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John Holmes, a famous male adult film star, died of AIDS, leaving behind a controversial murder case and questions about his health and the source of his infection.

Key Insights

  • John Holmes, a prominent male sex film star, has recently died after contracting Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
  • Holmes was involved in the controversial 1981 bludgeon murders of four individuals in Laurel Canyon but was acquitted. However, a new witness has surfaced and Holmes was questioned on his deathbed about the case.
  • Holmes had a prolific career in the pornographic film industry, appearing in over 1,500 films. He claimed to have had sex with thousands of women.
  • There are conflicting opinions on how Holmes contracted AIDS. His wife believes it was from his work in the pornography business, whereas some friends speculate it may have been due to his drug use.
  • Holmes' health and AIDS diagnoses were subjects of speculation, as his wife remained HIV-negative despite their supposed monogamous relationship.
  • The exact cause of Holmes' death has not been disclosed yet, but his death certificate will reveal it.
  • There is an ongoing battle to regulate and distance adult entertainment businesses from residential areas in Los Angeles, and some advocates believe it negatively impacts communities.
  • Holmes' death has left an unsolved murder case, and despite his involvement being investigated by the police, it remains a mystery.

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Holmes, the premier male sex film star of the 70s and early 80s, made hundreds of sexually explicit films in his career.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that Holmes had contracted Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and was hospitalized at the VA hospital in Sepulveda. Reports tonight say Holmes died just after 1 o’clock this morning.

Holmes had been questioned recently about the 1981 bludgeon murders of four people in Laurel Canyon. Holmes refused to answer questions back then and was acquitted of the murders a year later. But a recent newspaper report said a new witness had surfaced and Holmes had been questioned on his deathbed. No other information was given. The VA hospital has publicly refused to confirm or deny the reports of John Holmes’ death.

According to his friends, over a 20-year period, Holmes became a star of pornographic films and once claimed he had had sex with thousands of women. His death leaves one police case still unsolved. He was tried and acquitted of the 1981 mass murder of four people at a house in Laurel Canyon. Police requested Holmes about the case a few weeks ago and apparently got no further information. His wife said tonight he had AIDS.

Holmes starred in more than 1,500 sex films and was also a central figure in a notorious unsolved murder here in Southern California.

Doug Ruckner joins us now with exclusive details of the last days of John Holmes.

Thank you Bill. At age 43, suffering from pneumonia and failing mental faculties, John Holmes spent the last four months of his life trying to determine who gave him AIDS. In an exclusive interview tonight, the woman who says she was secretly married to Holmes tells us she was convinced the porno film career that made him famous also killed him.

Released from jail after an acquittal and then a contempt citation in the 1981 Laurel Canyon murders, Holmes resumed his sex film career. And it was in those last few movies in which he believed he contracted AIDS. That’s what 24-year-old Lori Holmes told me, claiming she and her husband shared a monogamous relationship for five years, except when he was on camera.

That’s how I know that he got it in the pornography business because I know that besides the films, he was never out. I just want the truth to come out. I don’t want there to be any cover-ups because there is AIDS in pornography and it’s being spread and people are dying and other people are making millions of dollars off of their death and their suffering and I don’t think, I think that’s really sorry.

According to Lori and industry sources, John Holmes tested negative for AIDS in 1985, then positive one year later. He tried to pinpoint the films that he had done in a year’s period, you know, between the first AIDS test where he was negative and the second AIDS test where he was positive. And he had only really done four or five films. And so, I mean, it could only be so many people, but yet we can’t find anything that I know it would be.

And what about Lori Holmes’ health and AIDS? I don’t have it. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. I thank God. I’ve been tested three times since my husband was diagnosed of it. And I can’t figure it out. Doctors can’t figure it out. By all means, I should have it. And it baffles me. It baffles them. I hardly could say that maybe it just wasn’t my time.

Some of the porn star’s friends question Lori Holmes’ story. They believe John Holmes’ drug problems, he was known to freebase cocaine, led him into situations where he likely contracted AIDS away from the cameras.

Despite the lurid times in John Holmes’ life, Lori Holmes said she wants it known that her husband did die in tears. Bill Colleen.

Thank you, Doug. In other news tonight. A friend confirmed today that the 43-year-old Holmes died yesterday at the Veterans Hospital in Sepulveda. Sources say he had AIDS. Holmes made hundreds of porno films in his long career. But he gained wide attention in 1981 when police found four bludgeoned bodies in this house on Wonderland Drive. Holmes was both suspect and potential key witness. But he never talked. And the case remains a mystery to this day. Police reportedly questioned Holmes about the case earlier this year. But they have not said what, if anything, he revealed. In Washington, dead.

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times reported Holmes was gravely ill with AIDS.

John Holmes was considered by many as the king of pornographic movies in the 60s and 70s. His biggest claim to fame was most likely “Deep Throat,” an X-rated movie in the late 60s that also starred Linda Lovelace. Last night, the 43-year-old Holmes died at Veterans Hospital in Sepulveda. A hospital spokesperson confirmed his death. But his close circle of friends and business associates refused to comment.

Recently, word leaked that the porno film star had contracted AIDS. However, sources said Holmes did not acquire AIDS from his encounters on the silver screen. That, too, was not confirmed by Holmes’ people. In 1981, a quadruple murder on Laurel Canyon in Hollywood put Holmes in the limelight of a different sort. He stood trial for murder, but was acquitted. L.A. police detectives still felt he knew more than he was willing to tell. They recently met with Holmes in the hospital, hoping he would provide them with the additional details. The final years of John Holmes’ life were clouded with mystery. An unsolved murder case, unanswered questions about his health, and even unanswered questions about his death. In Sepulveda, Rich Rodriguez, Channel 7 Eyewitness News.

Beverly Hills was the focus. At one point, Holmes was the focus of a murder investigation. He was charged and tried, but never convicted.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘THE DEATH OF THE KING STAR JOHN HOLMES OBITUARIES LOCAL LA NEWS STATIONS’ by cozy crazy