Is Stock X Legit: The Dark Truth of Buying Sneakers!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘THE DARK TRUTH OF BUYING SNEAKERS FROM STOCK X! WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!’ by SniperKicks

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Stock X sells sneakers, but has issues with authentication, customer service, and data breaches, making other platforms like GOAT and eBay better options.

Key Insights

  • Stock X is a platform for buying sneakers, known for its authentication process.
  • Initially, Stock X provided a seamless and reliable way to buy authentic sneakers.
  • Over time, as technology improved, counterfeit sneakers also became more convincing.
  • Some people have reported receiving fake sneakers from Stock X.
  • Nike and Stock X had a dispute over the sale of NFTs on the platform.
  • Nike claimed that Stock X let fakes pass through their authentication process.
  • Stock X is not the worst option, but there are other platforms like GOAT and eBay.
  • GOAT is known for better authentication but can be more expensive than Stock X.
  • eBay now has an authentication process for sneakers, making it a safer choice.
  • One way to increase the chances of receiving authentic sneakers is to buy them around the time of the official release.
  • Local resellers who get their stock directly from authorized retailers like Footlocker can also be a reliable option.
  • Stock X customer service is considered poor and difficult to reach.
  • Stock X had a data breach where customer information was sold on the dark web.
  • The video creator recommends buying sneakers for retail rather than relying on platforms like Stock X.

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What’s good y’all, man? It is your boy Sniper Kicks, and today’s video, man, we’re gonna be talking about StockX. And you see this little badge right now, waiting for it to focus. And this is what StockX puts on this shoe, saying that it’s verified authentic. So in today’s video, we’re gonna talk about if StockX shoes are legit and how to increase your chances to make sure your shoes are legit. We’re gonna talk about some stores, we’re gonna talk about things that are going on with StockX. We’re gonna just talk about the whole shebang. So, guys, make sure you’re subscribed to the channel, make sure you smash that like button, and of course, make sure you have your notification bells because I’m just trying to help you guys out in the sneaker copies used for retail so you don’t have to use StockX and just give you guys the 411 on sneaker information.

So, StockX was founded or it was launched in 2016, and StockX was huge for the sneaker community at that time because there wasn’t really a place where you could actually get sneakers except for eBay, but there wasn’t an authentication process. So that was a disaster, but StockX came in and it just changed the game. People were able to go to this app, get these sneakers, and it was a seamless process, and they authenticated people that actually knew what they were doing were authenticating these sneakers. So this was a change in the game, and everybody was loving it, but unfortunately during that time, the UA, the unauthentic, the unauthorized sneakers were coming up as well, and as technology started to increase and things started to get even better, back in the day, when I was growing up, when you saw a fake sneaker, bro, those are fake. The eye test by the naked eye, you could tell a shoe was unauthentic, it was fugazi, it was not legit. But in today’s age, those shoes look really, really, really, really good, and they look very, very similar to the real thing, and a lot of times they might even look better than the actual real thing regarding the quality and stuff like that.

StockX’s job is to be able to authenticate sneakers to make sure they are legit, but there has been a lot of problems in the past two, three years where people have been getting fake sneakers, and there have been a lot of claims that StockX is not doing their job right, and there was an incident that happened recently that we’re going to talk about in detail. That is eye-opening and it’s shocking. It’s bad. It’s really bad, and we’re gonna talk about that in detail today, but we’re gonna just go over this whole process and why you want to almost avoid buying from StockX. But again, StockX is not the worst, most likely if you buy from StockX, you will get a legit pair, but I’m gonna just talk about how you can increase your chances of getting a real pair if you’re gonna shop with them some different options that you can use to get a legit pair, and we’re just gonna talk about this whole thing right here.

So first, guys, there was the instance where Nike and StockX were butting heads, the plug, the actual shebang. Nike and StockX got into a huge dispute. First of all, it was about the NFTs, where StockX was selling NFTs and Nike did not like that. So, after the fact, Nike claimed that their business model and StockX was letting fakes go through. So this is what Nike did, this is what they said. They went on StockX and bought a whole bunch of patent breads. Let me get that shoe real quick for you guys. So here it is, the patent bread. So Nike bought this shoe and they said, when they’re approaching the shoes and they’re taking it through their authentication process, again, this is Nike, they said a lot of them came up fake. And I will put a screenshot of that actual article right there. So that’s alarming. Nike is saying that they’re getting shoes from StockX and they said, “Hey, StockX are selling fakes.” Okay, StockX came back and Nike’s like, “Hey, hold on. You guys said our shoes are fake. Most of your employees, most of the people that work at the higher-ups at Nike go to StockX to sell shoes and buy shoes. So what’s really good?” That’s basically what StockX said, and they take authenticating sneakers very seriously. So again, they’re butting heads right there, and in my opinion, I’m siding with Nike. Again, a lot of times, a lot of things do go past StockX. It’s hard… Again, it’s hard to authenticate sneakers. It is a very challenging thing. That’s why I just don’t buy from these apps. Last time, I bought from StockX. It was probably three years ago. I try to find alternative options, but we’ll talk about that in this video as well. But overall, it’s a tough process to authenticate.

And another thing I want to talk about is I saw StockX lay off a ton of employees recently, and I don’t know for sure. I gotta read up on it more why they laid off so many people. Again, the economy, I don’t know. But I know they laid off a ton of employees. But here’s the thing: when people are legit checking sneakers, and I’m sure they got a hiring process of how they hire the people that legit check sneakers, but as you know, StockX has hundreds and probably thousands and thousands of shoes that come into its actual location every single day, and an authenticator is there just authenticating, smell tests, looking at the stitching. When they’re doing that all day, if they get one cue wrong or they’re just not up-to-date on something, and fakes are going past, that means more fakes are gonna go past if they’re not on point and they’re not precise on their legit check. So that is one of the biggest things I feel like. I don’t know their assembly line for legit checking, but just the stories of so many fakes that have been going past… I feel like, man, they need to be more precise in their assembly line. They have to see two, three people until they actually say it’s verified authentic. And one thing that StockX did before was saying, “Hey, fully guaranteed, 100% authentic,” and they had to change it. Now, it says verified authentic because at the end of the day, you cannot 100% guarantee something’s authentic if you’re not Nike. Nike is the only one that can

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘THE DARK TRUTH OF BUYING SNEAKERS FROM STOCK X! WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!’ by SniperKicks