Is Dr. Squatch Deodorant Good?

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Dr. Squatch natural deodorant is high-quality with natural ingredients, minimal staining.

Key Insights

  • The Dr. Squatch natural underarm deodorant is targeted towards those who prefer higher quality, less chemically based, and more natural ingredients.
  • The deodorant has received positive feedback overall, but some complaints include potential stains and the need for reapplication.
  • To prevent staining, it is recommended to apply the deodorant when the underarms are dry, wait 2-4 minutes before putting on a shirt, and only apply a few swipes.
  • The deodorant's fragrance is derived from a combination of plant-derived substances and other chemical compounds, with at least 98% of the ingredients being natural according to Dr. Squatch.
  • The presence of magnesium hydroxide in the deodorant helps counteract odor-causing bacteria without blocking the pores or impacting the skin.
  • The reviewer found the scent of the Fresh Falls deodorant to be strong and would prefer a milder option, such as Bay Rum or Summer Citrus.
  • The deodorant effectively lasts throughout the day, with no reported irritations or body odor.
  • According to the reviewer's test, the deodorant did not stain any of their shirts when applied correctly.
  • Overall, the deodorant is recommended for those seeking natural body care products and high-quality ingredients.

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Hi there, I’m Sy, and today I’m going to be reviewing this Dr. Squatch natural underarm deodorant. And I think that the main kind of people it’s for are people who are looking for higher quality ingredients or ingredients that are less chemically based, more natural. That’s why I’m wanting to try it.

I have not used it myself yet, but my son has been using it and he was introduced to it by his cousin, my nephew, and they both like it a lot. One complaint I have heard about this deodorant is that it can leave stains under your arms. And I do have a solution for that according to what I have read. However, I’m going to try it firsthand over the next five days and give you the report of how it worked for me.

So basically you want to apply it when your underarms are dry. So after you get out of the shower, dry good. Only apply a few swipes and then wait two to four minutes before putting on your shirt. So that’s the main tip that I have gotten for keeping it from staining clothes. And I’ll let you know how it does with my clothes.

The other complaint about the deodorant is that maybe it doesn’t last as long as it should, that it has to be applied a couple times a day. That’s what some people say, but most people say very positive things about it.

We’re going to look at the ingredients up close here too so that you can see what the ingredients are and what their fragrance is and what that means as far as natural ingredients go. So let’s go ahead and take a close-up look at this.

And here is the Dr. Squatch Fresh Falls deodorant. And so you can get a close-up of the ingredients here. Caprylic or Capric, Triglyceride, Manahot, Esquilenta, which is arrowroot powder, sterile alcohol, which I had a question about, but I’ll read what that is. Magnesium hydroxide, which some people question, but I’ll read what that is too. Then beeswax. And the next ingredient, which is shea butter, Cocos Nusifera, coconut oil, triethyl citrate, simon, sia, chin, nessus, jojoba, seed oil, natural fragrance.

Regarding the fragrances, this is what the fragrance comes down to. This would be like what they would consider man-made. So they do use plant-derived substances. And this is a direct quote from Dr. Squatch regarding their man-made substance or fragrance. Our high-performance scents are complex and aromatic fusions derived exclusively from sources like essential oils, distillates, terpenes, absolutes, or other chemical compounds isolated to give Dr. Squatch the unique blend you know and love. And they say they consider they have to be at least 98% natural according to their standards.

Jojoba esters, charcoal powder, helianthus anise, sunflower seed oil, taco feral, lactobacillus, and maltodextrin.

Regarding the magnesium hydroxide, this is a direct quote from Dr. Squatch. Magnesium’s main purpose in a natural deodorant is to counteract any odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin without impacting the dermis, the layer of skin where sweat glands, pores, and hair follicles are contained. Magnesium is a beneficial alternative to aluminum as it kills bacteria without blocking the pores or stifling the surrounding skin.

Let’s go ahead and open up this deodorant and see what it looks like. All right, so there’s a little cap on here. Took a little effort with my fingernails to get the top off, and you can see a little bit of the deodorant came out with it, which I had read some reviews of people complaining about that. There is something called sterile alcohol which is inside the Squatch deodorant, so it doesn’t only have the drying effect of other types of alcohol. So I thought I’d just let you know about that.

Now we’re going to go ahead and apply this deodorant over the next five days and see how it does.

So I’ve been using this Dr. Squatch deodorant now for five days so I could give you an honest opinion about it, and as far as keeping body odor away, I think it works great. This particular scent was very strong to me. My son says he likes it better than the pine tar that he has been using. My wife says it smells very manly, but if I was going to choose to get more of the Dr. Squatch deodorant, I would choose something that would not be quite as strong as this one. This one was very strong for me, and for example, they have this Fresh Falls soap, and I didn’t like this soap, for example, as much as I liked the Bay Rum soap. And so I would look to see something that would be more like this Bay Rum or maybe a Summer Citrus. I would look and see something that would be maybe not quite as strong smelling as this, and I do feel like it lasted for more than 12 hours. It probably works for the whole day, and the reason I say that is because I only used it once a day and I could never smell my body odor.

As far as any kinds of irritations or anything like that, I never had any irritation wearing this deodorant. It was just the scent that I could notice because it is one of those things that stands out and people will notice it around you. Also, I think that it was a very important test to try to see if it stained my clothes, and I can say that it hasn’t stained any of the shirts that I’ve worn, and I did do very specifically what was recommended by some people, and when I put it on, I did one, two, three swipes, and I did it when my arms were dry, and then I waited about two to five minutes to put on a shirt after having put it under my arms. But it didn’t stain any of my shirts, so I think that might be the key and the good way to use it.

But yes, overall, I can say that the deodorant does work, and I think that the ingredients are good. It’s something that I feel comfortable recommending to people, especially people who are trying to get away from their kind of traditional body care products and trying to find something more natural.

So I hope this Dr. Squatch deodorant review is helpful to you. So that’s my review of the Dr. Squatch natural deodorant. I hope you liked it. If you did, please give me a thumbs up, subscribe to this channel, and share this video, and I will see you next time. Thank you so much for watching.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Dr. Squatch Natural Deodorant Review With Helpful Tips’ by Things Very Good