Is Star Citizen Worth It?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Star Citizen 3.20 review, Worth playing? 2023-24’ by Steweymyster

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The host is skeptical about Star Citizen’s development but still finds the game worth playing; patch 3.20 offers slow but impressive progress in graphics and introduces/improves mining, cargo transport, salvage mechanics, enjoyable trading, updated combat modes, visual/menu overhauls in Arena Commander, balanced PvP combat in space, diverse activities, and suitability for players with preferences outside Persistent Universe modes; no theaters of war yet, but active player base in Arena Commander; host awaits enlightening updates at CitizenCon and invites viewers for bingo.

Key Insights

  • The host is jaded about Star Citizen's development this year, but that doesn't affect his opinion on whether the game is worth playing.
  • The current patch is 3.20, and although the development has been slow, the graphics look amazing.
  • The patch introduces and improves existing content, including mining, cargo transport, and salvage mechanics.
  • Trading has become more enjoyable and profitable with current commodity prices.
  • Combat has been updated with Master Modes, which allow players to choose between traveling/traversal mode and combat mode, adding purpose and risk to combat.
  • Arena Commander has undergone visual and menu overhauls, and experimental game modes are available.
  • The PvP combat in space is better, torpedoes are more balanced, and ships are generally well-balanced.
  • The game offers various activities like mining, trading, combat, and bunker exploration.
  • The recommendation to play the game depends on the player's preferences and whether they are new or returning players.
  • This patch is enjoyable for players who prefer game modes outside of the Persistent Universe.
  • No theaters of war are available yet, but Arena Commander has an active player base.
  • The host hopes for enlightening updates at CitizenCon and invites viewers to join him for a game of bingo during the event.

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Now, usually, every year, roughly around this time, I always make a video about whether or not I think Star Citizen is worth it. Now, I’m a little bit jaded this year because, and for all credit, it’s been a pretty bad year for Star Citizen. It hasn’t really developed very far, and I’m out of breath already. It’s not doing so well.

However, just because Star Citizen itself might not be doing so well, or the development is slow, it shouldn’t really have a major impact on whether or not I think the game is worth playing because, every year when I do this, I always treat it for exactly what it is. No speculation. No hyperbolics. We’re not going to talk about future patches. Just what’s available now and what’s available to play today.

So, what exactly is available nowadays? Well, we’re at patch 3.20, believe it or not. Yes, not a number I’d ever thought I’d say. 4.0 still looks like it’s going to be a long way away. But, yes, 3.20.

And like they say, with every grey cloud, there is a silver lining. And speaking of clouds, boy, does 3.20 look absolutely gorgeous. These aren’t brand new to 3.20, but they are brand new to Artcore and Lawville, and frankly, I am amazed.

But pretty graphics will only get you so far. So in terms of gameplay, what actually is there to do? Well, 3.20 introduces and also improves upon a lot of the pre-existing content you may be familiar with. From mining all the way up to the brand new hull refactor, which basically means that you can just take apart ships and remove things from their, well, ships.

You can also take advantage of the fantastic new cargo grid system, allowing you to transport cargo more effectively, easily, and, well, without as many bugs as before, maybe? That is still yet to be seen by my own eyes.

I am experimenting with the new salvage mechanic as we speak, and so far, it’s an absolutely great way to just lie back and chill. Because that is what 3.20 is all about. It’s not really exciting, but it is very, very… good? It’s really hard to say.

Again, this hasn’t been the best year for Star Citizen, and I would like to have seen a lot more since last year. But to be fair to this whole video and the point of what this is all about, the game itself, Star Citizen 3.20, as long as it works for you, no real complaints from me.

In terms of gameplay libs for the Persistent Universe, I’ve already mentioned trading, something that I used to do a lot back in the day. It’s quite enjoyable now, again, with that refactor, with the current prices of certain commodities, especially the not-so-good-for-you ones. You can make a lot of money very, very quickly, which in itself is great for people that don’t want to invest too much time, and it’s also great for those that want to spend lots of time being able to buy pretty much everything available.

Because, don’t forget, you can buy ships in-game now, and that’s what I recommend everyone do. You’ve got salvage, you’ve also had mining for quite a while now, and more importantly, down my field of street, you’ve got combat, so let’s speak a little bit about combat.

Most of you probably know me from my 3.14 video, which talked all about the refactor and the changes to spaceship combat. That video was really popular, 30-something thousand views. But that was a long, long time ago. And although completely relevant from a tutorial basis, because, well, the features released in 3.14 and that video are still used today, now, with 3.20, they are introducing Master Modes.

I’m not going to get into a great big deal here about what Master Modes is because, and I know this breaks my rule for this video, it’s not actually implemented yet fully. It’s only on a few select ships, the Gladius for now, but it is something that you can try over in Arena Commander, which had its own massive array of changes this patch. We’ll get into more of that very shortly.

Master Modes has basically solved a lot of the major problems with space combat. You can no longer zoom and boom, which used to be the crux of everyone’s enjoyment, I think, especially as it was for me anyway. Now, with Master Modes, you can choose between travelling and traversal mode, and combat mode. Obviously, the speed of your ship, the effectiveness of the guns, the way your ship manoeuvres, it all changes depending on the mode that you’re in.

I think this is CR and Sig’s idea to really narrow down combat to be purposeful and to have risk as well as reward. I think it will also shape up eventually to make different ships like Interceptors actually stand out for their job role. For now, I think this is mostly a Gladius and Squadron 42 thing, but do keep your eye on it and try it out in the Arena Commander special mode. Give your thoughts, let me know in the comments down below what you think of Master Modes.

Now, like I said, let’s get back to a few other things Arena Commander specific. As you can probably tell, it’s had a massive visual overhaul with a whole new range of menus and options to choose from. It’s also been streamlined into a sort of game mode centric hub. That way, you know, there’s no longer a Star Marine separate section. It’s all contained within Arena Commander. The way the visionaries at the very beginning of this whole debacle of 10 years of development originally designed it to be, you’ve got some experimental modes which are changing every now and then. The developers decide which ones are available when, unfortunately, you can’t always play your favorites, but my preferred game modes, Star Marine and the FPS centric ones, they are always around.

The special game modes though, encased within that, like Gun Game, which has its own massive variety of issues, not available always. But I guess that’s no problem because, well, for the first time ever, the game lobby seems to actually be packed with players. How long that lasts for, I just don’t know, because it’s really up to SIG to keep those servers healthy and to make sure there are no unwarranted bugs or major issues.

Right now, you can probably see on screen that my hands are glowing a hot yellow. I can’t control this. I guess that now that we’ve discussed what’s available to do in the PU, what’s available to do outside of that, an arena commander, etc, there’s only a few small things to really talk about. And again, a lot of the things like weapon balance and mechanics, I’m all going to get into in a separate video later on.

But for now, let’s just go over a sort of hot takes. FPS weapons, they’re in a better place than they used to be. They aren’t as obtuse as they were, and some of them have had some absolutely drastic changes I can’t wait to discuss in a further video, probably a truth behind FPS weapons part three. I’ve got so many of those videos, man, it’s ridiculous.

The ships themselves are in a rather well balanced state right now. Unfortunately, like I said, Master Mode is only an experimental build in Arena Commander with the Gladius, but you know, the health of the PvP combat in space is better. Torpedoes aren’t as ridiculous as you may have remembered them being in past patches.

The commodities and the ability to make money, as mentioned earlier, it exists and it’s doing really quite well. For how long, though, I just don’t know. So if you want to get in there and

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Star Citizen 3.20 review, Worth playing? 2023-24’ by Steweymyster