Maia Nomisk Pain Relief for Women: Worth the Money? – 2023 Review

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Reviewing the Maia Nomisk pain relief for women! Is it worth the money?? 2023’ by Sharday Joy

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video reviews Nomisc’s Maya Period Pain Relief Pad, emphasizing its effectiveness and recommending it as an alternative to hot water bottles for period pain relief.

Key Insights

  • The video is a review of the Period Pain Relief Pad from a brand called Nomisc, specifically the Maya line.
  • The speaker received the pad as a gift for Valentine's Day and tested it throughout the month of May.
  • The pad is designed to provide relief for period pain, including lower back and muscle pain.
  • The speaker mentions that the pad collects fur and hair easily, requiring constant cleaning.
  • They suggest that the band size should be adjustable for a better fit.
  • There are three modes available: heat, high air kneading, and medium air kneading.
  • The speaker prefers the combination of heat and deep massage for effective pain relief.
  • The pad has a silent mode specifically for quiet environments like school or work.
  • It can be charged with a Samsung charging port and comes with an extension band for more length.
  • The speaker expresses gratitude for the pad's pain relief and recommends it as an alternative to using a hot water bottle.
  • They discuss their personal experience with period symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and a metallic taste.
  • The pad helps to relax and relieve tension, making the speaker feel calmer.
  • They consider the pad worth the expense and encourage viewers to try it.

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Hi, my name’s Sade, but I go by Shadey. In this video I’m going to be talking about the Period Pain Relief Nomisc. I think that’s how it’s pronounced. I actually got this for Valentine’s Day by my partner, and now it’s May, so I’ve been trying really hard to film when I’m actually on the time of the month, and actually sit here and test it out and talk about it. I have used it before, but I will also be talking about my own personal experience with having periods.

Yeah, we’re just going to go through it. So if you don’t want to sit here and listen about periods, and you don’t want to hear about this bad boy, this video isn’t really for you. You can put this on your lower back too. A lot of girls experience lower back pain leading up to their period, shark week, whatever you want to call it. I don’t care, I just say period. It is what it is. A lot of girls experience lower back pain, muscle pain. You can just put this on backwards and massage your back.

Okay, look, I think I’m saying that correct. So we are testing out the period pain relief pad from Nomisc, and it’s the Maya. Can you see that? It’s pretty damn bright in here. The Maya line, I don’t even know, it’s just called Maya. There is so much fluff in my room. My dog was just in here while I was putting on my wig because my hair is oily, and I don’t want that. I can’t be bothered to deal with my oily hair right now. But I left this in here for like 2.5 seconds, and he started chewing it. He didn’t do much damage, but he did make a tear in the strap. And I actually had to sit on my phone for about five minutes, maybe 10 minutes, maybe half an hour on TikTok just trying not to cry, because how emotional that made me. I yelled at him and I feel bad. He doesn’t normally chew things, so I’m surprised he did that.

Okay, so first of all I’d like to say about the design of the thingy is it’s a hair collector. It collects fur and hair like no tomorrow. I have big floof balls of dogs, big floofy dogs, and I’ve been sitting here trying to pick out the fur in the Vacro all day. Every time I use it, I pick it out. It’s just a collector of the fur. It’s the territory. It’s just how it… Yeah.

I feel like the band itself is quite… What’s the word? It’s quite generous in the size of it. I’m going to sneeze. I didn’t even cover my mouth. I feel like, yeah, one of the design flaws I think is that you should be able to take off the strap and change it to a larger or smaller size rather than this one size fits all. I put it under my belly, right next to my hip. I’ll show you. It’s a pretty color. I like that it’s pink. I don’t know if you can get it in other colors, but other colors would be nice.

Now that I’ve got it on there nice and tight in the position I want it in, do you see what I mean? It’s on my hip bone. It’s under my belly button. It’s where the pain is. You girls get it.

This was actually my partner’s idea to film a review for this product. I remember when he gave it to me at Valor Times and he was like, oh, I’m pretty sure it’s silent. It’s meant to be quiet so you’re able to use it, blah, blah, blah, blah. Maybe you should review it and see what happens. I was like, that’s actually a good idea.

It comes with… Hey, you’ve been on charge all afternoon, exactly. It has three modes. It has the heat, deep… I’m going to have to get the thing. There’s three modes, I know that. I still kept the box it came in. Oh, I take it all back. There’s an extension thing. They gave a bigger band size. I’m sorry, I take it back. If you require more length, they have an extension about, I mean, this long. Sorry. I honestly haven’t looked at this box since I got it like three months ago. I should have read this before. I should have read this before. If you have any questions, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I should have showed you this not on. Okay, bear with me. I’ll take it off.

So you’ve got that on button right here. You click it on and it will turn orange. And then what you’ll do is you will press it to get other modes. I’m just going to turn it off that mode because that’s annoying. So it comes with a little thank you card. In pain, we know how that feels. When your cramps hurt so much you can barely get out of bed, you feel bloated, tired, and anxious. But I just showed you. And relax. With heat and massage therapy, Mya soothes your cramps in seconds so that you can feel like yourself again. Whenever, wherever, with three unique modes, Mya has your back no matter what. It’s slim and lightweight so you can take it anywhere. And the silent mode is amazing for school and work. So there is a silent mode. So, look, Jed, you were right. It’s just the silent mode is just the heat mode. And I find, personally, the heat mode is not enough. I need to have the deep massage as well as the heat for it to do anything, personally.

Mode one, temperature. What is that? What does that mean? Temperature is 55. Why can’t you? Okay. So mode one is heat. And that will go for about 30 minutes. That’s the yellow light mode. Mode two, temperature, high air kneading with a timing of 30 minutes as well. That’s the green light mode. Honestly, when I have this thing on, it feels like it’s not 30 minutes. And then mode three is temperature, medium air needling, kneading. The 30 minutes is white light.

Charging, low power. When the battery runs low, you’ll notice a flashing yellow ring around the power button. When the charge has been depleted, Maya will ring three times and shut down automatically. Yeah. So the charging port is actually just the Samsung charging port. I’ve got a Samsung 22 Ultra. Same plug. Because I already lost the plug for this bad boy. My bad. So you hold that button until it says beep, beep, beep. It goes orange automatically, which is just the heating setting. I can already feel that on. But I like the green. The high air kneading. I just wish it wasn’t so loud. Because if it wasn’t this loud, I would take it to work and sit there in my office and I’d work. I would be typing away and it would be fine. But I can’t sit there. And have this going on. It’s great for laying in bed and watching TV and working from home perhaps. It’s absolutely fine. But I’m not going to sit there in the

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Reviewing the Maia Nomisk pain relief for women! Is it worth the money?? 2023’ by Sharday Joy