Mastering Japan in Civ 6: Top Tips for Success

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘(Civ 6) How To ACTUALLY Play Japan In Civilization 6 || Tips For Civilization 6’ by TheCivLifeR

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Japan in Civilization VI is a versatile Civ that excels in various victories by utilizing unique abilities, units, and strategies, such as prioritizing district adjacency and using samurai for domination.

Key Insights

  • Japan in Civilization VI is a versatile Civ that can excel in different victory types.
  • The leader ability, Divine Wind, provides half-cost theater squares, holy sites, and encampments but lacks synergy for some victory types.
  • Japan's Civ ability, Meiji Restoration, grants +1 adjacency for each adjacent district, making it easy to get high adjacency bonuses for all districts.
  • The unique unit, Samurai, is a powerful melee unit that ignores combat strength penalties and can do full damage even at low health.
  • The unique building, Electronics Factory, is a factory replacement that provides additional culture for the city.
  • Japan can achieve every victory type but is particularly strong in domination and culture strategies.
  • For a culture victory, prioritize theater squares and great works, and focus on building wonders and acquiring great people.
  • For a domination victory, rush towards samurai through Feudalism and use the strong units to conquer other civilizations.
  • Some secret strategies mentioned include a faith crusade grandmaster chapel rush and a big money strategy.
  • Recommended wonders for Japan are those that provide great work slots, such as Broadway and the Sydney Opera House.
  • The best government types for Japan are oligarchy, theocracy, and fascism.
  • Pitfalls to avoid include wasting time building unnecessary districts in the early game, kamikaze-ing samurai, and not maximizing adjacency bonuses.

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Japan is one of the most popular Civs in Civilization VI, mainly because gamers and anime watchers go hand in hand. Set aside your body pillow for a minute and I’ll show you how to actually play Japan in Civilization VI.

Japan is one of the most versatile Civs as they combine their modern cultural significance and their early modern, yeah, in any case. Japan in Civ VI is that one kid in school who played on every sports team as they can do anything in the game at a high level.

Japan’s leader ability is just neckbeard things cringe. Despite sounding like something a full-time reddit mod would say, Divine Wind is actually not that bad, it’s almost terrible. I say almost because of the fact half-cost theater squares, holy sites, and encampments are great in games you actually want these districts, but they don’t have any synergy aside from a culture victory where you can get holy sites and theater squares.

Japan’s Civ ability is, oh my god, these yields. The best Japanese ability that is the main reason stopping me from committing seppuku is the Meiji Restoration. All districts get plus 1 adjacency for each adjacent district, so cuddle up kids, it’s getting cold in here. This works for every district in the game, that gives yields and lets you get at least plus 6 adjacency for every district surrounded by others, with potential for more depending on things like mountains, aqueducts, dams, etc.

Japan’s unique unit is Rambo Montage in Civilization VI. The samurai is a pretty bog standard unique unit, aside from the fact that it could have literally one dude, that one dude will take on the ghosts of his ancestors or some shit and do full damage as if it was full strength. Having damaged units reduces your combat strength drastically, but the samurai ignores that and lets you do full damage at any health.

Japan’s second unique building is the anime production factory. The electronics factory is a factory replacement that gives 4 culture for the city, which, um, yeah, that’s about it.

Now for some secret strategies. Secret strategies for Japan could literally be any other victory type I didn’t already mention as they are the only civ good at every victory type, but that’s no fun. So let’s concoct some new ones like a mad scientist and make a frankenstein creation.

The first one is full-on faith crusade grandmasters chapel rush. That is right. Christianity got to Japan early in this timeline and with your early extra holy site production, you will get faith faster than anyone else, especially with the adjacency boost.

Another strategy is big money for Japan. Spam commercial hubs everywhere on rivers and

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘(Civ 6) How To ACTUALLY Play Japan In Civilization 6 || Tips For Civilization 6’ by TheCivLifeR