Joe Rogan on the Advanced Civilizations of the Past

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Joe Rogan: There were more Advanced CIVILISATIONS in the PAST than today’ by JRE HOUSE

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Ancient cultures may have used advanced technology for gravity manipulation and anti-gravity, employing plasmoid implosion, sacred geometry, resonance, acoustics, and ultrasound, while experts debate the use of primitive methods in moving heavy stone blocks.

Key Insights

  • Possible connections to gravity manipulation and anti-gravity in ancient technology
  • Plasmoid implosion technology and sacred geometry may have been used in ancient cultures
  • Advanced technology was likely used in the construction of ancient structures
  • Resonance and acoustics may have played a strong role in the construction methods
  • Many ancient sites have connections to underground water
  • Importance of ultrasound and sound waves in ancient cultures
  • Ancient structures like the Serapion contain large stone boxes with similar resonance tones
  • Precision-made stone boxes made from granite and cyanide were designed to resist vibration
  • The sophistication of ancient civilizations suggests advanced technology and a different direction of development
  • Lack of evidence for primitive methods like pulleys and logs in moving heavy stone blocks
  • Mainstream archaeologists have disagreements about the abilities of ancient Egyptians
  • Conventional archaeologists are hesitant to engage in arguments due to job security concerns
  • Some evidence and drawings suggest the use of primitive methods for moving smaller statues but not for extremely heavy blocks

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Title: Unconventional Theories on Ancient Construction Techniques

[00:00:00] A lot. How the fuck do you think they did this? Look, I take a wild wild ass guess. I think there’s connections possibly to Gravity manipulation. I think anti-gravity had to have a play a part in moving some of this stuff. I actually think there’s some connections to some of the work that’s being done with this Plasmoid implosion technology, the stuff that Randall’s been looking into that’s coming back to talk a little bit about The relationship and the sacred geometry aspects of that are similar to the things that we see in some of these cultures in the past so that may potentially have something to do with the methods that were used in the past, but I’m Convinced it was a form of advanced technology now whether it’s our form of technology because let’s face it We can do things like that today, but it takes hydraulics and diesel powers and cranes and all that stuff They may have had an entirely different avenue of tech and that you open up in the realm of resonance and acoustics and anti-gravity I think Resonance in particular might be might have had a played a strong role because that’s certainly a feature that you see in Some of these older structures whether it’s an accident or not But some of them are incredibly resonant the Great Pyramid generates a tone just on its own that comes from the earth in there It generates a tone. It does it generates a low tone. It’s just it’s basically you can hear it If you’re quiet enough you can but it’s certainly been picked up in a whole number of different experiments where they’re measuring The tone it does the whole structure does generate a low tone It’s an interesting thing

