Jeffery Dahmer Glasses: My Shocking Purchase

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Bought Jeffrey Dahmer’s Glasses’ by Jake Webber

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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A person bought Jeffrey Dahmer’s pre-prison glasses, but authentication is challenging.

Key Insights

  • The person speaking in the video bought Jeffrey Dahmer's glasses.
  • There are only three known pairs of Jeffrey Dahmer's glasses in the world.
  • His last pair in prison was destroyed when he was killed.
  • The person bought his pre-prison glasses and is on their way to Canada to pick them up.
  • The person has a personal collection of historic true crime items.
  • They consider the Dahmer glasses to be the craziest item in their collection.
  • Taylor, who runs, has a big Dahmer collection and sold Jeffrey Dahmer's prison reading glasses.
  • There are difficulties in authenticating the history and backstory of these items.
  • The glasses were from Jeff Dahmer's high school or post-graduation period.
  • The person tries on the glasses and finds them spooky.
  • The person also shows various items related to Jeffrey Dahmer, including school photos, art projects, and mail he received.
  • They express gratitude to their viewers and support for their weird job.

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A lot of people have been wondering who bought the Jeffrey Dahmer glasses, and it was me. There’s only three pairs known to the world. His last pair in prison was destroyed when he was killed. His prison reading glasses has since sold, and his pre-prison glasses, which I’m currently on the way to Canada to pick up and keep. I have a personal collection of historic true crime items, and this will be the craziest item yet. Also, stay tuned till the end because Taylor is going to gift me some extra Dahmer items, and some of it, I can’t even show. Enjoy.

So I woke up last minute and packed like usual, and I was like, wait, what do I even carry these back in? So I found an old glasses case, and I thought this would do the trick. Last time I went to Canada, customs stopped me because they thought I looked and sounded suspicious. Well, yeah, because what I’m doing is absolutely absurd. I just hope they don’t ask me again because if I had to tell them what was in my bag, it would be really awkward and concerning.

Oh, and since you guys made so much fun of me for getting fake poutine at the airport, I’m going back and getting real poutine this time, and I’m trying Tim Hortons. Oh, and just found out that Tim Hortons isn’t a shoe brand? Anyways, let’s go and wish me luck. I don’t know about y’all, but I only need a book bag. I don’t care if I’m going for a month, for a year, I’m a caveman. This is all I need. Whoever keeps farting on this plane, I will find you.

So I landed safely after my only oxygen consisting of farts, and yes, I returned fire. I was worried about TSA stopping me, but they were a lot more chill this time. Taylor’s waiting for me outside, so I pledged my allegiance to Canada. Then I went to find that scallywagon. He said he’s out front vaping. What’s up, man? It’s only been a week. Yeah, literally a week. How are you?

All right, y’all. I am at the Cole Collectibles headquarters. There’s a lot of very rare things that you will probably never see in your life here, and I came here for one reason, and it’s not only to see the Dahmer glasses, but take them home with me. And Taylor is a jack of all trades. He runs the business completely by himself. He’s going to tell you a little bit about himself.

Yeah, so I run It’s a true crime and cult collectible site or artifacts or murderabilia, whatever you want to call it. I deal with every case, every cult out there from Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, Waco, every true crime case, and more recently, I’ve been working on a big Dahmer collection. We’ve shown off some of the heavy hitter pieces already, and this is just going to be a bit of a more deep dive into the glasses.

So there’s three known Dahmer glasses that are confirmed in existence. One pair was destroyed when he was killed. Another pair is his reading glasses from prison. Taylor actually recently sold those. And the last pair is this pair. It was pre-prison. Let’s get a little more info from Taylor.

Yeah, so obviously when he was killed, he had a pair of his glasses on. They were presumably destroyed and would have been thrown away with his clothes or with whatever they do when they’re taking care of a body like that. The second pair, they were actually on the inventory list of his cell. So he had them in the cell at the time of his death. They were his reading glasses. He had two pairs while in prison. And the third pair were pre-prison.

So when it comes to the whole Dahmer collection, it kind of came to me organized in a few boxes. There was all of the prison stuff. There was stuff from before prison. There was childhood stuff. Everything was kind of grouped together separately. These pair are from kind of around the high school time. I assume these are kind of late high school or close after graduation. Just based on everything else that was around them, the context of everything there, and the prescription as well. These are a little less intense of a prescription than the ones that he wore in prison. So you could kind of tell that his eyes had gotten a little bit worse over time and he needed to get that a little more corrected as things went on. The other ones, however, because they’re before prison, they kind of give you a bit of a look into his life before he was arrested. So they can kind of be tracked more to his time when he was starting to get his interest in the things that he was later notorious for or when those things even started, when the crimes even started. They have a bit more of a darker history, but it’s cool to kind of have a before and after example between two pairs.

So there’s a lot of people that claim they have the glasses, claim that these are fake. What are all your thoughts on that, Taylor?

Getting the kind of history and the backstory of those pieces is a bit difficult. It’s really hard in this world to sort of authenticate the story behind stuff just because you never really know who’s being truthful and who isn’t in certain cases. The other pair does have documentation with it. These ones have contextual authenticity. The things in this collection, especially some of the unseen stuff, the things that were packaged with it, kind of the story behind all of that. I personally, with anything I sell or anything I deal in, do a lot of work into research. I always make sure that everything is 100%. I don’t want to do anything that would risk all the work that I put into doing this.

All right, I think it’s time to check out the glasses. So here they are. This isn’t the case that came with them. This is just a larger case that I got to

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Bought Jeffrey Dahmer’s Glasses’ by Jake Webber