Meet Yuga Khan: DC Comics’ Darkseid & Highfather’s Father

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Yuga Kahn is an immensely powerful and immortal character with various superhuman abilities who ruled Apokolips, confronted Darkseid, and has a legendary rating of 10/10.

Key Insights

  • Yuga Kahn is a character appearing in New Gods Volume 3 issue number 17 in June 1990.
  • Yuga Kahn is incredibly powerful and considered the most powerful of all the New Gods.
  • He possesses superhuman strength, surpassing characters like Darkseid and Highfather, and can even crush entire planets.
  • Yuga Kahn has superhuman speed, reflexes, and stamina, being able to fly faster than the speed of light and break the barrier of reality.
  • He has superhuman senses and is virtually invulnerable to physical and energy-based attacks.
  • Yuga Kahn is immortal and can turn his body into primal energy, allowing him to exist even if his physical form is destroyed.
  • He possesses a healing factor, can change his size, and has energy manipulation abilities.
  • Yuga Kahn can absorb the life force of planets and beings, increase his own power, and has the ability to resurrect the dead.
  • He can manipulate matter and turn off source-based powers like Darkseid's Omega Effect and Mother Boxes.
  • Yuga Kahn is a reality warper and can manipulate the Source, displaying immense power.
  • He was the first ruler of Apokolips but became trapped in the Source Wall for millennia.
  • Yuga Kahn broke free from the Source Wall, absorbed life force to regain power, and confronted Darkseid.
  • He overpowered Darkseid, bound him with matter manipulation, and ruled Apokolips.
  • Yuga Kahn sought a way to pass the Source Wall again but was imprisoned once more, allowing Darkseid to reclaim the throne.
  • Yuga Kahn's powers and influence on the DC Universe make him a legendary character, rating him 10/10.

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Hi everybody, I hope you’re having a great day. In this video, I’m going to be covering Yuga Kahn. He made his first appearance in New Gods Volume 3 issue number 17 in June of 1990, but there have been several iterations of the character, the most recent one him carrying the name of Zonus. But for the sake of this video, I’m going to primarily be covering the pre-Flashpoint Yuga Kahn because I think this version is pretty much the coolest.

Yuga Kahn typically stands 8 feet tall and weighs 550 pounds, mostly having red eyes, but in more recent issues, he’s been portrayed as having white eyes, and he has black hair. Yuga Kahn has vast, vast, vast. I can’t say it enough, superhuman strength. He’s proved to be the most powerful of all of the New Gods. The armies of Apocalypse and New Genesis are no match for him. He’s strong enough to overcome his son Darkseid and Highfather, and he’s also able to crush entire planets.

Another thing to consider is that he’s strong enough to break away from the source wall which he was once trapped in. He has vast superhuman speed as well and can actually fly at far greater speeds than the speed of light, being able to move so fast at one point that he broke the barrier of reality. This is also proven by the fact that he was being tracked by Lar’gan, the Daxamite. And Daxamites, if you don’t know, have Kryptonian-like powers. Nevertheless, Yuga Kahn was far too fast for him.

He also has superhuman reflexes and stamina which is completely unlimited, superhuman senses that are on the level of having cosmic awareness. He’s basically invulnerable, being resistant to most forms of physical and energy-based attacks. He’s immortal not only because of the fact that he’s a new god and that they have extended lifespans but because he has the unique ability to turn his body into primal energy, and so if his physical body happened to be destroyed, he could still exist in an energy form. If he is injured, he has a healing factor. He can fly. He can change his size, actually being about the size of a Promethean giant, who are beings that are so large that they can hold planets in their hands. But despite this, he regularly takes on his smaller stature of about 8 feet tall. And this is for convenience sake, to be able to live on Apokolips, the planet he rules.

Yuga Kahn also has energy manipulation, being able to mold the power of the Source to create different types of effects. In addition to this, he can also absorb the life force of planets and beings to increase his own power. Part of this ability also lends itself to what’s called the Torment Sanction, which is a precursor to his son Darkseid’s Omega Sanction. It’s also worth noting that in his New 52 iteration, he’s mentioned as being the first user and possessor of the Complete Anti-Life Equation.

