Jessica Boynton Case: Unveiling the Shooter of the Officer’s Wife

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Jessica Boynton case | Who shot the officer’s wife?’ by 11Alive

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Shooting involving Jessica Boynton questioned as self-inflicted; potential cover-up suspected.

Key Insights

  • The video is about a shooting incident involving Jessica Boynton, a young mother, at her residence.
  • Police officers responded to a report of shots fired and found Jessica Boynton with a head wound inside a locked closet.
  • The gun found under Jessica's body was identified as a police-issued firearm assigned to her husband, Officer Matthew Boynton.
  • Jessica survived the incident but was in a medically induced coma for three weeks and has no memory of the shooting.
  • Police initially believed it was a self-inflicted attempted suicide, but Jessica denies this and questions the evidence.
  • Neighbors reported hearing a gunshot earlier than the time Officer Boynton called in shots fired.
  • Officer Boynton's grandfather, Sheriff Beam, is involved in the investigation, raising suspicions of a potential cover-up.
  • Phone records indicate Officer Boynton had a mistress and was texting her the night of the incident, including shortly before and after the shots were fired.
  • Officer Boynton was returned to full duty before the GBI investigation was complete due to a suicide text message from Jessica and DNA found on his gun.
  • The trauma surgeon who treated Jessica questioned the self-inflicted gunshot theory, noting the unusual direction of the wound and her unmarked hands.
  • Officer Boynton was granted temporary custody of their children, preventing Jessica from seeing them regularly.
  • Jessica expresses her love for her children and the pain of not being able to see them grow up.
  • Please note that this summary provides a general overview of the video and may not include all the details or nuances present in the full video.

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I believe I just heard a shot fire coming in my residence, two rounds of smoke and smoke, and I can’t get an answer to the door. Police department.

Body cams are rolling as Griffin police officers draw their weapons to sweep an apartment. Looking for a shooter with two young children inside. They find a locked closet.

Inside, a body behind the door. It’s the young mother, Jessica Boynton, bleeding from a head wound. Police find a gun underneath her body. It’s one of theirs, a police issue .40 caliber Glock assigned to the victim’s husband, Officer Matthew Boynton.

Officer Boynton breaks down as they load her into an ambulance. If I could have been here two minutes earlier, man, I could have jumped in front of the gun and tried to get it from her, man. She’s still breathing. She’s got good pulse, blood pressure. She’s even fighting with EMS, dude.

That’s right. She survived. They were calling me the miracle child. Why’s that? Because what I went through, not a lot of people survived through it.

Jessica Boynton was in a medically induced coma for nearly three weeks with a traumatic brain injury. She would make a full recovery, but with no memory of the shooting.

What are they telling you happened to you? They’re saying it was self-inflicted. That it was an attempted suicide? Yes. Do you believe that? No, I do not.

Your head was found on a pillow. In fact, there’s a huge blood stain on that pillow. So that’s where you ended up while you were clinging to life. Perfectly laid on a pillow. But the GBI found no blood spatter at all on the closet wall. When there wasn’t just one bullet hole, there were two. On different walls, one bullet ended up in the baby’s bedroom.

If this were an attempted suicide, would you expect to find two shots? No. They’re saying I had to have done it like this, down. But yet, the bullet goes through the ceiling, and the roof, and out the wall. Our closet was not the Matrix. It couldn’t have happened like that.

I believe I just heard a shot fired coming in my residence. I just came upstairs to do rounds. Officer Boynton radioed in the shooting around 1 a.m., but multiple neighbors told the GBI they heard a single gunshot hours earlier.

About 10.45, I thought I heard a gunshot. We heard something, and I said, what was that? Yeah, it sounded like a gunshot. Just one? One shot. That’s all we heard. But other people said they heard another one later on at night.

Four people in two different apartments said they heard a gunshot two hours before Officer Boynton called in shots fired. Well, they didn’t report it. The only individual reporting shots fired at 1 a.m. is the husband, Officer Boynton.

I believe I just heard a shot fired coming in my residence. I just came upstairs to do rounds. No one else called this in, right? Right. No one else heard two gunshots at 1 a.m.? No, not to my knowledge.

There’s a notation in the dispatch records to call Sheriff Beam before calling the GBI. Why would Sheriff Beam be involved? Well, I didn’t know it until that night, but Sheriff Beam is Matthew Boynton’s grandfather.

Hello, Mr. Boynton? Officer Boynton wouldn’t talk with us. Phone call completed. But he did talk with 911 and the GBI the night of the shooting.

Are you on EMS? Mm-hmm. Can you please dispatch a unit out to my location? I’ll be back there in about two minutes. She’s having suicidal thoughts. Any weapons inside the house? Just my service weapon.

Records show a lengthy text message was sent from Jessica’s phone to her husband’s phone saying in part, I can’t do this anymore. This is not the first time I have had suicide thoughts. I love you and the boys.

How do you think a text message from your phone, essentially a suicide note, was sent from your phone to Matt’s phone? There was no lock on my phone.

There were many other text messages on Officer Boynton’s phone according to the GBI case file. At least 68 texts were exchanged between the husband and a female Spaulding County dispatcher that night.

Who is this person he was texting? His girlfriend. His mistress? Yes, his mistress. I’m sure as you’ve heard, I’m getting a divorce. I was. Here recently she did confirm that the second baby’s not mine.

Since things weren’t working out with your wife, did you have a girlfriend or anything? I had a friend that was a girl, or is a girl.

More than a minute after receiving the suicide text from his wife’s phone, Officer Boynton texted his girlfriend an unrelated message. Ha ha, I’m sorry, I didn’t think about that, LOL.

Phone records also show he sent the mistress a text message within seconds of the shots fired radio call. Give me a few minutes to text back. Long story. I’ll tell you later. And I can’t get an answer to the door. Stay outside, I’ll be there in about two. 10-4.

The clothes you have on was the clothes you were wearing tonight? Yes. Officer Boynton told the GBI he didn’t change clothes that night, but Walmart cameras recorded him wearing a gray sweatshirt at 10.45 p.m. And police body cameras showed him wearing a red hoodie a little more than two hours later.

I didn’t try to brush off anything. I didn’t try to wash my hands, nothing. I knew GSR and all that would be involved. So you got word from the GBI early on that he was likely to be cleared? Yes.

With the suicide text message and Jessica’s DNA found on her husband’s gun, Griffin’s police chief returned Officer Boynton to full duty months before the GBI investigation was closed. Boynton was back on armed patrol six weeks before the GBI ever talked with the veteran Atlanta trauma surgeon who treated Jessica’s wound.

Dr. Vernon Henderson said the description of a self-inflicted gunshot wound didn’t fit, noting her pristine and unmarked hands and calling it a very unusual direction in which to point the gun at oneself with the intention of committing suicide.

Doctors saved Jessica Boynton’s life, but they couldn’t save her family. A judge giving Officer Boynton temporary custody because of the shooting. Getting to see them every day and watching them grow more and more into the little boys and men that they’re going to be someday. And you don’t get to see that? No.

They’re my everything. I wouldn’t trade them for anything, no matter the situation. I wouldn’t trade those two boys for anything.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Jessica Boynton case | Who shot the officer’s wife?’ by 11Alive