Jeffree Star Leaked: Secret Recording Revealed!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Jeffree Star’s secret recording LEAKED! (Scary)’ by dustin dailey

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A scandalous incident at Jeffree Star’s house involving a guy.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses a scandalous incident involving Jeffree Star.
  • A guy doing epoxy floors allegedly flew to Jeffree Star's house, where strange things happened.
  • The guy recorded himself inside Jeffree Star's house and Jeffree Star appeared to swat at him and tell him to leave.
  • Jeffree Star is known for flying straight men to his house and giving them money.
  • There is speculation about what might have happened between Jeffree and this guy.
  • People wonder why there was no security present and why the guy didn't have a car or tools for his job.
  • The video raises questions about Jeffree's involvement with straight guys and the potential danger it poses.
  • Different descriptions of the incident have circulated, and there is uncertainty about the authenticity of the video.
  • Jeffree Star is expected to address the situation, and more information might emerge in the future.

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Hey, what is up, you guys? It’s Dustin, and I am back with another video. I was actually sitting down to get my things together to make a video about Micaela Negara, Kat Von D, and a few other things. But I got tagged in something on TikTok that is honestly blowing my mind. Now I do have Nick and Vanessa here. We’re going to react to this in real time, and I don’t think we’ve had anything as scandalous as this in a while.

Now, before I get into this, I do want to say this is all highly speculative. There was a guy that apparently was doing epoxy floors that was going out to Jeffree Star’s house, and Jeffree flew him out. We don’t know if Jeffree flew him out yet, we can’t say that yet. He don’t have no car, girl. He has no car. He showed himself on an airplane. Jeffree flies people out all the time. Well, this guy allegedly was going out to Jeffree Star’s house to maybe give him a quote for some epoxy flooring. And in that time, apparently, he was taking a shower and doing all kinds of different things.

Now, I will say it’s very weird for him to go up into Jeffree Star’s house and record around his house. We’ve had people do that to us. I never think that’s a good thing, especially if you don’t know the person like that. Even if you know a person like that, I don’t think that’s cool. But you guys, check out this video that this guy posted. It’s about two minutes long, and it’s literally crazy. Because at the end, you can see Jeffree Star swatting at him, telling him to leave. This guy’s a fucking weirdo, dude. This guy’s a fucking weirdo, man. Yo, believe in God. This guy’s a fucking weirdo. This is a nice view though. So now I guess I gotta get a fucking Uber. Don’t do business with fucking fake-ass celebrity millionaires. Now I’m walking. Where I’m at? I’m going to the airport. Fuck this shit. Where’s the weed at? I need that.

Okay, so Nick, what are your thoughts? Because you were spit-firing stuff off to me really quickly. What do you think about this?

I think that we’ve said in video before that Jeffree’s gonna get caught up in something by flying all of these straight men out to his house for things. Because, I mean, it’s no secret Jeffree does give them money and sleeps with a bunch of them. And it’s been talked about all over TikTok, especially the guys from like Australia, that whole situation that went down. So I’m not surprised that this is happening. I don’t know the full details about it, but Jeffree did. I’m sure Jeffree has a big mouth if somebody was accusing him of something like what this guy was saying in this video. But you can feel free to chime in at any time.

My takeaway from this is, I think that’s a very good point. Because usually when Jeffree Star thinks he has a point, he will not stop. He keeps going and going and going. I will say, I think that Jeffree Star, I don’t know if he looks scared or what. I don’t even know. He got caught. He looked kind of scared to me when he was swatting at the guy and telling him to leave. I’ve never seen Jeffree Star like that. And there’s videos on Jeffree Star of people screaming in people’s faces.

Well, here’s the thing, you know what I mean? Where was Jeffree’s security? Because not there, because he claimed, remember when he did the live with Eugenia and the people showed up at his gate? It was, “My security, six foot seven, and he’ll break you in half with your hands or his hands or whatever the fuck he said.” So where was the security? What time of day was this video? Was this the morning? To me, it looked early in the morning or night. I don’t know. I mean, obviously, he’s staying at his house because why would he need to shower at his house if he’s walking away and he has to get an Uber or whatever? Like, I’m sorry, if you’re there to do epoxy floors or give an estimate, you need your tools, you need your stuff, you need to be able to, like, see what you have to do. It’s a crock of fucking shit. He flew him out there. Fuck that guy was probably straight. Got very fucking cold feet, didn’t want to do it, got freaked out when Jeffree wanted to watch him shower or whatever, and Jeffree got caught.

Listen, problem is, the problem is, we don’t know the messages that were going on between him and this guy prior to all this happening. We don’t know. What I do know about Jeffree over on TikTok because they’ve talked about this and all these other guys that have gone there, all of those straight guys on TikTok are very flirty with Jeffree. They get on the livestreams of him, they immediately start flirting because he’s sending them money. They continue that into private messages and could have been the same with this guy. We don’t know. Yeah, no, it was actually really weird about this yesterday when I was at the gym. You guys know I just posted this video about Manny Mua and people kept bringing up everything that Thomas Halbert did with Jeffree and Manny and how, like, him and Laura were texting Thomas when they were at Jeffree’s house. It is so crazy to me that I was watching that yesterday and it was about someone being in Jeffree’s house. And then I wake up to this today.

Now, this guy that posted this video, there were two different descriptions because there was another TikTok that I’ve seen covering this, and it had a different description than what was here. I want to read both. I sent them to Nick’s phone since we’re recording online. So read the first one from that one TikTok.

Okay, so this one’s from 12 hours ago. “It was a weird Monday at Jeffree Star. Wanted more than a floor and we ain’t having it. It was going good, then we all went to dinner, but they just sit there and talk crap about normal people. I don’t condone that, no matter how much money you got. I wasn’t feeding into his fame bullshit. #epoxyimage #JeffreeStar #CasperWyoming #weirddevilstuffgoingoninthere.”

Why would you, if you’re trying to expose someone for being creepy and all that, why would the first hashtag you use be epoxy? That’s what I, he’s trying to get his business. I mean, but the thing about God is what confused me because if you listen, he’s saying to Jeffree something about believing God or believing God.

Yeah, I wonder what would make him say that. Is this a situation where somebody’s trying to make Jeffree look crazy? Is this a situation where Jeffree Star actually did something like we’re talking about the Illuminati come naked?

Yeah. And it continues with, “When there was confusion on whose water bottle was whose, swear they were finna sacrifice my ass. Ha, I bounced. We’re still gonna keep pouring.” So he’s claiming that there were water bottles, I guess, that they were trying to say, like, whose is whose, because they didn’t want to drink after him. No, maybe it was the other way around, because he said he was going to get sacrificed, right? So maybe they were, he felt like, allegedly, for conspiracy.


This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Jeffree Star’s secret recording LEAKED! (Scary)’ by dustin dailey