Monos vs Away Luggage: Choosing the Best Suitcase

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Monos vs Away Luggage | Which Suitcase is Best?!’ by Sharing the Road

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video compares Away and Monos suitcases, discussing packaging, features, performance, and favoring Monos as the overall winner.

Key Insights

  • The video compares the Away Bigger Carry-On suitcase with the Monos Bigger Carry-On suitcase.
  • The packaging of the suitcases is discussed, with the Away suitcase having a horizontal packaging and the Monos suitcase having a vertical packaging.
  • The first impressions of the suitcases are shared, with positive comments on the lightness and design of both suitcases.
  • The features of the suitcases are compared, including the TSA-approved locks, zippers, branding, laundry bags, and straps.
  • The Monos suitcase is favored for its sturdier handle, cleaner design, and matching zipper color.
  • The performance of the suitcases is tested, with focus on the handles and wheels. The Monos handle is praised for being steadier, while both suitcases have flawless wheels.
  • The Monos suitcase gets scuffed more easily due to its lighter color, but a magic eraser is included for cleaning purposes.
  • Other features like lock placement, weight, interior design, and individual identification are evaluated, with Monos being favored in most categories.
  • The Monos suitcase is chosen as the winner and the preferred option.
  • The video ends with a request for viewers to like and subscribe to the channel.

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I really need a new suitcase. Today we’re testing out the Away Bigger Carry-On versus the Monos Bigger Carry-On. Let’s see which one wins. ♪♪♪ We just got two very exciting packages In the mail, we have the Monos Carry-On Plus suitcase and the Away Bigger Carry-On suitcase. So we’re going to be comparing these and finding out which one is better.

So packaging is probably the least important thing when it comes to getting something you’re going to have for a long time. So we’re just going to give you some of our first impressions on the suitcases. Then we’ll be actually testing them out by taking them on some trips. So let’s get into these packages.

Let’s start with the Away. Biggest difference here, Away comes horizontal, the Monos comes vertical packaging. Doesn’t make that big of difference. Opens up and you can almost imagine the golden glow coming out. Really, really nice packaging. A little pop out here that comes out. We’ll see what this is in a second. Got a box inside a box. A little box-ception. Very nice with the handle. Is very clean in there. This should hopefully just slide out like so. Look at that.

So first impressions here, very nice. It’s light. It’s got a little bit of a give to it, which I guess probably comes down to it being a relatively lightweight, portable suitcase. Great size and absolutely beautiful color. I know when you’re buying things online, sometimes it’s hard to tell if the colors will be true when you get it. And I’d say they did a pretty good job of matching this to what we saw online. I will say just in general, I liked the Monos color selection a lot better than the Away colors. So I’m excited to see the Monos here. So first impressions so far, pretty nice. Let’s open this thing up and see how she’s on the inside.

It does have TSA-approved locks right there. How she is. So very- Pretty nice zippers. Very smooth. You can’t really tell, but everything in here is very well branded down to the zippers have the Away logo on there. I don’t think they could have put any more branding on there. They’re not gonna let you forget what kind of suitcase you have. Yeah, it’s all right. I don’t love it, honestly. It’s a lot of their logo on the suitcase, which I think just muddies it up a little bit. And this must be their laundry bag, I’m assuming. This looks like there is a little magic eraser here because the soft shells on the suitcases do tend to scuff. So that is nice that they included that as well. Yeah, and these straps look pretty nice and high quality too. And we did go for the one without the ejectable battery because we don’t really need that. We usually carry batteries separately. So we didn’t want that to take away from the capacity inside the luggage. So we have the Away out of the way. And now let’s jump right into the Monos here. And this came just in time because I am getting on a flight in about two hours here. So I’m glad it wasn’t late. Oh, that’s interesting. There is a little dust bag. Must be to keep the suitcase nice and clean whenever you’re storing it. Wow, I love this color. Yeah. It actually feels a little bit lighter than the Away. Am I crazy? No, I think that’s spot on. I’m really liking the color and I actually like the design a lot better than the Away. I know that that’s kind of an unimportant factor of the suitcase, but it definitely just seems a lot cleaner. And I actually like how the zippers match the color of the suitcase.

Let’s open her on up. It has a similar locking mechanism on the side of the suitcase. Yeah, she’s really light. Looks like another magic eraser here that they’ve included as well. Oh, that’s nice. There’s a little luggage tag as well. These luggage companies are all so dramatic. Jumping into the bag itself, looks like this must be a laundry bag of some sort. So there is one little zipper case on this side. So let’s jump into this. Much cleaner look to it rather than all those logos, but that’s just a matter of preference really. Pretty similar though. I actually really like that they have black straps as well. I just like the look of that. So this compression leave folds the other way, which I actually think I like the Away version better. It seems like the Away would sit a little better whenever you have the suitcase open, but very similar. This one has a pocket on the side instead of on the width of the suitcase. I’m excited to try it out. I think I’ll fill her right up and head on over to the airport.

So we’re currently on a layover in Atlanta. Coming back from our Miami trip, we have dragged these bad boys across roads, public transportation, buses, you name it. And we have some thoughts on their performance. One of the big areas we noticed a sizable difference in the performance was in the handles of these bags. Where the Monos handle is really rock steady and doesn’t have much give to it, the Away handle actually has a lot of jiggle to it. And it actually doesn’t feel as well put together as the Monos. This didn’t have a huge impact while you’re walking. They both feel like they’re not gonna fall apart on you. But I do have to say, I like the feeling of the Monos in your hand better. It’s just less rock to it. It definitely feels like it’s a more solid unit. Yeah, but I will say that I did really like the soft touch feel of the Away handle. And that’s actually something that I wish the Monos had. Switching between the two, the Away just felt a little bit better in your hand.

Another area we tested the performance of was the wheels on both of these suitcases. Both these suitcases, they glide incredibly well. We took them both over silky smooth airport walkways. We also tested how they worked going across city metal grates with uneven surfaces. Yeah, we quite literally dragged these bad boys when they were absolutely stuffed for miles and miles through the city of Miami. And both of them held up really, really well. I actually didn’t even realize how easy it would be to drag carry-on luggage throughout a city. It was totally fine. So I’m impressed with both of them. So from a performance standpoint, you really can’t go wrong with either set of wheels on these bags. They both operate really, really good. They’re flawless wheels.

As far as the hard shells of these suitcases, the Monos definitely scuffed up quite a bit, which is something that we were expecting just because we got it in that lighter color. Whereas the Away, which we got in a darker color, isn’t scuffed up pretty much at all. But again, this is something that we were expecting. We chose this color because we liked it and we were expecting scuffs. So we’re just gonna use that magic eraser that Monos included to clean those up. So we actually have a flight to catch. Can we go? Yep. See ya.

All right, so we’re finally home and we have some final thoughts for you. So really quick, we’re gonna break down some of the features that really stuck out to us between these two suitcases. And then if you haven’t guessed it already, we’re going to reveal to you which one we’re keeping and which one we’re sending back.

Starting with the lock placement, the Away suitcase has it on top and the Monos has it on the side. And I think the Monos definitely wins here because there is a small gap that forms when the Away suitcase is in the locked mode. And by being on top, it’s definitely vulnerable to rain, water, anything pouring in there where I feel like the Monos, even if it was

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Monos vs Away Luggage | Which Suitcase is Best?!’ by Sharing the Road