Mastering Hydro Hypostasis: Pro Tips for Free-to-Play in Genshin Impact!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to EASILY Beat Hydro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact – Free to Play Friendly!’ by Sun Wei

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Geo Traveler recommended for Hydra Hypostasis boss fight; Kaeya for mechanics; Amber and Xiangling for pyro bonus; kill healer minion; dodge boss’s cubes; high burst damage team beneficial; avoid boss’s dolphin move; bait tornadoes for free damage; careful of spawning bubbles; turn around for free DPS phase; prevent slimes from reaching boss; freeze boss with Kaeya in final phase.

Key Insights

  • Geo Traveler is recommended for damage in the Hydra Hypostasis boss fight.
  • Kaeya is suggested for boss mechanics.
  • Amber and Xiangling are used for the double pyro bonus (25% damage increase).
  • The boss fight starts with two minions one is a healer and the other drops bombs.
  • Kaeya can easily kill both minions with one hit.
  • The healing orb from the healer minion can heal the boss, so it's recommended to kill it.
  • During the fight, avoid getting hit by the boss's big cubes by looking behind you.
  • The DPS phases in this boss fight are short, so a team with high burst damage is beneficial.
  • Getting hit by the boss's dolphin move awards an achievement.
  • Bait out tornado moves to position yourself for free damage.
  • The boss spawns dolphins on the floor, and they damage when coming up and down.
  • Be cautious of the bubbles that spawn underneath you during the final phase, as they can trap you.
  • Turning around and avoiding the blocks grants a free DPS phase.
  • The boss will revive if the slimes it spawns reach it, so prevent that from happening.
  • A cryo character like Kaeya can freeze the boss in place during the final phase.
  • Use Kaeya's ultimate ability to freeze both the boss and the spawned minions.

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Okay, here is the formatted transcript from the YouTube video:

[Start of Transcript]
Okay, how to beat Hydra Hypostasis. So we’re gonna be using Geo Traveler for all the damage in this fight. And then we’re gonna swap over to Kaeya for all the boss mechanics.

So as you can see here, my gear is less than stellar, right? I don’t have anything enhanced more than plus 16. So my stats are about the same as yours if you’re a person who only has four stars, right? So don’t worry about the five-star stuff.

Anyways, Amber and Xiangling are just here for the double pyro bonus, right? Which is a flat 25% damage bonus. And then we have Kaeya here, who is just our cryo in order to help make this boss a lot easier, in order to kill his minions and for the final phase.

Anyways, let’s get into the fight. Okay, so how to beat Hydra Hypostasis. So in my opinion, this boss fight is very simple and very easy and also very fun.

So it’ll start off by spawning these two minions, right? One’s a healer. That one’s the healer. Okay, and that one’s the bomb one. You can kill both with one hit from Kaeya. So it’s not too big of a deal. You just want to get away from where the bomb one died, and this one will shoot little things, right? And you can just grab the healing orb. And you can kill it. The thing is, that little healing orb will also heal the boss. So it’s up to you if you want to leave the healing one alive. I like to kill it.

So when it does this little swirly thing, right, you want to look behind you. So you to make sure you don’t get hit by these big cubes, and then you just wait for the DPS phase. The DPS phases in this boss fight are very, very, very small. They don’t give you a lot of time to squeeze in DPS for this boss. So if you’re doing this in abyss, you want to bring a team with high burst.

Anyways, so this dolphin move, if you get hit by it, you’ll get an achievement. That’s pretty much it. What does a little tornado thing? You can bait out the torrents that will try to position themselves in front of you and then do DPS. Free damage here, big deal. And it really doesn’t have too much. So it’s gonna go into the center here, and I think it’s going to do here. There we go. It’s gonna spawn dolphins.

So this thing, pretty much all it will do, it’ll spawn dolphins on the floor. And it’ll come out do damage when coming up and then do damage when coming down. The only reason why I’m jumping and attacking here is because I don’t want to get hit. I need to keep my eyes really close to the ground and make sure that I’m not walking into any dolphins, right? But otherwise, this is a free DPS phase. It’s probably the longest DPS phase you get, and yeah, it’ll go in here the middle. I think it’ll spawn enemies. It’ll spawn minions here.

So again, we’re gonna go ahead and kill the healer. I’m gonna wait a second for Kaeya’s skill to come back up. And you always want to have Kaeya’s ult ready for the final phase, by the way. So anyways, when it does that little big swirly thing in the middle, it’s going to start spawning bubbles underneath you, right? And these are the bubbles that can trap you. So please be careful. All it is going to do is it’s gonna spawn bubbles directly underneath where you are. And so it won’t do any sort of weird prediction stuff. It’ll just place it right underneath where you were and in random spots in the arena. But all you do is not stay still. It did the little swiggly thing again. The little like parts of its blocks will swirl around large. And all you need to do is just turn around and make sure you don’t get hit by the blocks. And we get a free DPS phase just for dodging that. You never want to get too close because otherwise, you’ll get hit. When it does the little manta ray thing, it’ll cause torrents of rain in one direction, really easy to dodge, just dodge to the side.

And we’re coming close to the final phase. So the final phase for this boss is, in my opinion, very, very easy. There’s not a whole lot here. It will revive itself if you let the slimes that it spawns get to it, but just don’t let it happen, right? So all you need to do is just bring a cryo character like Kaeya, for example. So it’s gonna spawn a couple of them, and all we need to do is just hit it to kill it once, right? We’ll pop the ult here, it’ll freeze in place, and then just move over here, freeze him too. And then we’re good to go. Anyways, easy.
[End of Transcript]

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to EASILY Beat Hydro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact – Free to Play Friendly!’ by Sun Wei