Jedi Survivor Xbox Series S: Graphics Test & Patch 7

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Xbox Series S | Star Wars Jedi Survivor | Graphics test/Patch 7’ by The Xbox Tester

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Significant update improves Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Xbox Series S.

Key Insights

  • The game Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Xbox Series S received a significant update/patch.
  • The game was initially problematic with low graphics, low FPS, and stability issues.
  • The update improved the game's performance and stability on Xbox Series S.
  • The patch notes mention performance improvements, GPU and CPU optimizations, and the removal of ray-tracing.
  • Performance mode offers a solid 60 FPS, but it's not available on the Xbox Series S version.
  • The game still runs at 1080p and 30 FPS on Xbox Series S, but it is now stable.
  • The host believes there should be an option for 60 FPS on Series S, as other games have achieved it.
  • The graphics are noticeably better and more stable after the update.
  • The host suggests ongoing work on the game and the addition of a performance mode.

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Hey guys and girls, and thank you for watching another episode of the Xbox Tester. My name is Maurice. Today we’re getting back to Star Wars Jedi Survivor on Xbox Series S. It got a really big update slash patch today, and I’m really curious if the game is finally in a better playable state than it first was because it wasn’t that good. It was at like 1080p, really low graphics, 30 FPS-ish, if it could get to 30 FPS. Most of the time it was between 20 and 25. It was a mess, let’s be honest. So yeah, I’m really curious. Let’s go check it out.

First of all, let’s see how much data the game is. Oh, I just added it to home. One further. The game is 102.6 GB. It’s version 1.0011. The game’s not on Game Pass. It probably will be on Game Pass somewhere, maybe this year or next year or somewhere because it’s an EA game. EA games always come to Game Pass somehow, some way. So yeah, if you’re watching this in the future, it’s on Game Pass. Hey, good for you.

The game is optimized for the new-gen consoles way better than it was before. I’ve been playing it a little bit, so let’s just start it up. You guys, if you like this kind of content, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel. It means a lot for me, really helping out the channel. You can also hit the bell icon. I upload almost on a daily basis, new games, updates on games, old games, and even a little bit of hardware here and there. So EA, it’s in the stars. No, I’m really curious. I’m actually really curious.

So I was watching Twitter. They didn’t say much about the Xbox Series S version. So I’ve got the patch notes right next to me. So this is the patch notes for September 5th of 2023. And it’s coming out for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X and S. Here are the fixes you can expect with this patch. The patch introduced several performance-related improvements on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series SX. Performance has completely been reworked and a number of GPU and CPU optimizations along with disabling ray tracing. So there’s no ray tracing anymore in the game. That said, it should be a better player experience, including a solid 60 FPS in the performance mode. But there’s no performance mode in the Xbox Series S version. So yeah, I was a little bit disappointed by that fact. So we’ve got no way to get this game in performance mode. Let’s start the game.

That said, it’s still 1080p. It’s still 30 FPS, but it’s finally stable. That’s something. And I must say, it’s actually a really good update from the state it was at first. So the game still runs at 30 FPS on your Series S. I wish there was an option to get like 60 FPS. I know it’s possible. And before anybody says it’s not possible, it’s Unreal Engine 4. That’s one. Second, EA just released Immortals of Avium with a game that runs on Unreal Engine 5 in 60 FPS on the Series S. So at least give us the option. That’s the least you should do. I know there’s a possibility with FSR, with some techniques. I’m 200% sure that this game could run a performance mode on the Series S.

Yeah, so there is still some possibilities to go. Let’s see. Where do we go now? It’s been a long time since I played this. Here we go.

You know, in terms of graphics, you can definitely see that there are differences. You know, it’s way more stable. The framerate is a hundred times more stable than it was ever before.

I know it’s possible. Kablooie!

You know, if you see this, these graphics are amazing. These are some of the best graphics you can get, maybe even on the Series S. But yeah, I think it’s a really good idea that they turned off the ray tracing because I thought the ray tracing was also available on the Series S version. And it made the game completely unplayable, almost. It wasn’t good.

Desperate echoes. Let’s see. Where do we need to go?

Where do we go now?

It’s a fluid 30 FPS. Something it was not. It definitely was not. Stable 30 FPS. This looks good. You can say what you want. You can hate it what you want. This looks good.

Oh, darn it.

Ah, okay. I already know how to do this. Yeah. Yeah, I’m good. How do I throw my lightsaber again? There was a way to throw your lightsaber, right? I have no idea. You know what? Ah, darn it. And this is also not. This is not the way. Hey, look at this. Don’t think we can slice that.

And these light effects are gorgeous, by the way.

So yeah, I really hope that they still work on the game. Release it and give us at least a performance mode. I don’t care how you do it. There are possibilities. If you see games like Gears of War in Unreal Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 4, it looks gorgeous.

Ah, man, how do I do that again? There we go.

Those things pack a punch.

Yeah, they do. And we need another one.

Oh, and I need to heal. Yeah.

Where are those balls?

Great balls of fire.

Oh, darn it. Yeah, they need to follow you first. That was the trick. Come on, follow me, boy. Come on, boy. That did the trick.

Here we go. Wahoo.

Look at that creature. You know, in terms of graphics, it’s an amazing update. It’s really amazing.

Hey, by the way, I have a really cool LEGO set from BD-1. You’ll need to get that one. Really cool. But yeah, you guys, this is Jedi Survivor, the patch seven version of the game. And yeah, really great upgrade. Really awesome. Really good. Graphically perfect. But yeah, my wish is still a performance mode in the future. Maybe be a little bit more clear on Twitter and on your website because this is not clear. Thank you for watching. Hope you had fun. See you guys soon in another one. Bye.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Xbox Series S | Star Wars Jedi Survivor | Graphics test/Patch 7’ by The Xbox Tester