Is No Man’s Sky Good Now?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘No Man’s Sky Is Unrecognizable in 2023’ by Force Gaming

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No Man’s Sky went from disappointment to success with consistent free updates, such as new content, mechanics, and improvements, fulfilling Hello Games’ promises and keeping a positive player base.

Key Insights

  • Key insights from the video about No Man's Sky updates:
  • No Man's Sky was initially released in a disappointing state, but has since improved and is considered a success.
  • The game has received continuous support over the past seven years with multiple patches and major updates.
  • All updates have been added to the game for free, without paid DLC or expansions.
  • The most recent updates in the past 12 months include the Fractal update and the Interceptor update.
  • The Fractal update introduced new starships, expeditions, a wonders catalog, improved VR support, and more.
  • The Interceptor update added corrupt worlds, new enemies, starship combat mechanics, new multi-tools, and exploration-focused expeditions.
  • The Echoes update, the largest of the year, added a new robotic race, overhauled space combat, introduced freighter battles, and more.
  • In addition to these major updates, there have been numerous patches, three new expeditions, and the game was released on the Mac platform.
  • Over the past seven years, No Man's Sky has undergone major changes and improvements, including base building, farming, multiplayer, weekly community events, and visual overhauls.
  • The game has a positive rating on Steam and has a consistent player base.
  • Hello Games has fulfilled their original promise and provided all updates for free, significantly improving the game.

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It’s been a little over seven years now since No Man’s Sky first released in August 2016, and we all know the story about how that went. It’s no secret that most people were pretty disappointed with the state of the game when it first came out, but it’s also no secret that in the time since, No Man’s Sky has continuously improved, to the point where it is considered a success story.

The game currently has a very positive rating on Steam and is considered by many to be genuinely good at this point in time. And for that reason, it’s a good example of how you properly support a game. And this is majorly due to the fact that over these seven years, every single one of them, they’ve added multiple patches and major updates, introducing new content, features, and systems to the game. In fact, at this point, we have now surpassed 23 named big updates for No Man’s Sky in these past seven years.

And even more so than that is the fact that every single one of them was added to the game at no extra charge. No paid DLC, no season pass, no $40 expansion. Nope, all entirely free updates put into the game that you already paid for, for seven years straight. Now, Hello Games recently reached out to me asking to sponsor a video where I go over and talk about the most recent updates for the game, and frankly, I couldn’t be happier to do so. It is almost unprecedented the amount of support they have given No Man’s Sky over these years without charging a single extra cent to consumers.

You know, games launch in a rough condition and receive poor receptions as a result all the time. It happens pretty much every day, but in most of those cases, those games just get abandoned. For them to not only consistently update this game for seven years, but then also get it to the point where they turned around their reputation to the point where this is considered a genuinely good game, that is crazy to me, but that is exactly what happened. So I’m happy to talk about No Man’s Sky because it is really a great example, in my opinion, of a developer who really managed to turn things around.

So let’s talk about the newest stuff. Here are all of the most recent updates that came to No Man’s Sky in just over these past 12 months. In late February of this year, they released the Fractal update where they added the Utopia Speeder, this new high-velocity starship that’s really good for traveling across planets’ surfaces very quickly. They also introduced the new Expedition Utopia where they were tasking players with heading to the back-end system after it had fallen into decay.

This is basically a group multiplayer event where players will complete objectives, all themed around fixing and trying to rebuild the planets within the system, this of course having its own unique rewards. They also introduced the Wonders Catalog which gives you a detailed record of some of your best discoveries, things like the rarest creature, the tallest mountain, or the most ancient tree. There were categories for planets, flora, fauna, minerals, items, and objects, and then you can also compare your records to that of other players.

They also overhauled the game’s options for all platforms with a bunch of new accessibility features. They added a ton of VR support and features. In fact, I would actually say a bulk of the patch notes for the Fractal update were really

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘No Man’s Sky Is Unrecognizable in 2023’ by Force Gaming