Juice Wrld: Is He Alive in 2023?

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Juice WRLD’s passing due to narcotics on a private jet caused global impact, with initial suspicion and subsequent grief from fellow rappers.

Key Insights

  • Juice WRLD's passing affected the world significantly.
  • Juice WRLD and his friends boarded a private jet to Chicago, but the flight felt strange.
  • The pilot smelled narcotics and reported it to law enforcement, resulting in a setup on Juice WRLD.
  • Juice WRLD had illegal items on his private jet, including narcotics and firearms.
  • During the flight, Juice WRLD received a text message warning about the situation, causing panic.
  • Juice WRLD consumed the narcotics, possibly to avoid charges or pass time in jail.
  • The combination of narcotics and stress caused his heart to go into overdrive, leading to his passing.
  • Paramedics tried to save Juice WRLD, while law enforcement searched the plane and found illegal items.
  • Juice WRLD's birthday party was approaching, and he may have brought the narcotics for the celebration.
  • Rappers reacted with sorrow and disbelief to Juice WRLD's passing, including Trippie Redd, Ski Mask, Billie Eilish, and Marshmello.
  • Some evidence and lyrics in Juice WRLD's songs led to conspiracy theories suggesting he may be alive in 2023.
  • Rappers close to Juice WRLD, such as Lil Biby, G Herbo, Eminem, Young Thug, Roddy Ricch, and the Kid LAROI, praised his talent, friendship, and contribution to the industry.
  • Cole Bennett, the Lyrical Lemonade CEO, worked closely with Juice WRLD and had positive thoughts about him.

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While Juice WRLD’s passing affected the world in a massive way, many believe Juice WRLD left clues relating to him being alive on purpose. So here’s what you need to know.

On December 8th, 2019, Juice WRLD alongside his girlfriend Allie and a few others would board a private jet flying to Chicago. While boarding the plane, that was already late for around 50 minutes to fly, the whole flight felt strange to Juice WRLD’s friends. He ended up being correct.

Sources claim that the pilot was the first one on the plane. When Juice WRLD and company were boarding the jet, the pilot could smell narcotics from a mile away, leaving him to exit the plane and call law enforcement to leave a tip saying that someone is boarding his jet that is carrying narcotics. This would end up creating a massive setup on Juice WRLD in the end.

On Juice WRLD’s private jet, he had many illegal items. From having 70 pounds of narcotics stuffed into suitcases, two firearms with high-capacity ammunition magazines, as well as a bag full of narcotics. Making many blame the pilot for Juice WRLD’s passing, including Allie Lottie herself.

However, when the private jet was finally able to launch, as law enforcement told the pilot of the plane to continue flying as usual, the flight would be going normal. This was however until arriving to Chicago with 10 minutes left in the flight, hitting the point where you’re allowed to turn off airplane mode on your phones, Juice WRLD’s team and security would receive a text message warning him about what is about to go down. It would be at this moment where everyone would begin to panic on the plane.

While doing so, Juice WRLD would then have the narcotics that were stored in his carry-on bag. Taking one after another, sitting there while everyone else is freaking out, his friends mention that Juice WRLD may have been the calmest one during the situation. Law enforcement mention that Juice WRLD may have either taken these narcotics due to the fact that he would have less charges on him for when he would land, or that he took these narcotics because he knew that he would at least sit in jail for a few hours, so this may have helped him pass the time.

Now when you add all of the narcotics that Juice WRLD took, mixed in with all of the nerves of knowing law enforcement is awaiting his arrival, this is what would sadly cause his heart to go into overdrive and cause the situation inside of the airport. When it happened, an ambulance was called. Witnesses claim that Juice WRLD was transported off of the private jet into the airport where paramedics tried their absolute best to do everything they could to save Juice WRLD before being quickly escorted to the nearest hospital.

However, while paramedics were helping Juice WRLD, the feds as well as a group of canine units were going through the luggage on the plane, as the dogs were quick to sniff out the illegal items, which then raised the question of why would Juice WRLD even attempt to bring this on a plane? This would be later revealed why Juice WRLD brought the 70 pounds of narcotics on this flight, as before his passing, Juice WRLD’s birthday party was coming up following the next day, as mentioned by his best friend named Chris Long Films, who was also on the private jet with Juice.

However, two of the rapper’s security guards that were on the private jet were arrested at the scene for the firearms while inside of the airport, which would grab the attention of a lot of individuals inside of the airport. Recording his security getting arrested, recording Allie Lottie sprinting out of the airport, Juice WRLD’s passing would quickly go viral online, as rappers would then begin to react to the sudden passing.

Trippie Redd, who collaborated with Juice WRLD on Feline, posted to his Instagram captioning, “I kinda hate life to be honest, I’m so sick and tired of this honestly.” Ski Mask, who was close with both Juice WRLD and XXXTentacion, tweeted, “No, he can’t be gone. They keep taking my brothers from me.” Billie Eilish, a fan of Juice WRLD, reacted stating, “Rest in peace, man.” Marshmello, a collaborator of Juice WRLD, said, “Rest easy my brother. Love you bro.”

Rappers soon began sharing evidence suggesting that Juice WRLD may still be alive. References in his music, such as mentioning John Lennon and his song “All Girls Are The Same,” and the lyric “We ain’t making it past 21” in the tribute song “Legends,” added to the speculation. A tweet from Juice WRLD stating his goal to get overly famous, shine for a couple of years, and then fake his passing, further fueled the belief that he might still be alive.

Several rappers, including Lil Biby, G Herbo, Eminem, Young Thug, Roddy Ricch, and the Lyrical Lemonade CEO Cole Bennett, expressed their admiration for Juice WRLD’s talent and the impact he had on the music industry. They all shared personal experiences and memories of Juice WRLD, highlighting his skills and the relationships they had with him.

Juice WRLD was also known for helping and supporting other artists, such as Kid LAROI, whom he gave a free verse for his song “Go.”

Overall, Juice WRLD’s passing left a significant impact on the music industry, with many rappers and fans mourning his loss and celebrating his talent and contributions to the industry.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Rappers Reveal Juice WRLD IS ALIVE IN 2023’ by District Trending