Jackie Gleason’s UFO House: Exploring Alien Fascination

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Jackie Gleason’s UFO House and The Ongoing Alien Fascination’ by PowerfulJRE

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Jackie Gleason witnessed frozen alien wreckage; UFO-themed house and comedy club; alien monitoring after nuclear explosions; Soviet Union and UFO sightings; long history of alien visits; Pentagon discussing UFOs; cynicism towards government disclosure; Bob Lazar’s story on multiple recovered UFOs.

Key Insights

  • Jackie Gleason had an encounter with Nixon where Nixon showed him wreckage of a UFO with frozen biological entities.
  • Jackie Gleason built a house in the shape of a UFO in upstate New York.
  • The theme of the Mothership Comedy Club is related to UFO folklore and sightings.
  • There is a theory that aliens monitor Earth after the detonation of nuclear bombs.
  • Soviet Union also had documented sightings of UFOs after they developed nuclear capabilities.
  • There is a belief that aliens have been visiting Earth for a long time, observing human progress.
  • The Pentagon has recently started discussing UFO sightings in front of Congress.
  • There is cynicism surrounding the government's disclosure of UFO information.
  • Bob Lazar, a former propulsions expert, has a compelling story about the existence of multiple recovered UFOs.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

You know, Jackie Gleason supposedly had an encounter with Nixon, that Nixon and Gleason were buddies and they were drinking.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I did not know this. It’s a famous story that’s disputed, but apparently… Let’s go with it, though.

Yeah, let’s go with it.

Yeah. Gleason apparently had said that Jackie Gleason and him were drinking, and Nixon was like, you want to see a fucking UFO?

No way!

Yeah, and he flew him to see wreckage, and they had frozen biological entities, and they got a chance to see these things that they had, that they had frozen.




Yeah. So that must have been, like, early 70s.

Yeah, something like that.

That’s crazy. And Jackie Gleason wound up having a house built in the shape of a UFO afterwards.

No way!

Yeah, that was for sale as recently as, I think, like a decade ago. See if you can find that house.

Is it in LA or something?

No, it’s in upstate New York.


But the house looks like a fucking UFO.

No way!

He had a UFO house built.

Yeah, Jackie Gleason apparently was obsessed with UFOs after the fact.




That looks like a cabin. Jackie Gleason’s UFO-inspired upstate, yeah, upstate New York spaceship house.

No way!

Yeah. That was his house. That picture makes it look bigger.

Okay, that’s serious.

Oh, wow. That’s two different buildings.

That’s beautiful.

Oh, that’s two different buildings?

The first one’s, like, the guest house. That’s a small building.

Yeah, look at that fucking house. That’s the guest house, the other one.


That’s amazing.


So Jackie Gleason became a UFO freak.

Man, I’m going to do that after this.

That’s a pretty cool-looking house.

Yeah, it’s pretty dope.

Oh, my God.

Oh, wow. Look at that. I wonder if it’s still for sale.

That’s amazing.

Entrance to the mothership. Woo. I’m going to talk to my wife about this when I get home.


This is serious right here.

Well, now you have this Sig Spear. So there’s a lot of UFO stuff on this Sig Spear, so maybe this should be reserved for taking out the aliens when they come.

I don’t want to take them out.

Well, if they attack you.

If they attack.

I don’t think they’re going to attack.

If they attack. If they do attack, I think they could render you useless almost instantaneously.

But them, too. They’re kind of like, why wouldn’t they just sit back and watch?

I think they’re- They’re going to pass right by. If I had to guess, if I had to guess, I mean, this is the wildest of speculations, I would guess that every civilization reaches a point of technological proficiency when they’re also dealing with these territorial, warring tribes where they have the ability to literally destroy the earth. And that if this is a natural course of progression for intelligent beings, they get to this point, there’s a transition where it gets very dangerous. And if I was from another planet and I was monitoring this, I would be there to make sure that they don’t launch.

And see, that’s the theme of the Mothership Comedy Club, is that the rooms are called Fat Man and Little Boy. And the reason why the rooms are called Fat Man and Little Boy is because that is a specific moment in UFO folklore when the aliens start arriving. After the detonation of those bombs, that’s when you start seeing this massive uptick in sightings.


Yes. And interactions with fighter pilots and these different military bases that have nuclear programs where the bases get shut down and all the power goes off.


That’s wild.

Yeah. It’s heavy stuff.

Because if you think that they are watching, that would make the most sense. That they see that we have nuclear power, we have the ability to blow ourselves up, and we detonate two bombs.

And then they’re like, okay, let’s fucking, let’s go monitor these assholes. Let’s go make sure that they don’t do anything that’s going to affect the rest of the universe. One country right now has them, let’s fucking specifically concentrate on them. And then they have sightings in the Soviet Union when the Soviet Union has the capabilities.

No kidding.

Yeah. There’s a ton of documented sightings and these encounters that happen. And then this also-

So beforehand, there’s not really anything.

Very little.

Very little. Well, I’m sure they’ve probably been visiting us. If they do visit us, I would imagine they’ve been visiting us forever. Like, look, they’ve got engines. Look, they’ve got guns. Look, they’ve got this. It would be fascinating to watch. Look at these territorial apes with nuclear weapons. That’s the time to watch.

Right. Now they’re probably just sitting back, popping that popcorn and being like, oh man, it’s getting interesting now. We’re getting closer and closer to our fucking inevitable demise. That’s when the sightings are ramped up to the point where the Pentagon has to start talking about it.

And they are.


In front of Congress.


I mean, that’s wild.

Yeah. But no one pays attention.


No one pays attention. It’s like, let’s go back to TikTok and Instagram.

Well, I mean, they kind of pay attention, but there’s nothing that you could fucking put your fork into.


It’s like, what is it?


Why are they telling us about this? Also, there’s a lot of cynicism when it comes to like, why is the government telling us about UFOs? Like, a distraction, you mean?

But what is it? Like, are they telling us because they really have this information and they want to slowly leak it out because this is an inevitable contact moment and they want to prepare civilization? Or is it just horseshit? Is it just they’re distracting us and this is how they institute this drone program where they have this anti-gravity device and they can move it in the same rates of speed?

I don’t know. I mean, it’s just guesswork.

That’s crazy.


That’s crazy. You get to hear directly from these guys who’ve actually seen it, experienced it.


And talk with them for a little bit. I’ve talked to quite a few now. Quite a few that have seen these things and had these experiences. But the Bob Lazar one is uniquely compelling.

Uniquely compelling because Bob is, without a doubt, a brilliant guy and he was a legitimate propulsions expert who, it’s been proven, he worked at Los Alamos Labs and they tried to hide that. They tried to lie about that and say that he wasn’t. He’s on the employee roster. He has an intimate knowledge of the facilities. They took him, George Knapp took him on a tour of Los Alamos. He knew where everything was. He knew the people there. They knew him.


It’s wild shit, man. Because if he’s telling the truth, he says it’s not one that they’ve recovered but multiple and that one of them they think is really old and they got it from an archeological dig. They think that they’ve recovered this thing in the ground.

That’s movie stuff. You see that in movies.

Yeah. We all watch it in movies and think it’s science fiction but there’s a lot of science fiction that has come to fruition from submarines to going to the moon to all sorts of space travel in general. Flight.

Yeah. Just flying.

Sure. All of it. Buck Rogers.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Jackie Gleason’s UFO House and The Ongoing Alien Fascination’ by PowerfulJRE