Make Her Miss You: The Ultimate Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How To Make ANY Woman Miss You BADLY! Even If She’s NOT Interested | Olivia Alexa’ by Olivia Alexa

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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To make a woman miss you, offer unique and unavailable qualities, distance yourself, utilize no contact, stay active on social media, ignore indirect attention-seeking, respond calmly, create jealousy, use a meaningful nickname, and teach her something new.

Key Insights

  • To make a woman miss you, offer something unique and unavailable elsewhere.
  • Distancing yourself and not contacting her will make her wonder about you and imagine various scenarios, including jealousy.
  • No contact works because it feels like rejection, stimulating the parts of the brain associated with motivation, reward, addiction, and cravings.
  • Maintain an active social media presence to show that you have a fulfilling life.
  • Refrain from giving attention to her attempts to indirectly get your attention on social media.
  • When she reaches out to you, don't display excessive excitement. Keep responses cool, vague, and cordial.
  • Create jealousy by posting pictures with friends, including other women, or even sharing a celebrity crush.
  • Give her a unique nickname that holds meaning to her, and every time she hears it, she'll think of you.
  • Teach her something new, as women appreciate learning from a man, which demonstrates confidence, capability, and leadership.

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Here’s the formatted transcript of the YouTube video:

[Video Title: 7 Ways to Make Any Woman Miss You]

Intro: In order to make a woman miss you, you have to give her something that she feels is unique and that she can’t get anywhere else. This will work whether you’re in a relationship or just talking with a woman. It doesn’t matter.

Number One: Don’t contact her. Women are used to men steadily chasing and pursuing them, but no one can miss you if you’re always there. Simply not communicating and distancing yourself will keep you on her mind. She’ll start to wonder what you’re doing, what you’re up to, etc. Because the fact that she hasn’t heard from you will make her imagination run wild. She’ll eventually start to imagine you with other women, and jealousy will start to set in. By not contacting her, you’re showing her that you’re independent of her and that you don’t rely on her to continue living your life. The real reason why no contact works is because it feels like rejection. When a man shows a woman that he’s well-equipped and very much capable of handling life without her, she begins to realize that she’s an option, not a requirement for him. And this type of rejection ironically makes her crave you more. The reason romantic rejection gets us hooked is because it stimulates the parts of our brain that are associated with motivation, reward, addiction, and cravings.

Number Two: Show her you’re still living your life. When a woman is missing you, the first place she will try to check up on you is social media. If she logs on and sees little to no updates from you, she’ll think that you’re not doing much with your life because, for some reason, people think that if you didn’t post it on social media, it didn’t happen. Post some of your successes and fun times on social media. This doesn’t have to be in a boastful or cocky way. Even if you don’t have any wins or successes, just posting a nice picture of yourself, knowing it will pop up in her timeline, will suffice. By dropping hints of your successes and wins, it lets her know that she’s missing out on your life events. And women love to be part of a man’s life events because it makes them feel like they’re actually a part of your life.

Number Three: Don’t give into the attention bait. When she realizes that she hasn’t heard from you and you haven’t reached out, she’ll try to indirectly get your attention, usually via social media. She might do this through a nice picture of her, subliminal status about you, etc. She’s doing these things for you. Don’t like her pictures, ignore them. She will be sitting there like a fiend, waiting to see if you’ll notice them, if you’ll like them, etc. The moment that you like her pictures, you’re letting her know that you see her and you’re acknowledging her. This is validation for her. She will notice that none of those likes on her picture are from you, and it will drive her crazy.

Number Four: Don’t be eager, be vague. When she actually does reach out to you because she will, don’t be overly excited to hear from her. Expressing too much excitement is a major turnoff for a woman because it’s a sign of dependency. When you’re too excited to hear from her, it tells her that you’ve been missing her and waiting for her to contact you. In her mind, she imagines you sitting by the phone, waiting for it to ring. Even though that’s probably not true, that’s still what she pictures in her mind. So instead, play it cool and give her simple forms of communication, meaning don’t go too lengthy with the responses. Keep it extremely vague and simple, but cordial. A simple response like, “Hey, how are you?” is cordial but vague enough to stand out.

Number Five: Create jealousy. Now look, this doesn’t mean that you have to full-fledged date or talk to somebody else. This could mean that you post a picture with friends and there’s a woman in it. This could mean that you tag a woman in your pictures because, trust me, she will notice that a woman is tagged, and she will go and stalk her page to try to see who this woman is. She could be just a friend or maybe not. The point is that she doesn’t know. Her imagination will always take her to the point of you being involved with another woman. Even posting a picture of your celebrity crush evokes a type of jealousy in a woman. The point here is that you’re showing her that you have other options besides her because, in reality, you do.

Number Six: Nickname her. Giving her a unique nickname that means something to her is a guaranteed way to make her miss you because every single time she hears this name, she’ll automatically think of you. Now look, I wouldn’t recommend doing a nickname that’s so rare that she would likely never hear it again. It needs to be common enough so that she encounters it again. As I said before, it needs to have some kind of importance and relevance to it. Maybe you create a nickname for her centered around her favorite food or her favorite TV show or her favorite color, etc. What you’re doing here is you’re making her associate things with memories of you. This is called associative memory in psychology, and it’s highly effective.

Number Seven: Teach her something new. Women love to learn new things from a man because teaching and mentorship are characteristics that are synonymous with leaders, and women innately want to be led by a man. If you can teach her something new, she will forever be grateful to you for it. Women see a man who is willing and able to teach them something as being confident, capable, and loving. So, this is definitely an important trait to have.

Outro: Ultimately, making a woman miss you is extremely easy. It just takes an understanding of the psyche of a woman and also understanding that women are very emotional creatures. But following these steps can make that work in your favor. So until the next video, I’ll see you guys later. Bye!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How To Make ANY Woman Miss You BADLY! Even If She’s NOT Interested | Olivia Alexa’ by Olivia Alexa