Level Up Fast in Diablo 4: Best XP Farming Spots (1-100)

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Level up with story progression or alternate characters through whispers and recommended dungeons, destroy tumors for experience, reset strongholds, transition to World Tier 2, use Nightmare dungeons from level 50 to 70, pay attention to dungeon affixes and salvage, complete Fallen Temple at World Tier 3, use Nightmare Dungeons for leveling from 70 to 100, and utilize potions and seasonal blessings for extra experience.

Key Insights

  • Leveling up from 1 to 50 is easy and natural through the story progression.
  • To power level alternate characters, select the skip campaign option and focus on completing whispers that lead to dungeons.
  • Whispers offer experience points, and completing them at the Tree of Whispers grants extra experience.
  • Recommended dungeons for leveling up alternate characters are Dendai Hollow (Season 1), Khor Dragan, Onyx Watchtower, and the Temple of Rot.
  • Destroy tumors in Khor Dragan to gain experience from elite enemies. A challenging boss encounter at the end provides a substantial experience boost.
  • Reset strongholds to maximize grinding by leaving the game after defeating the boss and logging back in.
  • At level 50, complete the capstone dungeon, Cathedral of Light, by transitioning to World Tier 2.
  • Nightmare dungeons are recommended for leveling up between levels 50 and 70. Use Nightmare Sigils and aim for clear times between 3 and 5 minutes.
  • Pay attention to dungeon affixes and salvage and craft Nightmare Sigils as needed.
  • Helltides offer equipment opportunities but are less efficient for leveling compared to Nightmare Dungeons.
  • Complete the last Capstone Dungeon, Fallen Temple, at World Tier 3 to unlock World Tier 4.
  • Leveling from 70 to 100 takes longer, and Nightmare Dungeons remain the fastest way to gear up and level glyphs.
  • Use potions, party up for a bonus, and utilize seasonal blessings for extra experience points.
  • There is currently no World Tier 5, but future updates may introduce new content for grinding.

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In this leveling guide, we’ll be exploring the most effective strategies for leveling up in Diablo 4. We’ll dive into various methods to rapidly advance your character during the early stages, and how to optimize your late game progression with different activities. I’ll even share tips on how to quickly level your alts. Additionally, we’ll take a look at bonuses that can further enhance your experience points. Stay tuned as we go over the path to getting to level 100.

Leveling up from 1 to 50 can be a breeze, especially for your first character, as you will naturally progress through the story. However, if you’re looking to power level an alternate character, I’ve got some practical strategies to share.

First, select the skip campaign option when creating your alt. Once you’re in the game, focus on completing whispers. Instead of rushing through objectives, take the time to clear out groups of mobs you encounter along the way.

Here’s the key, prioritize whispers that lead to dungeons. Why? Because not only will you earn experience points from the dungeon mobs, but you’ll also receive a substantial bonus upon completing it. Don’t forget to turn in your completed whispers at the Tree of Whispers for even more experience points.

If you’re playing during Season 1, your best bet is Dendai Hollow. It offers straightforward objectives and plenty of elite enemies. After finishing the dungeon, simply exit, open your map, and select Reset Dungeons. Repeat this process until you reach 20 to 30. These practical tips will have your alternate character leveling up efficiently in no time.

If you find yourself in the level range of 20 to 30 and are eager to optimize your leveling experience, turning your attention towards strongholds is the way to go. Among the top recommendations, I’d suggest exploring Khor Dragan, northwest of Kiovashad, Onyx Watchtower, southeast of Khed Bardu, and the Temple of Rot, directly south of Khed Bardu.

In Khor Dragan, our primary focus will be on these specific circular objectives. As you venture into these areas, be on the lookout for tumors that need to be destroyed. Each tumor is surrounded by elite enemies, and upon destroying a tumor, another elite will emerge. To sweeten the deal, as you reach the end of Khor Dragan, a challenging boss encounter awaits, promising you a substantial boost in experience points.

