Is Steam Deck Worth It After One Year?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Steam Deck One Year Later… Was It Worth It?! ‘ by PC Centric

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The Steam Deck is a portable gaming device with pros and cons but worth considering.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights of the video:
  • The speaker has had the Steam Deck since June 2022 and has found it both fantastic and frustrating.
  • The Steam Deck is a portable machine that can play a wide library of PC games, but not all games will work well on it.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate with large tiles and icons.
  • The controls on the Steam Deck, including thumbsticks and touchpads, are responsive and make gaming enjoyable.
  • The device is bulky and heavy compared to the Nintendo Switch, but still comfortable to use.
  • The battery life is not great, especially for newer games running at 60fps.
  • The touchscreen is big, sharp enough, but has oversized bezels.
  • The performance is impressive, but there are better options available.
  • The speaker is happy with the selection of games available to play on the Steam Deck.
  • Living with the Steam Deck is enjoyable, especially for travelers, but there are flaws to deal with.
  • Battery life is a concern, and using a battery bank is necessary for longer use.
  • The speaker recommends getting an SSD for better game performance.
  • There are bugs and occasional frustrations with the device, such as unresponsive buttons and battery drainage issues.
  • The Steam Deck is a great portable gaming device for PC gamers, even with the flaws.
  • The speaker recommends not discounting the Steam Deck despite competition and believes it is worth the money.

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I’ve had my Steam Deck since June 2022, and in a year of use, it’s been simultaneously fantastic and also a bit frustrating. I mean, I absolutely love the capabilities of this thing, and it’s made long haul flights quite literally fly by, and yet there are still some things about this that are just plain weird and absolutely need to be talked about.

So let’s discuss absolutely everything you need to know after a year of use of the Steam Deck, right after a short word from this video’s sponsor. Intel Gamer Days is back in the UK for 2023, bringing over a week of PC gaming deals right to your doorstep. There are fabulous flash sales on laptops, PC components, and systems, all powered with Intel Core CPUs or ARC graphics. Deals include up to £300 off products from Asus, MSI, Lenovo, Acer, and more. So what are you waiting for? Grab your Intel Gamer Days deal today with the link down below.

Let’s start at the beginning, and my first impressions of the deck were… mixed. I actually did create a full video about this, but it’s currently unlisted. I will leave it linked in the description down below as honestly, I made loads of mistakes working my way around the deck when I was doing the unboxing process. But then, this is exactly the problem that you’re likely to run into yourself when you’re going through the deck for the first time, as it is a complicated beast.

This is a machine that can play a ginormous library of PC titles, and ones that are designed for use with a mouse and keyboard but without a mouse and keyboard. This, of course, means that depending on the game that you’re going to play, your mileage will vary, a lot, and some games will suit the deck more than others.

It’s interesting just how well a game like Civilization 6 can run on the deck as you essentially lose your hotkeys but then can continue to dominate Rome as normal, while with something like Beam NG Drive, with a lot more reliance on mouse and keyboard, well, things just aren’t quite so simple.

But I do want to be really strong here and say that personally speaking, the fact that the Steam Deck can’t play every game really doesn

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Steam Deck One Year Later… Was It Worth It?! ‘ by PC Centric