To go on, he also has matter manipulation as well, and he can change the nature and structure of things around him. And he can turn off Source-based powers, such as Darkseid’s Omega Effect, Mother Boxes, and Boom Tubes. Completely shut it off. And due to him being able to manipulate the Source, one of his abilities is also being a Reality Warper. This was shown on an occasion when DeSade was trying to escape by running off, and he ended up coming right back to the place that he started in Darkseid’s throne room. He was dazed and confused because this is the main place he was trying to get away from.

And as if all of this wasn’t enough, his powers have allowed him to be able to resurrect the dead, and in his most recent iteration, through the powers of the Shazam Wizard’s staff, he can revive himself. All these things being considered, to be honest, he’s pretty much invincible. It bears some weight that Darkseid is actually terrified of him, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Okay, now traditionally, Yuga-Khan was the first ruler of Apokolips. This empire had become one of the most powerful in the universe, but that wasn’t enough for Yuga-Khan. He was set on becoming the most powerful being in the universe and to find out the reason for its existence. For a long time, he was looking to find out the mysteries of the Source.

Now, in a storyline where his other son, Isaiah, was warning him about not going to the Source Yuga-Khan simply rebuked him and slapped him, and then flew off to go seek out the Source. Once he got to the Source wall, he found himself trapped there. Being stuck there for countless millennia, his wife, Hegra, became the ruler of Apokolips. She actually ordered Desaad to kill Yuxa’s wife, Sully, believing that the love made him weak. In turn, this made Yuxa kill his own brother, and he then took on the Omega Force and became Darkseid.

It wasn’t long before he convinced Desaad to poison his mother so he could be the ruler of Apokolips, claiming that his father was the past, and that he was the future. While all of this was going on, Yuga-Khan could do nothing but sit back and watch, still being trapped in the wall. Finally being tired of his prison, Yuga-Khan did the unimaginable. He conjured up the power that it took to break free of the Source wall.

The raw power that he emitted from doing this could be felt across the Promethean galaxy, and it even supposedly caused the universe itself to shake. By doing this, he was greatly weakened, though, and he had to recharge his powers by absorbing the life force of the closest planet to him, which was called Velos. This destroyed the entire planet and its inhabitants, and so from there he went on to do the same thing with a couple of other worlds. While he was doing this, he also got the attention of Largan the Daxamite, who had very little power to do anything to stop him.

Once he was fully powered up, he went back to Apokolips, his very presence there making everyone terrified, even Darkseid. When Yuga-Khan confronts Darkseid about his mother’s death, Darkseid tries to destroy him with his Omega Beams, but as we know, Yuga-Khan could shut it down. This is when Yuga-Khan used his power of matter manipulation and actually made some of the materials around Darkseid bind him in and hold him. Yuga-Khan then confronted Deicide, who swore up and down that he was still loyal to him, but that he was just playing along with Darkseid. Yuga-Khan heard him out, but he eventually just vaporized him, reminding him that, hey, you were the one that actually carried out the killing of Hegra, my wife.

Khan then put out the decree for the whole planet to work double time to build more weapons of war. He cut off the energy of the Source from Apokolips and New Genesis, rendering boom tubes, mother boxes, and other technologies inoperable. And although an army of New Genesis, led by Gideon, was assembled very quickly to counter his threat, they were easily overpowered by him, Yuga-Khan even killing Gideon.

After his newfound victory, his attentions once again turned to the Source Wall, figuring that he has a new way of passing it. He then converts himself into a being of primal energy and enters the Source Wall that way, but once again he’s imprisoned there and has to watch all over again as Darkseid reclaims the throne of Apokolips.

Now due to his powers and abilities, and his influence on the DC Universe, for my 1-10 rating, I’ll give Yuga-Khan, a rating of 10, which is a legendary rating. I hope everyone enjoyed this video, I’ll talk to you next time. Be sure to like and subscribe to the new sage.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Who is DC Comics Yuga Khan? Father of Darkseid & Highfather – Enough said!’ by New Sage