Joe Rogan & Bill Maher on Extreme Poverty & Crime in the USA

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Joe Rogan & Bill Maher on EXTREME Poverty & Crime in USA’ by JRE Snips & Clips

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Extreme poverty and crime, not race, are the real problems; policies exacerbate them, defunding police leads to increased crime, arresting drug players causes power struggles and violence, some murders are trivial, leaders should discourage violence, defunding police without correction won’t solve problems, politicians please contradictory demands, taxing the rich won’t help if government is incompetent.

Key Insights

  • The real problem in the country is extreme poverty and crime, not race.
  • Policies in places like San Francisco and Portland exacerbate the problems of poverty and crime.
  • After the George Floyd murder, the movement to disband the police in Minneapolis resulted in increased crime in certain areas.
  • Defunding the police doesn't solve the issues; it needs to be followed by an effective course correction.
  • Chicago has experienced an increase in crime, even in areas that used to be relatively safe.
  • Arresting the key drug players in Chicago resulted in a power struggle and more violence.
  • Some murders happen over trivial matters like social media exchanges or insults about sneakers.
  • Leaders in the community, including figures from music and sports, should make a concerted effort to discourage violence among young African-American men.
  • Continuing the same policies and defunding the police without course correction will not solve the problems.
  • Politicians face the challenge of trying to please contradictory demands from voters.
  • Simply taxing the rich won't help if the government is incompetent and misuses the additional funds.

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“That if we don’t address the problems in this country as far as like how disenfranchised some people are and how horrible some communities are that people grow up in and people find themselves stuck in. With no recourse, no way out. No role models, no nothing. No financial opportunities. That’s what our real problem is in this country more than it is race. It’s extreme poverty and extreme crime, and that these things don’t get addressed over and over and over again. And in fact, a lot of the policies that you see coming from places like San Francisco and Portland, they just exacerbate it. You’re just seeing stores closed because okay, you can’t just steal. Can’t just have everybody just walk in a Walmart and steal. I was watching a video where they were showing a Walgreens, and they had everything chained up, chain… Oh, yeah, chains even minor little things. Yeah, like frozen food dinner. Yeah. Yeah, they had the frozen food section chained off. No, again, that’s not liberalism. Shoplifting is progressive, right? Yeah, and we weren’t interested in legalizing shoplifting or, I said, ‘I guess we should call it justice shopping.’ But you know, in Minnesota, for example, I think it was Minneapolis, after the George Floyd murder and the riots, I think there was a movement to disband a lot of the police, and they did. I think a lot of the police were let go or somehow the police force was a lesser force than it was. And what happened was, of course, crime went up in certain areas, and a lot of the officers who had been fired or let go or quit, or for whatever reason, they weren’t on the force anymore, they were hired as private security by… who? The rich people who could afford to do it. So their neighborhood stayed safe. So that wasn’t exactly, I thought, a victory for liberalism. No, it’s the opposite. Yeah, it’s unfortunate. Austin defunded the police and then refunded it and refunded it by far more than they defunded it because they just course-corrected, they went, ‘Okay, this is not working. We have to do something to fix it,’ which makes me very happy because I was really shocked that they wanted to do that because there’s a lot of crime. Where my club is on 6th Street, that’s a wild place. 6th Street gets wild and there’s a lot of crime there and there’s a good police presence there. And we have a lot of police at the club. We hire off-duty cops to work the club and a lot of security. We want to make it as safe as possible, but this, the streets in the city, from pandemic on, it’s just not good. You know, it’s sketchy and I’m glad they recognized it and did something. Well, ’cause so many places just aren’t course-correcting. Chicago, yeah, I mean, not just the places where murders have been happening way out of control in Chicago. Among the African-American community for far too long and not really reported in the same way in the way that they should be. It’s amazing how black lives don’t seem to matter when they’re taken by black lives. But, I mean, now Chicago, my friends who live there say it’s not safe anywhere. Yeah, it’s very sketchy, very sketchy. And that’s Chicago. Yeah, Chicago used to be great. It used to be easy. It should be a great city. I mean, it always had problems in some areas, but I mean, even, well, you know, even those areas, I had a conversation once with a driver who was a former cop and what he told me is that they arrested all the key drug players, and then there was a power struggle, and things got way worse. He’s like, their idea was like go in, arrest the big kingpins, and then we’ll clean up the city. It didn’t work at all. The opposite had effect. It was the opposite effect. They just, there was way more crime. He said it just got way more violent. Well, I mean, I think a lot of the murders that happen are over nonsense, you know, somebody dissed you on social media or made fun of your sneakers or some shit. I mean, some of it is drug turf and that kind of stuff. Yeah, but I think some of it is just bullshit, and I don’t understand why there isn’t a more concerted effort to shine a spotlight on that and where are the leaders of the community, the people who could have such cachet among those young African-American men because that’s who’s killing each other. You know, young African-American men, to say, ‘Cut it out, what the fuck are you doing killing each other?’ If there was a concerted effort by people in the music industry, people in sports who they look up to, wouldn’t that have an effect? I don’t know. You know, at this point, it’s worth a try, sure. Try something. I mean, something needs to be done. I’m not the guy to figure out what needs to be done, but something needs to be done. It was serving a long time ago. I don’t know what that answer is, but no answer is not the answer. And continuing the same policies that guide the same problems and just defunding the police officers and making things far worse and then not course-correcting, that’s not the answer either, right? It’s nice to talk about politics, it’s great. I would hate to be one of those fucking people to be an actual politician and have to be responsible for all this shit. And to come in now, you know? Yeah, I mean, they are the easiest people to target because, of course, they have to kowtow to what the voters want, and the voters are completely contradictory. So I do have some sympathy for politicians because if you ask the voters what they want, they will basically say they want every sort of goody that the government can provide on an Arizona tax base. They want a Swedish social net, yeah, on an Arizona tax base. And that’s just not possible. And then the answer is always tax the rich, which, well, that doesn’t help incompetent government. It doesn’t have more money. It doesn’t help them.”

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Joe Rogan & Bill Maher on EXTREME Poverty & Crime in USA’ by JRE Snips & Clips