Is the Sig Sauer DH3 the Best P320-Xfive Pistol?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Sig Sauer DH3, the best variant of the P320 X5 legion pistols?’ by RDR GEAR

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video discusses the DH-3, a praised FDE pistol with versatile sights and durable frame, recommended for law enforcement and competition.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the DH-3 or Daniel Horner 3-gun edition, which is the newest iteration of the X-5 Legion series from Sig Sauer.
  • The video mentions the range experience with the DH-3 pistol and highlights its features and advantages.
  • The pistol has a dovetailed front and rear sight, allowing for the use of any red dot optic and iron sights simultaneously.
  • The DH-3 is FDE (Flat Dark Earth) colored and comes with three 20-round Tac Ops magazines, a magwell, raised x-ray sights, and infused silicone carbide on the frame.
  • The silicone carbide on the frame helps with durability and prevents chipping or rolling of edges.
  • The DH-3 is a preferred option for law enforcement and competition due to its silicone carbide frame, suitable for individuals with sweaty or gloved hands.
  • The DH-3 has an RMR cut for the Delta Point Pro, but the review mentions issues with the fragility and battery door of this specific red dot optic.
  • Co-witness iron sights are necessary for the Delta Point Pro, but the video recommends considering other FDE red dot options.
  • The trigger is a skeletonized X5 series trigger, described as phenomenal, and the pistol also has front cocking serrations.
  • The video briefly mentions the availability of holster mods for the DH-3.
  • Overall, the DH-3 is praised for its trigger, silicone carbide, mag well, magazines, cocking serrations, and x-ray sights.
  • The DH-3 is recommended over other X-5 series pistols, including the Legion, Standard, TXG, Spectre Comp, and Black Dial Spectre Comp.

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What’s everybody, welcome back to the channel. Today we got the newest of the X-5 Legion series, the DH-3 or the Daniel Horner 3-gun.

Before we get too much into this, let’s go to the range and shoot it.

All right guys, we’re back from the range. We have the new DH-3, the Daniel Horner 3-gun edition. This is the newest iteration of the X-5 Legion series from Sig Sauer.

Before we get into this pistol, let me tell you about what we do. We’re a software manufacturer. We specialize in plate carriers, chest rigs, placards, ammo totes, EDC belts, two-piece battle belts, a full line of professional grade canine gear, and much more. You can find all that stuff at our website at

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So, the DH-3. This is, as I mentioned earlier, the latest iteration of the X-5 series, to keep it simple terms. Daniel Horner is a professional shooter for Sig Sauer. He was also the team captain for the AMU Army Marksmanship Unit for many years, as well as a coach at the unit there. He now is with Sig Sauer full-time, and this is kind of the gun that he developed, and this is probably, in my opinion, the best version of the X-5 series so far, simply because of a few of the things they’ve added to the pistol.

This one here is the same full-size X-5 Legion THG frame, the same full-size length X-5 Legion slide. The one difference is, if you can see it from here, is the dovetailed front and rear sight. This is what I think is very, very cool about this pistol because now it allows you to run any red dot optic and have a co-witness iron sight, and we’re going to talk about that as well as a delta point here in a minute.

The gun is FDE all the way across the board. I’ve kind of matched it up just for you guys on the channel today. Surefire X300 Delta Point Pro. The gun comes with three of the 20-round round Tac Ops magazines, which are pretty cool. You get three of these in the package with the pistol, the magwell as well, as I mentioned, the raised x-ray sights, and the coolest part is the infused silicone carbide on the frame. This is pretty cool because this is actually where they take the frame, they’ll cerakote the frame, laser out the area where the silicone carbide is to go, and then drop that into the frame. So if you notice, it’s flush all the way around and it’s kind of laid recessed in the frame. This will help you with it, you know, dropping the pistol or bumping against something and where the edges may chip off or roll off. This is a great way to keep it flush onto the pistol and not have it raised and or for that chipping factor.