[00:01:25] A lot of these places that typically have a connection to underground water as well Like we know there’s water beneath the Giza Plateau places like the Coricancha in Peru, which is also a giant megalithic building There’s an underwater river near there We always see some form of flowing water associated with it whether or not that has something to do with it I don’t know But it’s it’s just in that realm of I think it’s the answers lay in realms of science that are outside of our current understanding that we should be Approaching with an open mind because we might ultimately learn something from it If we do we instead of just dismissing it putting in a box and said, you know what? We’re superior to every civilization that’s lived before right? They’re primitive. They did it with primitive methods, right? All things are a frequency all things operate on resonance And by the way a quick little bizarre similarity when you’re mentioning anti-gravity that dr Chan Thomas who wrote the Adam Neve story. He was researching anti-gravity from McDonnell Doug Douglas back in the 60s mmm, so Jamie put that back up Please a recent study published on ancient origins website claims that the ancient Egyptians benefited from the sound in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza and relied on the discovery of a dead end in The rock inside the pyramid room as a tube of acoustic resonance that generates ultrasonic waves at a base frequency within 5 Hertz This raises the questions of the importance of ultrasound for the ancients And can we find the use of sound waves between ancient cultures elsewhere in the world? Yeah, all the boxes to the Serapion is an incredible site that that houses like 25 of the biggest stone boxes You’ll ever see it’s this one spot and they’re the biggest ones They’re like some of them are up to like 70 tons with their lids 30 tons And we’ve I’ve been there with some people that have been measuring like the frequency resonance range inside there So what range you generating standard standing waves and they all seem to have a very similar resonance tone to them So it’s an interesting experiment like you can you can stand inside a water tank or a concrete room and find a resonance But it’s it’s it’s it’s interesting to go and actually analyze those aspects of these ancient structures and to speculate Maybe this has got anything to do with what they were made for Because he’s a giant precision made Boxes made from cyanide and granite that are perfectly flat and square and they’re just massively solid They went to tremendous effort to remove imperfections from the stone No cracks almost like that didn’t want the damn things to shake apart or vibrate What’s just the sheer scale of them like the it flies in the face of logic like the the actual archaeologists that want to lock this down and try to come up with some sort of a conventional reason and You know some sort of an explanation that we can all get behind Oh, they use pulleys and pushed them on logs like shut the fuck up. Just shut the fuck up Well, you’re saying doesn’t he make any goddamn sense? it’s way more likely that there was incredibly sophisticated technology that existed and It’s way more likely in face of the evidence of the Younger Dryas impact theory that that shit was wiped out and that we’re talking About a really advanced civilization that lived a long time ago it’s more advanced than we are today, but moved in a different direction like we moved in the direction of combustion engines and Electronics and and they moved in some other direction, but achieved maybe many thousands of years more sophistication in that direction that we have with our internal combustion engines and Electricity and all the shit that we use and it’s important for people understand that these primitive methods that are Suggested and pushed very hard by the quote mainstream They don’t test any of these like show me them moving. You know a thousand tons stone on logs. Let’s see that They don’t show they’ve never cut one single box like you said in half or even completed one single average size box or any box I mean I say box and talking about a stone block with the primitive methods

[00:06:24] Well, you have shown that they’ve moved that one 1,000 ton stone right a thunderstorm. Yeah, but there’s no again Sophisticated it’s but also the way it’s constructed. It’s just a rock It’s not like this amazing obelisk that’s carved out of a mountain a thousand miles away There’s nothing like that, right? There’s also no evidence for it in dynastic Egypt. That’s the other thing They can’t the earliest parts of look this crazy thing about it is in the Old Kingdom The the mainstream archaeologists there’s some disagreement on this But in general, they don’t give them the they don’t grant them the ability to even quarry granite They say that in the Old Kingdom, they couldn’t quarry granite. They made all of their granite artifacts from surface granite It’s just it’s the most it’s the craziest thing. No, no wheel no use of the wheel Never in the Egyptian civilization. Do they grant them the use of the pulley? It was it was literally human horsepower Ropes levers and wooden sleds That’s it The Romans came along and the Greeks and they started using pulleys and force multipliers and stuff like that But they don’t there’s no evidence for that in the dynastic Conversation with all the information that you have at your disposal like right off the top of your head Have you ever had a conversation with a conventional? Archaeologist that wants to argue this with you on law. I mean on email a couple times but not in life What do they say on email? It’s it’s it’s a lot of it. I want to keep my job I shouldn’t be an expert. But fuck you. I bought a BMW you piece of shit. Take it from me They say like oh, we know how they did it because they talk about it So, for example with the giant statues right there’s there’s a scene on a wall It’s called the duty hotel image and it shows the Egyptians like this It’s all you see these dudes in profiles an Egyptian drawing definitely dynastics made the drawing and there’s a hundred and fifty six dudes When you count them all up and they’re pulling a statue that’s tied to a to a to a wooden sled now We know this statue there’s parts of it still exist first. It’s alabaster. It’s not granite second. It weighs about 56 tons. That’s fine and And you’re dragging it on a wooden sled you can’t use that to explain how you move a thousand ton statue It’s just it’s not like a sliding scale of difficulty. It’s it’s a you know, there’s a there’s a curve to it Like you can you can move I do grant them the ability to use primitive methods to move stuff up to like a hundred hundred Fifty tons, but once you start getting to four hundred six hundred a thousand tons Material failure woods not an issue that literally sleds would just be crushed or driven into the ground

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Joe Rogan: There were more Advanced CIVILISATIONS in the PAST than today’ by JRE HOUSE