Chumlee has complied with the terms of his plea deal, stayed out of trouble since his arrest, and completed his probation.
  • His positive presence on social media suggests that he has learned from the experience and is moving forward.
  • If he continues to stay out of trouble, he may successfully leave these legal troubles behind him.

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From every detail of Chumlee’s 2016 legal problems to his positive presence on social media, this is the real reason Chumlee from Pawn Stars was arrested.

Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee from Pawn Stars, has had his fair share of legal issues over the years. As a regular on the popular reality show Pawn Stars, Chumlee’s legal battles have long kept the public interested. But fans of the show may be surprised to learn about why Chumlee was actually arrested years ago, as well as where he stands with his legal issues now.

First, all of Chumlee’s legal problems first began back in 2016. Police officers were serving a warrant at Chumlee’s home in Las Vegas when they arrested him on multiple charges. During the warrant, they discovered drugs, marijuana, and methamphetamine, as well as at least one illegal firearm. As a result, the police arrested him for possessing all of these illegal items. The cops were only serving a search warrant because of an ongoing sexual assault investigation. However, it’s important to note that Chumlee was never charged with any sexual assault crime. At the time of his arrest for these other crimes, the sexual assault case was still ongoing. Thus far, no charges in this regard have been filed against Chumlee.

Since the police found these illegal items in Chumlee’s possession, he was arrested and charged with 19 drug possession charges, as well as one weapon charge. He was then held in jail, and his bail was set at $62,000. Chumlee did eventually get out of jail on bail.

After this initial arrest in 2016, Chumlee took a plea deal to avoid spending time in jail for these felony charges. By taking this plea bargain deal, Chumlee pleaded guilty to a felony weapon charge and an attempted drug possession misdemeanor. However, by agreeing to this deal, and therefore agreeing to plead guilty, he was able to completely avoid jail time and instead was ordered to go to counseling. He was also put on probation for three years.

But that’s not all that Chumlee had to do. After agreeing to this plea deal, he also had to agree to give up all of his firearms and any drugs that were in his possession. Chumlee followed suit and surrendered multiple weapons, as he gave up the weapons he had left in his possession. It was revealed that he had multiple firearms that he shouldn’t have had, as they were illegal because they were not registered in his name. However, he also gave up his legal registered guns.

After all this, Chumlee was ordered to stay out of trouble until at least 2019. If he was able to do this, then he wouldn’t have any severe repercussions from any other legal actions that could come his way. But if he didn’t and got into trouble with the law again during this three-year period, then he would potentially face more severe consequences.

Luckily for Chumlee, he accurately followed suit and did manage to stay out of trouble for three years. Because of this, after 2019, he was able to have only a misdemeanor on his record. Chumlee hasn’t been arrested again since this 2016 arrest. So all of his legal problems and situations with the law have stemmed from this 2016 incident, as he’s stayed out of trouble since 2019. He’s managed to put most of these issues behind him, as much as possible.

But did his legal issues result in any issues on the reality show Pawn Stars, of which Chumlee is a part? Pawn Stars, which first began in 2009, became a big reality show, in part because audiences found it interesting to watch the happenings of a 24-hour pawn shop in Las Vegas. Pawn Stars followed a popular pawn shop in Las Vegas and the three generations of a family that run it. Viewers get to see different types of customers come into the pawn shop with their goods to pawn. Sometimes these goods are absolutely nothing. Other times, the goods are almost historic. The group of workers at the pawn shop have to determine what’s good and what’s not. And it’s been thrilling for audiences to watch for many years now.

Chumlee has always been a big part of the show as one of the daily workers of the pawn shop, as he’s been friends with fellow star of the show, Corey Big Hoss Harrison, since they were kids. He’s long been a worker of the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, even before the hit reality show began. As a result, his legal troubles didn’t really impact his time on the show. According to those a part of the show’s production, Chumlee was arrested during a period when they weren’t filming the show, therefore his arrest didn’t necessarily impact what they were filming at all. Plus, because he took the plea deal, he was able to avoid jail time, and then was able to continue filming the show as normal. Chumlee remains a pivotal part of the show, as well as a friend of those on Pawn Stars. So it doesn’t look like his arrest will in any way impact his time on the show in the future, especially because it hasn’t affected his appearance on the show thus far.

Has Chumlee’s 2016 arrest led to any repercussions with any of his businesses, as it clearly hasn’t impacted his appearance on Pawn Stars? It doesn’t look like it. Because Chumlee has stayed out of trouble since his arrest, and now is free of probation and only has a misdemeanor on his record, Chumlee has really turned his life around, it appears, since his 2016 arrest. In 2017, he opened Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard, his own candy store. The store specializes in nostalgic candy and treats and has become quite successful since it was first opened, only a year after he was arrested. Regardless, the candy store remains popular and seems to continue to be successful. So as you can see, Chumlee has stayed quite important to the Pawn Stars series. But he’s also branched out and started his own business by opening up his candy store. Though he had these legal issues in the past, it hasn’t seemed to impact his business career in any way. But this likely has to do with the fact that it appears that Chumlee has stayed out of trouble since his 2016 arrest.

Even though many fans may wonder how Chumlee is doing after his arrest, he actually hasn’t been all that quiet since facing these legal issues. For example, you can check out his social media accounts to learn more about his businesses, his travels, what he’s up to, what his most recent enjoyments are, and more. Though Chumlee obviously has some rather unfortunate legal problems in his past, he hasn’t let this keep him quiet or keep him from enjoying his life and sharing about his life with his followers. Because of this, and because of how Chumlee has acted about his arrest, it really does appear that this was more of a learning experience for him than anything else. Since his arrest, he has done everything he was supposed to do. He took a plea bargain deal, which ended up with him agreeing to plead guilty in order to avoid jail time. But then he also stayed out of trouble for 3 years and completed his probation. Since his 2016 arrest, there haven’t been any other arrests or any other legal issues for Chumlee. It really does appear that he’s stayed out of trouble in all ways. Obviously, this is likely why his businesses and his appearances on Pawn Stars haven’t been affected at all. If he had continued to get in trouble, he likely would have had to spend time in jail, especially because he was ordered not to get into trouble after 2016. So if he had spent time behind bars, this would have impacted his time on the show, and he might not have been able to open his own candy store. Luckily, Chumlee stayed out of trouble. Fans are able to still communicate with him and see what he’s up to on social media. So he hasn’t stayed out of the limelight for the most part since his arrest. It really does look like he’s just ready to put these past troubles behind him once and for all. And if he continues to stay out of trouble and continues to just focus on his life and his businesses, then he might be successful in this endeavor. So from his positive presence on social media to all the details about his 2016 arrest, this was the real reason Chumlee from Pawn Stars was arrested.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The REAL Reason Chumlee From Pawn Stars Was ARRESTED..’ by Screen Central