Making More Money Driving a Tesla with Uber and Lyft

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Does Driving a Tesla ACTUALLY Make You MORE Money with Uber and Lyft?’ by Buck Living

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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Switching to a Tesla can save drivers on costs, increase tips, and potentially boost earnings, but results vary based on location and driving habits.

Key Insights

  • Switching to a Tesla for Uber and Lyft can save drivers money on gas and maintenance.
  • One driver saved over $1,000 a month on gas and maintenance by driving a Tesla.
  • The rental cost of a Tesla is higher compared to other vehicles, but the lower gas and maintenance expenses make up for it.
  • The driver drives about 40 hours a week, mostly during peak hours.
  • He makes around $50,000 per year driving for Uber.
  • The Tesla rental costs $410 per week or $1,640 per month.
  • The driver noticed no significant increase in revenue from Uber rides after switching to the Tesla.
  • However, he expects the lower costs to create a positive financial situation in the long run.
  • Tips from customers have been better since he started driving a Tesla.
  • EV rides often have higher fares, which can increase earnings.
  • Charging the car during off-peak hours reduces the cost of charging.
  • The long-range Tesla model allows him to charge once per day at the end of his workday.
  • Avoiding freeway trips helps preserve the car's battery for longer.
  • The driver plans to keep renting the Tesla and eventually save to buy one.
  • Testimonials show that many drivers report making more money driving a Tesla, although individual results may vary.
  • Location and the mindset of drivers in the city can impact earnings.
  • Trying a Tesla rental can help drivers determine if it is financially beneficial for them.
  • The amount of driving done is a significant factor in determining if a Tesla is worth it for an individual driver.

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Do you actually make more money driving a Tesla for Uber and Lyft? This is a new article that just came out. And what this one driver said is very interesting. Switching to a Tesla has saved them more than $1,000 a month on gas and maintenance. I want to do another video about this. I’ve done a couple of videos about driving a Tesla. And what’s interesting is it seems like out of any other vehicle, out of any other vehicle, Teslas have gotten the most hype when it comes to Uber and Lyft drivers. I think because I’ve done a video about one article where one driver said, oh, I’m making significantly more money even if you factor in the rental costs of the Tesla and everything. So it’s very interesting. So this article I thought was kind of unique looking at both sides.

So right here, you can see kind of the main highlights. Wesley Johnson started driving a rented Tesla for four months, and he’s been saving a lot of money on gas and has no plans to turn back. So he’s offered tips to Uber drivers looking to make the electric vehicle switch. So going down right here, he drives roughly about 40-ish hours a week. It seems like typically Thursday through Saturday and four hours on Sunday. So it looks like he’s just driving at peak hours. Makes sense. And the past year he’s brought in over about 50K, 50K-ish. He said the big thing though, as we all know when it comes to being a driver, is gas and vehicle maintenance. And I’m going to skip around in this article, you know, as you can imagine, but he got into the partnership with Hertz to rent a Tesla.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Does Driving a Tesla ACTUALLY Make You MORE Money with Uber and Lyft?’ by Buck Living