This pistol shoots lights out. It is my favorite version of the X5 series. I would hope that this pistol comes in black eventually. I think that would be cool because this is a great option for the LE guys out there or competition people. You already know this is where it’s at with silicone carbide.

For some of the law enforcement dudes who may be stippling frames, silicone carbide could be an option for you if you have sweaty hands, gloved hands, etc. It’s something that’s a little longer lasting, in my opinion, than having a frame that’s fancy stippled. But again, that’s my two cents on that. I really do like the silicone carbide over, say, a stippled frame.

The RMR cut is for Delta Point Pro and let’s talk about this for a minute. So I’m going to go this route here for this shot. If you can see right here, I’m going to try to angle this for you guys on the camera. You’ll notice how the electronics box of the Delta Point Pro with the battery and all the widgetry of the dot is here. You’ll notice how thick this plate is right here, this area. Well, what that does, it eliminates the use of your rear iron sight. That’s the number one reason why I don’t use Delta Point Pros.

This is on the pistol today for the review simply to color match the gun. This is the least dot that I use on any pistol. They are extremely fragile, in my opinion. I’ve broken many of them and I also don’t like how you have to bump the adjustments. And the one point, I’ve only seen it twice. When I’ve heard of it once, I’ve seen it once in person, is the battery door breaking and coming open and now completely losing the use of the dot. It’s a catastrophic failure 100%. There’s no way around it. If that door, for some reason, decides not to latch anymore and not to lock anymore, that is 100% dead gun. No using it because you can’t get the door to stay back down. It simply won’t. I’ve only seen this happen once in the class. I’ve heard of it happening once before reading about it. So again, that’s just something that if it does happen, it’s one of those things that is kind of a tough deal.

Now, wait, maybe you broke this one. Okay, no. And again, it’s a very minute, minute issue, but it is the potential on this particular red dot. Unlike any other red dot out there, that doesn’t happen. So that’s just something there.

The biggest thing I mentioned earlier is the fact that with the way that the sight is set up right here, it simply is no longer used and you have to use the fancy, super, super tall, co-witness iron sights from Leupold for the Delta Point. You guys, I get it. It matches the gun and it’s super cool and there’s going to be some things there and people are going to say, well, the Army uses it. I get that. There are more companies now coming out with an FDE red dot. You know, I know RMR has one or Tritagon has an RMR that’s FDE. I believe Halston has a new launch of some FDE products as well. So again, if you can look at something other than, and even though you’re going to have to use a conversion plate, you’re still going to be lower on the gun than you are going to be using a Delta Point and getting different iron sights.

And some of you guys are going to say, well, iron sight, co-witness, not a big deal. Again, I get it. But at the end of the day, if you’re using the pistol, it’s always good to be able to have use of the iron sights in the event that the dot goes down. Some dudes are not going to agree with that. That’s my two cents on that fact there.

Other than that, trigger is a skeletonized trigger. It is the X5 series trigger. Phenomenal trigger. Gun shoots great. The front cocking serrations, these things, I’m 50-50. I understand why they’re there and they’re very functional on this pistol. They are a pain for holsters currently.

Now that we have the gun, the DH3 mods are coming along. I’ve done a few of them so far. The one I’m running right now is an older generation P320 holster. I am working on the new ones right now, the mods. So if you do have one of these, you do want a holster mod for it, it is capable to be done. You just order the X5 Legion mod on the website at and then in the notes specify DH3 and we’ll be able to make it happen for you.

Other than that, you guys, this is a phenomenal pistol. I am very, very happy with this one. After shooting it in regards to the trigger, the silicone carbide, the mag well, the three 20-round magazines, the very functional yet somewhat of a pain in the butt cocking serrations up front, or lightning cuts per se. Super awesome. As I mentioned earlier, the X-Ray 3 night sights. Yeah, phenomenal. Phenomenal gun. I think you guys would be very happy. And again, I’d like to see it come in black. I think this would

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Sig Sauer DH3, the best variant of the P320 X5 legion pistols?’ by RDR GEAR