Murder of Tristyn Bailey: Gruesome Details Revealed

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Graphic: Gruesome details released in murder of Tristyn Bailey’ by First Coast News

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Tristan Bailey’s murder evidence includes changed story, bloody clothes, and indifference.

Key Insights

  • New documents from the ST Johns County Sheriff's Office shed light on the search for Tristan Bailey and the questioning of the suspect Aiden Fuji and his parents.
  • Tristan Bailey was reported missing on Mother's Day, and Aiden Fuji changed his story with detectives, claiming he left a friend's house with Bailey and that she tried to grab him, resulting in him pushing her to the ground.
  • Bailey's body was later found in the neighborhood's woods, stabbed 114 times, with defensive wounds. The suspected murder weapon, a knife missing its tip, was found in a pond near the body.
  • During a search warrant in Fuji's home, investigators discovered bloody clothes in his closet and satanic images and violent drawings of women in his bedroom.
  • Aiden's parents questioned him in an interrogation room, and he showed little concern about Bailey's death, asking if she was okay and responding with indifference when told she was dead.
  • Aiden's parents told him to stick to his story, and both Aiden and his mother Crystal Smith were later arrested, with Crystal accused of tampering with evidence in the case.

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Tonight, new documents from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office are shedding light on the search for Tristan Bailey and what happened when deputies started asking the suspect Aiden Fuji and his parents some very hard questions.

Thanks so much for joining us tonight at six o’clock. I’m Jeannie Blaylock alongside Anthony Austin, and we do want to warn you tonight. Some of the details you’re about to hear may be disturbing.

Jessica Clark is on your side tonight with those details, joining us from the newsroom. And Jessica, that release also includes a report from the Medical Examiner’s office.

Yeah, it does. And you know, these are just some of the reports made available today in the large document released from the state attorney’s office in the murder case of Tristan Bailey. And what’s inside includes an image suggesting violence against women, and it paints a disturbing picture.

Yeah, more information revealed about 14-year-old Aiden Fuji and 13-year-old Tristan Bailey in the early hours of May 9th. Court documents indicate Tristan’s family realized she was not at home the morning of Mother’s Day during breakfast. They searched the entire house for her, and then her mother frantically called 911 to report her missing while she was still missing.

According to investigators’ reports, Fuji changed his story with detectives at least once, ultimately saying he left a friend’s house with Bailey the night before, that the two walked to her street in their Durban Crossing neighborhood in St. John’s County, and that she tried to grab him and he says he pushed her to the ground and she hit her head.

Fuji also suggested to investigators while Bailey was still missing that she may have gone to meet a drug dealer. Investigators later found that drug dealer and determined he had nothing to do with the murder case.

Later that day, a jogger in the neighborhood found a young girl’s body bloody in the neighborhood’s woods. The Medical Examiner’s report released Wednesday indicates Bailey had been stabbed 114 times and had defensive wounds. That report also revealed the suspected weapon: a knife was found in a pond only 140 feet from the body, the knife missing its tip. The tip found in Tristan’s skull.

According to investigators’ reports during a search warrant at Fuji’s home, investigators found bloody clothes in his closet, as well as what is described as satanic images and violent drawings of women in his bedroom. Now, many, many people are named in these documents, and we understand from previous news gathering that there are more than 250 potential witnesses in this case.

Live in the newsroom, Jessica Clark, First Coast News on your side.

Just thank you. So let’s talk more about these new documents. They are also shedding light on the night Aiden Fuji and his parents were inside an interrogation room after Tristan Bailey’s body was discovered.

Aiden’s parents questioned him with no detectives in the room, but the audio and video devices were rolling. According to the report, his mother told him that Bailey was found in their neighborhood. The report says Aiden then asked, “Is she good?” The mother’s response? “No, she’s dead. It’s all on you right now.”

The report says Aiden asked, “How is it my problem?” They reportedly said because he was the last one seen with her. The report also says the mother asked where Bailey went after they parted, and Fuji stated that she probably kept walking. His father asked, according to the report, if he didn’t turn around to see where she went, and he replied no.

Now, according to the report, Aiden’s parents told him to find his story and stick to it. He was arrested at 3:30 the next morning. His mother, Crystal Smith, would later be arrested, accused of tampering with evidence in this case.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Graphic: Gruesome details released in murder of Tristyn Bailey’ by First Coast News