Is Prostitution Legal in Colombia?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Prostitution in Colombia 2022 – Is it Legal? – Colombia Podcast’ by Colombia Podcast

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Prostitution discussed, legality varies, personal opinions, gender doesn’t matter.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights from the Video:
  • Discussion about the presence of attractive women in a certain location
  • Mention of people paying for women and engaging in prostitution
  • Question about the legality of prostitution in Las Vegas
  • Explanation that prostitution is legal in a county outside of Las Vegas
  • Clarification that it is legal for individuals to sell sex in Colombia
  • Pimping is illegal, but being a prostitute is legal
  • Public policy arguments for legalizing prostitution in Colombia include personal freedom and socioeconomic factors
  • Discussion about poverty and marginalized communities in Colombia
  • No need to prove reasons for engaging in the sex industry
  • Personal opinions on prostitution and moralizing
  • Statement that coming to Columbia allows individuals to engage in prostitution if desired
  • Legalization of prostitution in Colombia unless it involves coercion or violence
  • Mention of transvestite prostitutes and gender not being a determining factor

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All I’m saying is that they come down here and they’re rolling around with like girls way above their pay grade. And so this is a place where you come if you want to meet attractive women, one. But there’s some other people that come and they come to pay for women, right? They don’t care about meeting- They come for what? To pay for women. They come for prostitution and whatever else.

So first question straight off. I know Las Vegas, I’m not American, I’m Canadian, in Las Vegas prostitution is legal? Not Las Vegas. Where? Um, a county outside of Las Vegas.

Bull? No, it’s not bull. I don’t know.

Anyways, so is it legal here? Can you walk onto the street and pay for a person? Right, right. So this is another fairly complex and controversial topic. So real quick, let’s start with the rules. So if you want to sell yourself for sex in Colombia- And I do. And by the way- Nobody wants to pay. Yeah, shit. I’ve been trying.

By the way, I have just learned, just fairly recently, there’s an active sex industry where women come to Colombia to have sex with dudes. That does happen because- Wait, are you listening? Because we now have a client who’s in that industry, which is weird.

The man? Yeah. And you’re his legal- So he’s like a gigolo? Yeah.

Oh. So let’s get into it real quick. Definitely not going to be in that. I quit. I quit.

In Colombia, you can sell sex legally. No, meaning you. Yourself. Okay. Yourself. So if you’re a prostitute, you’re a person who is in the sex industry, you can engage in sexual relations with other people and charge money for it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that so long as the fact that you’re doing it is not a result of violence or coercion. Okay. So if someone forces you to do that, not that what you’re doing is illegal, it’s just that the person who’s doing it could have some criminal consequences.

The pimp. Correct. The pimp. So it’s illegal to pimp, but it’s legal to be the prostitute yourself. Correct. Correct.

All right. So the second point, and now I’m really, really drunk because I can forget my second point. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming. No, no, no, no.

So right. So the pimping is absolutely illegal. You can’t pimp whatsoever. Okay. Okay. Second point is you can pay for sex and that is legal as well. Okay. Okay. So you can exchange money and nothing. Nobody’s going to bust you. Absolutely.

Okay. Let’s go back to sort of the public policy analysis here. So the reason for this, or at least Columbia has determined on a political basis that there is a personal freedom component to this. Okay. That if you want to do that, that’s, you have a right to do so. This sounds more like the land of the free to me. Well yes. Okay. Secondly, there’s also a socioeconomic component. Okay. And this is a little more intense and that is, think about it, 55, 56% of this country lives in complete abject poverty. Poverty. Yeah. Another 20, 25% are living, you know, they’re, you know, they’re poor. Yeah. Right.

So there is, there is this component that has to be considered. Okay. So we’re living in a country where a huge amount, a huge percentage of the population lives in abject poverty. Yeah. Okay. This is, these are people who some literally their roofs are cardboard boxes. Yeah. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. Yeah.

Whether you’re in a rural community or whether you’re in some of these urban areas, there are people who are just absolutely marginalized. Okay. So if I am the head of a household, okay, it may be a woman and I have children. I have to take care of my family, my parents, that kind of thing. You know, the public policy argument is if I want to enter into the sex industry to be able to feed my family, I shouldn’t be punished for it. Okay. And that, that is the decision.

But you don’t have to prove that. You don’t have to prove that in the eyes of the law. I mean. No, no, no. You don’t have to prove that. But basically the reason it’s legal is because of that public policy argument. Okay. Okay. And again, again, it’s a weird. Wow. That’s heavy stuff. Yeah.

So if you’re an American, you’re a Canadian, I think we come from, particularly my country, we are very puritanical. We have certain, you know, I would say morals and certain. Based on your upbringing, based on your, on your situation. And religion. And religion. I kind of think so. So it’s, it’s kind of hard for me to moralize too much because we’re in a different country. It’s got a different culture. Yeah. And they’ve, you know, they’ve made a determination that this should be legal for any number of cultural, economic, socioeconomic reasons. This is not a moral show. This is not a show about moralizing just so everybody knows. No.

We’re talking about facts. We’re talking about facts. As far as I can say, my statement on this personally, since, you know, I’m a fixture on this show is I am not into prostitution and I’m not into that, but I don’t give a shit if somebody else does. I just want to make sure, and what this is about is, is that if you come here, and my dad gave me a great, like, there’s, I mean, there’s a lot of theories and philosophies and all that. None of that really matters about if somebody does or doesn’t do it. The fact is, if they come here, can they do that if they want to? If you wanted to do that, can you come to this land of the free and do that? Yes, you can. That’s the answer. That’s the ultimate answer.

The answer, the answer is that it’s legal. It’s legal. It’s legal. There’s no prohibition on it unless it’s proven that it’s happened because of coercion or violence.

What about transvestites? What about transvestites? Like, like, like a transvestite prostitute? It doesn’t matter gender? Like you could be like… It doesn’t matter gender. Gender doesn’t matter. I don’t know. We’re in a Catholic country. I don’t know. Like, sodomy is okay? That’s a very specific question. That’s a pretty good question. That’s a very specific question from Andrew. Is sodomy okay? I’ve got a lot of questions about sodomy. You do. You do. Very, very specific questions. We could do a whole podcast on sodomy. I don’t know. Sodomy.

So, so the answer is so long as, you know, it’s not resulting from violence. Oh, like a foreign object. Or… That could be considered violent. Yeah. I guess. But if it’s not violent and or coerced, or the person wasn’t coerced, it’s perfectly fine. All right. Cool. Yeah. Okay.

All right. So the question is, prostitution’s in if you’re into it. Prostitution’s in. Okay. So, so what I think, I don’t know. Yeah. We’re going to go into a whole lot of topic. I was going to say the strip clubs work differently here and all this stuff. Okay.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Prostitution in Colombia 2022 – Is it Legal? – Colombia Podcast’ by Colombia Podcast