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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Full TravelArrow Tutorial Video’ by Travel Arrow

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Travelero extension finds cheap flights and hotels, compares fares, reveals hotel names, compares prices, finds discount codes, and earns free miles.

Key Insights

  • Travelero extension works to find cheaper flights and hotels.
  • Beat Google Flights feature compares your exact flight search on Skyscanner and Kayak, finding hidden fares.
  • Hotel Deal Reveal feature reveals the name of the hotel when booking on Priceline, allowing you to save money.
  • Hotel Price Comparison feature compares prices from over 25 different travel sites.
  • Travelero Deals feature finds discount codes and seasonal promotions from airlines and hotels.
  • Travelero Miles feature allows you to earn free miles redeemable at airlines and hotels by shopping online.

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Hey everyone, I’m going to show you how the Travelero extension works.

First, if you haven’t already, you can install it by visiting

The first feature is something we like to call Beat Google Flights. Travelero automatically converts your exact Google Flight search onto cheaper travel search engines, Skyscanner and Kayak. This feature helps you access hidden fares that might also be cheaper.

To activate this feature, start your search on Google Flight like you normally would. I’m going to do an international route, Dallas to Madrid.

Once you get to the results page, you’ll see the Travelero pop-up automatically loads. You’ll be able to compare Skyscanner, Kayak, and Expedia.

So on Google Flights, the cheapest price for this route is $1,900. So then just click compare on the Travelero pop-up, and it’ll automatically pull up your exact flight on Kayak, Skyscanner.

On Skyscanner, that same exact route for the same dates is only $1,100. So that’s over $800 cheaper. Meanwhile, Kayak was also able to find a cheaper flight for just $1,083.

The second feature is Hotel Deal Reveal. This will only work on Priceline and Hotwire. So let me show you how it works on Priceline first.

When you get to the search page, you need to select Express Deals. Express Deals is a feature super unique to Priceline, where they offer massive, massive discounts up to 60% off four and five-star luxury hotels and resorts.

Now the catch is that they don’t reveal the name of the hotel until after you book. So for example, for this great five-star casino that’s $165 per night, they’ll only reveal the general location, one picture of the room, and that’s about it. So there is uncertainty because you don’t know the name until after you book.

That’s where the Travelero extension works its magic. Watch this. Our extension will automatically pop up and actually reveal the name of the hotel so that you can book with certainty and save hundreds of dollars per night.

On top of this, the extension will also let you check this exact hotel on other sites like or Google. So let’s see what that looks like. So you can now see more pictures of that exact hotel as well as more detailed amenities.

Feature number three is Hotel Price Comparison. Travelero offers a variety of pricing options. Travelero will actually compare over 25 different travel sites, including popular ones like Expedia,, and many more, and it will show you if there’s a cheaper deal.

Let’s use as an example. So let’s find a hotel. And as you can see, the Travelero extension automatically pops up if it’s able to find cheaper prices elsewhere.

So the Pod Times Square is $170 per night. It’s $179 on For those exact same dates, our extension was able to find it for cheaper on Kayak for just $171.

Feature number four is Travelero Deals. Travelero finds limited-time discount codes, offers, and seasonal promotions offered by the top airlines and hotels, and we display all of them directly to you.

So let me show you how to activate them. Navigate to the Extensions tab in your browser right here, click on it, and then open Travelero, and you’ll see this screen pop up. On the screen, click Deals, and voila. Let’s see what some of these deals look like.

Frontier Airlines has an incredible 100% off base fares discount code that expires on September 26th. In order to activate it, all you have to do is click this button, and you’ll be taken to the webpage where you can redeem the discounts.

The next feature is Travelero Miles. You will be earning free miles redeemable at your favorite airline and hotels just for shopping online.

So the way it works is that Travelero has partnerships with hundreds of different retailers like Sam’s Club, Sephora, and Macy’s who pay us out of their own pocket, which we then gift to you as miles. And these miles are earned on top of the credit card points you would earn anyway. So you’re basically getting double cash back.

Let me show you how it works on Sam’s Club. So just shop at your favorite stores as you normally would. Then once you visit the checkout page or your cart, Travelero’s pop-up will automatically display and allow you to claim miles back. In this case, you’ll earn 6%, and all you need to do is click OK.

You can then sign into your account and see how many miles you’ve earned on your purchase by clicking My Miles here in this tab. And the amount of miles you earn will be a percentage of your total purchase value.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Full TravelArrow Tutorial Video’ by Travel Arrow