To maximize stronghold grinding, it’s crucial to understand how to reset a stronghold. Instead of wrapping up with the final objective after defeating the boss, simply access your menu and select Leave Game. Upon logging back in, you’ll find yourself right at the entrance, with the stronghold reset to its initial state.

Once you’ve reached level 50, it’s time to do your capstone dungeon. To gain access to the Cathedral of Light, you’ll need to transition to World Tier 2. You’ll find this cathedral inside the church in Kiovashad.

The initial phase of the dungeon follows a standard pattern. Gather animus and confront a boss at the end. However, unlike most dungeons, there’s one more section to conquer. In this new stage, you’ll have to eliminate all enemies and conclude the dungeon with the final boss.

While it’s possible to attempt the Cathedral of Light before hitting level 50, exercise caution as it poses a considerable challenge compared to earlier dungeons. The smoothest way to do a capstone dungeon is to get the assistance of a high-level friend to guide you through it.

Levels 50 to 70 is all about nightmare dungeons. To enter a nightmare dungeon, you first need a Nightmare Sigil, which would be located in your Consumables tab. To get your first Nightmare Sigil, I recommend doing Whispers until you get a Nightmare Sigil from opening a Whispers cache.

Here’s how to read Nightmare Sigils. At the top, we have the name of the dungeon. In Season 1, the fastest Nightmare Dungeons for leveling are Uldir’s Cave, Sarret’s Lair, Mariner’s Refuge, Horefrost Demise, Immortal Emanation, and Domhaine Tunnels. The level of the mobs is determined by the Sigil tier, plus 53 in World Tier 3, and plus 54 in World Tier 4.

Nightmare Dungeons contain random benefits and detriments known as dungeon affixes. The best benefits are Reduced cooldown on kill, Magic find, Gold find, Battle hardened, and Increased critical strike. The worst detriments are Drifting Shade, Lightning Storm, and Stormbane’s Wrath.

If you get bad Nightmare Sigils, salvage them at the Occultist, then use the Sigil Powder to craft new Nightmare Sigils. In a recent patch that increased the mob density, Nightmare Dungeons are by far the fastest way to level. The key to efficient leveling in Nightmare Dungeons is finding the Sigil tier that you can complete the fastest. Get your clear time somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes. If you find yourself dying or taking longer than 5 minutes to clear a Nightmare Dungeon, try doing a Sigil with a lower tier level. Gearing yourself appropriately, choosing the right build, efficiently using Paragon Points, and getting better Legendary Aspects are all ways to boost your clear speeds. Faster clears equals more experience points.

To break away from the grind, do some Helltides. Leveling with Helltides isn’t as efficient as leveling with Nightmare Dungeons, but you do get some awesome equipment opportunities with Helltide Chests. Running too many Nightmare Dungeons in a row can lead to fatigue and burnout.

To get into World Tier 4, you’ll need to complete the last Capstone Dungeon. Set your world tier to World Tier 3 and head east of Kiovashad to the Fallen Temple. The recommended level to take on this challenge is level 70. You’ll either need to be well-geared or have a high-level friend carry you through this capstone. The last boss is Elias, and this is definitely one of the hardest bosses I’ve encountered in Diablo 4.

Unfortunately, the best way to level in World Tier 4 is still doing Nightmare Dungeons. It is currently the fastest way to gear, level up, and the only way to level glyphs. Eventually, Diablo 4 will have a World Tier 5, which hopefully comes with new content to grind with.

Leveling from 70 to 100 is going to take substantially longer than anything we’ve done so far.

Lastly, to boost your experience points even higher, be sure to use potions during dungeons. This offers a 5% bonus. Party up with someone for an extra 10% bonus, and don’t forget to use your seasonal blessings for a 20% bonus.

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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Best Places to Level Up in Diablo 4 (Fast XP Farm 1-100)’ by LambAndWolfGaming