Is OnlyFans Worth it? My Journey from Zero to Earnings in 2022

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Started an OnlyFans with Zero Following in 2022 – How Much I Made & is it Worth it’ by That ER Nurse

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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An ER nurse started an OnlyFans account to pay off student loan debt, initially making $76.76 with 36 subscribers, stressing the importance of enjoying the work and providing quality content.

Key Insights

  • The YouTuber, an ER nurse, discusses her experience starting an OnlyFans account in 2022 with no social media following.
  • She was hesitant at first due to saturation in the market and the economic downturn.
  • She decided to start because she wanted to pay off student loan debt and work from home.
  • She created a fake name to separate her OnlyFans persona from her nursing career.
  • She emphasizes the importance of enjoying the work and being prepared for the amount of time and effort it requires.
  • In her first week, she made $95.96 gross and $76.76 net after OnlyFans' 20% deduction.
  • She mentions the need to set aside funds for taxes.
  • The YouTuber currently has 36 subscribers but had to offer free trials to gain more followers initially.
  • She highlights the importance of quality content to retain subscribers.
  • The YouTuber encourages viewers to leave comments and asks if they're interested in future videos about taxes or promoting on social media.
  • She provides her referral code for others who may want to start an OnlyFans page using her link.

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Hey guys, what’s up? I’m that ER nurse and this video is all about how I started an OnlyFans in 2022 with no Instagram following, no Twitter following, and zero Reddit followers. I’ve been kicking around starting my OnlyFans for a while now but I’m a research nerd. I like everything to be prepared like 150% before I go into it and I watched video after video. I searched for information and articles and content that I could watch or read that would talk to me a little bit more about what it’s like starting an OnlyFans now in the middle of the year 2022 because OnlyFans really took off in 2020 during the pandemic and a lot of people were making a lot of good money and now in 2022 it’s a different market. It’s super saturated. OnlyFans as a platform is very saturated. There’s a lot of content creators and there’s an economic downturn especially in the U.S. right now and there’s just not as much money to be had that’s going around. So I didn’t really know based on my research because I couldn’t find anything if it was even worth starting an OnlyFans in 2022. So I thought screw it, I’m just gonna do it. I’m gonna give it 90 days, three months and we’ll see how we do.

So this video is all about my first week because I’m just wrapping up my first week with my OnlyFans being on and live because I couldn’t find the content anywhere. I figured I would just sit down and make a YouTube video about it because I’m sure it’s going to be helpful to some of you. So if you do find this video helpful please do give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more please subscribe to the channel so I can continue to put out that content and how it’s been for me as a brand new zero following OnlyFans content creator.

All right I’ve got my notes here and my notebook that my dog like literally just chewed. I want to talk a little bit first about why I wanted to start an OnlyFans. Mainly to pay off student loan debt. I’m going to grad school, my husband’s going back to school and I have my student loan debt still dragging behind me from my bachelor’s. I want to get rid of it and I want to be able to work from home. OnlyFans provides that kind of a platform where I can work from home. It’s something that’s kind of like fun and creative and sexy and it’s something that appeals to me and is going to be fun for me. If it wasn’t something that would be fun or enjoyable for me I definitely wouldn’t do it because I don’t think it’s worth it. You really put yourself out there in a very very very personal way. So if it’s not going to be fun for you stop watching, don’t do it, find something else.

I wanted to do my OnlyFans under a fake name because I am actually a registered nurse. I have a license, I have credentials that I need to uphold and I really didn’t want that to be part of my life for my nursing work. If it comes out, if it’s found out, whatever, I think that individuals and especially women should be able to do whatever work they want that’s legal that isn’t harming other people. Which is exactly what OnlyFans is. It’s legal, it’s not harming anyone and why should anybody care really? But there was that like famous OnlyFans model who was a NICU nurse that some people at work found out that she was doing that and subscribed to the channel and took screenshots, which is illegal by the way, of her content on her OnlyFans page showed management and management said you gotta stop this or you can’t work here anymore and she was making so much money on OnlyFans she’s like peace. From what the interviews I’ve watched of her that was a really hard choice for her to make because NICU nursing was like her calling and I think part of her probably really really mourns that loss. So from reading her story and watching her talk about it in interviews I was like you know what I just don’t want to deal with that at all and I kind of don’t want my like mom and dad really knowing about it. If they do find out it’s not the end of my world and also you should think about that too before you start one if other people in your life were to find out and if it would like absolutely destroy you don’t do this do anything else don’t do it because it’s just not worth it if you feel like if someone found out it would ruin me if that’s how you feel about it it’s not worth it it’s not worth the stress.

So because I decided to create a fake name do my OnlyFans under a different persona I had to start my Instagram, a Twitter, a Reddit, my email everything including this YouTube channel under a fake name. I had to create it brand new from scratch zero followers because if I tried to like pull some of my friends or followers from my personal Instagram it would link other people would be able to see my Instagram or Twitter and they’d be

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Started an OnlyFans with Zero Following in 2022 – How Much I Made & is it Worth it’ by That ER Nurse