Jared Leto Controversy: 10 Major Red Flags

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Jared Leto involved in controversies but career unaffected.

Key Insights

  • Jared Leto has been involved in multiple controversies throughout his career
  • In 2005, a New York Post article exposed Leto's alleged pursuit of underage models
  • Leto is known for his extreme method acting, such as remaining in character even off set
  • Fans of his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, have been encouraged to get tattoos for music videos
  • Leto's band has been accused of behaving like a cult, with strange rituals and hand symbols
  • The band has charged fans large amounts of money for retreats and meet-and-greet sessions
  • Leto's actions as the Joker in Suicide Squad, including sending inappropriate gifts to co-stars, caused controversy
  • The band held a sleepover competition where fans could win a night in Leto's bed, referred to as a "magical night"
  • Leto faced backlash during the Me Too movement, with accusations of inappropriate behavior towards young women
  • Allegations suggest Leto targeted underage models, celebrities, and his own underage fans
  • Despite the allegations, Leto's career has not been significantly impacted.

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Whilst incredible performances and his fan-given heartthrob status are arguably what propelled the 50-year-old to fame, the actor has found himself bang in the center of multiple controversies throughout his years in the public eye.

Hi, I’m your host Bridget Shields and let’s take a look at all the red flags we should’ve noticed.

10. New York Post article

Let’s start things off with one of the earliest red flags we really should’ve caught. This one goes all the way back to 2005 when a New York Post article written about Jared Leto’s controversial behavior as a celebrity opened up with the line: “Jared Leto likes him young.” This was truly one of the earliest references to alleged concerning behavior and it goes to show you that people were starting to pick up on his strange dating habits from early on.

The article claimed that Leto was more than just a regular Hollywood playboy but that he was “aggressively pursuing many of the teen models shacked up at the Maritime Hotel while in town with his band 30 Seconds to Mars.”

According to the article, the actor had become infamous for calling and texting some of his underage objects of desire several times a day. A source close to the star told the article that Leto was constantly texting underage girls and even called it a little creepy. Although the article didn’t really affect Leto’s work very much, it’s still strange that his behavior has been an open secret in Hollywood for quite some time.

9. Extreme Method Acting

The controversy surrounding Leto’s extreme method acting recently came back to light with the release of his latest film Morbius. Leto was well known to be someone who often takes method acting to the extreme and has been harshly criticized for it by many in the industry. In order to prepare for his role as Dr. Michael Morbius, Leto would reportedly remain in character for the duration of the shoot, even pretending to be disabled in between takes and using his character’s crutches even on his bathroom breaks.

While speaking to Aprox Magazine, Morbius director Daniel Espinosa confirmed this and even added how Leto’s technique became a problem on set as the actor would take too long to move around between each scene. Espinosa then added that Leto had to be given a wheelchair to move around for the sake of speeding him up because his antics on set were actually wasting a lot of time. But this left many people who have seen the film to wonder, all that for Morbius? I mean, the film was a critical and box office failure so it’s difficult to see how all that extra preparation was worth it.

8. The Fan Tattoos

Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars is known for having an intimidatingly large and devoted following, but it seems some of the interactions between the band and the fans often push that relationship too far. When they were gearing up to begin production on a new video, the band invited fans to get lyrics of the song tattooed on themselves in order to feature in a clip, a move that even the fans themselves have branded as irresponsible.

According to a post on the band’s website, in order to be eligible for the video, fans must submit footage of themselves quoting to a camera, “I am the echelon,” which is the name given to the band’s group of fans. They also had to include footage of their tattoo before, during, and after it was healed, as well as write a paragraph on why they’re getting the piece.

The band, led by Leto himself, knows full well how much influence they have over their fans, so encouraging young ones to get tattoos just for the purpose of a few seconds of footage can be seen as reckless. Considering this was only one instance of the many times the band has crossed the lines in regard to their fans, it’s safe to say that the group was always comfortable taking advantage of the trust and adoration of their followers.

7. Started a cult

Let’s get into one of the biggest issues here when it comes to Leto. With an already well-established acting career under his belt by 1998, it was then that he decided to start up his very own rock group, called 30 Seconds to Mars, alongside his brother Shannon Leto. And while it may have started as an innocent exploration into new career paths, things took a turn for the worst when the band began to gain a large following, with many pointing out that it started looking more and more like a cult.

In 2013, Leto joked about the situation during an interview with New York Times Magazine, stating that the whole thing had been a joke and just a response to journalists calling them a cult. However, as the years progressed, it seemed to be anything but a joke. In 2019, Leto and the band hosted a Croatian getaway retreat, which sparked further rumors of the nature of the fandom. Photos that surfaced from the event showed Leto and fans alike wearing similar white outfits and throwing up strange hand symbols. Not to mention that Leto himself was wearing an all-white ensemble and looked eerily similar to Jesus with his beard and his hair. In a photo posted by the band’s very own Twitter page, the caption even read, “Yes, this is a cult.”

6. Scamming fans

Another way the band’s following resembles a real-life cult is all the money. Not only did the 2019 event fuel the conspiracy theories of the actor leading a cult, but the huge prices for these cult-like getaways also sparked further controversy, as Leto came under fire for taking advantage of his power and influence to get money out of his young fans.

A separate retreat in Malibu that same year charged fans a whopping $999 to camp outside for two nights with tents that they themselves had to provide and no other supplies included. There have been claims that the rock band has charged fans as much as $900 for meet-and-greet sessions.

Number five, Joker Mayhem

Several other actors who have shared the screen with Leto have famously spoken up about what it was like working alongside the bizarre actor. Like in 2016 when Leto found himself the subject of yet another controversy due to his strange and uncomfortable methods of preparing for his role as the Joker in The Suicide Squad.

As a way to connect with his character,

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Top 10 Biggest Jared Leto Red Flags We Should’ve Noticed’ by Top 10 Beyond The Screen