New Hulk Movie: WORLD WAR HULK Teaser (2024) with Mark Ruffalo & Charlie Cox

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Marvel Studios plans to adapt the World War Hulk storyline, facing distribution challenges but potentially resolving them through a trade with Universal, and fans are excited for it.

Key Insights

  • There are rumors that Marvel Studios is planning to bring the World War Hulk storyline to the MCU.
  • The World War Hulk storyline originated in a comic book crossover event in 2007.
  • The storyline involves the Hulk being banished from Earth by the Illuminati and seeking revenge.
  • The Hulk returns to Earth with allies known as the Warbound to confront the Illuminati and various superhero teams.
  • The adaptation of World War Hulk in the MCU faces challenges due to distribution rights for the Hulk owned by Universal.
  • Recent rumors suggest Disney is willing to trade Hulu for Universal's Marvel characters, potentially resolving the distribution issue.
  • It is speculated that a World War Hulk film could be released on Disney Plus or adapted into an event miniseries for the streaming service.
  • Several elements of the World War Hulk storyline would need to be modified to fit within the MCU, such as the Hulk's exile being self-imposed and the introduction of Hulk's son, Scar.
  • The MCU could potentially make Scar the main antagonist of the World War Hulk film.
  • Fans are eager to see a proper Hulk storyline in the MCU.

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2 years ago, an alleged leak from GWW surfaced, suggesting that Marvel Studios had plans to bring the World War Hulk storyline to the MCU. The leak indicated that the movie’s production would commence in 2022, picking up from the events of the She-Hulk Attorney at Law series.

With its boundary-breaking finale, She-Hulk Attorney at Law made a strong impact on Disney+, leaving fans eagerly anticipating confirmation of the World War Hulk movie. Although leaks should always be approached with caution, various hints within the MCU suggest that a World War Hulk adaptation is a plausible project, particularly given the introduction of Scar, the Hulk’s son, in She-Hulk Attorney at Law. Official confirmation of this exciting venture is still awaited.

So, what exactly is the World War Hulk? The World War Hulk storyline originated in a comic book crossover event that took place in 2007. It encompassed a self-titled limited series and various other titles published by Marvel Comics.

The narrative commenced with the Hulk being deceived into venturing into space by the Illuminati, a secret group composed of influential superheroes. Nick Fury, disguised as a life decoy, also played a role in this ruse.

The subsequent storyline, known as Planet Hulk, depicted the Hulk’s exile on a distant planet and his eventual return to Earth, fueled by a desire for revenge against the Illuminati. The saga commenced with a one-shot issue called World War Hulk Prologue Worldbreaker, which was released in May 2007. It was penned by Peter David and illustrated by Sean Phillips, Al Rio and Lee Weeks.

Marvel continued the narrative with issues spanning from Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 No. 106-111 and World War Hulk Frontline No. 1-6. These parallel stories explored the repercussions of the Hulk’s homecoming on various characters within the Marvel Universe. Additionally, the crossover extended into regular issues of several other titles including Avengers The Initiative, Ghost Rider, Heroes for Hire, Irredeemable Ant-Man, The Punisher War Journal and Iron Man, a mini-series featuring the Hulk and the X-Men, as well as the introduction of a new group called the Gamma Corps, further contributed to the expansive World War Hulk storyline.

Now, let’s discuss the plot. After being banished from Earth by the Illuminati, consisting of Black Bolt, Tony Stark, Doctor Strange and Reed Richards, the Hulk’s spacecraft explodes, resulting in the death of his pregnant wife. Fueled by anger and blaming the Illuminati for the tragedy, the Hulk, now more powerful than ever from absorbing radiation on planet Sakaar, returns to Earth seeking revenge alongside his allies, known as the Warbound, Heroim, Korg, Elo-Kaifi, Meek, No-Name of the Brood, Arch-E-5912 and Mung.

The Hulk begins his quest by defeating Black Bolt, the Inhuman King on the Moon, and then heads to Manhattan, New York, demanding the presence of the Illuminati. He confronts Professor X at the X-Men’s headquarters, where Professor X admits he would have supported the decision to send the Hulk away, but not to exile him permanently.

The Hulk defeats multiple teams of X-Men and engages in a battle with the Juggernaut, but departs upon learning about the M-Day incident, deciding that Xavier has suffered enough. Returning to Manhattan, the Hulk clashes with various superhuman teams, including Gamma Corps and Ghost Rider. He defeats Iron Man, resulting in the destruction of Stark Tower.

The Hulk and his Warbound then go on to conquer the New Avengers, the Mighty Avengers, Doc Sampson and the Fantastic Four, attaching obedience discs to the captured superheroes to neutralize their powers. After a brief skirmish involving Hercules, Amadeus Cho, Nomura and Angel, the Hulk emerges victorious against General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross and the U.S. Army. He later confronts Doctor Strange, who merges with an old enemy, Zom. The Hulk defeats the possessed Doctor Strange, forcing the demonic entity to flee.

Tony Stark, imprisoned and in communication with S.H.I.E.L.D., reveals a contingency plan to engulf Manhattan in the Negative Zone to eliminate the Hulk and any other positive matter if the heroes fail. The Hulk and the Warbound transform Madison Square Garden into a gladiatorial arena. Amidst an assassination attempt by Scorpion and a confrontation with the Initiative, the Hulk’s human supporters deliver speeches.

The Hulk arranges for Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Black Bolt and Mr. Fantastic to fight an alien creature and subsequently battle each other with an audience cheering them on. The Hulk claims his intentions are for justice, not murder, and ensures that nobody will die. He plans to destroy New York City, leaving the Avengers to face the consequences of their actions. The Sentry intervenes and clashes with the Hulk, resulting in a devastating battle that devastates the city. They eventually revert to their human forms, with Robert Reynolds passing out.

In a fit of rage, a Warbound member named Meek attacks Bruce Banner. Rick Jones sacrifices himself to protect Banner, causing him to transform back into the Hulk. As the Hulk fights against the Warbound, Meek reveals that the explosion triggering the conflict was orchestrated by Red King loyalists, and Meek deliberately allowed it to happen, hoping it would fuel the Hulk’s destructive tendencies.

The Hulk’s uncontrollable rage begins to endanger Earth with his energy emissions. Stark activates weaponized satellites that bombard the Hulk, rendering him unconscious in his Bruce Banner form. Subsequently, S.H.I.E.L.D. imprisons Banner in a heavily secured underground facility located three miles beneath the surface. The other Warbound members are taken into custody by the U.S. military. Namor, the sole Illuminati member who opposed banishing the Hulk from the start and predicted his eventual return and thirst for vengeance, is spared from the Hulk’s wrath.

Now let’s see how the MCU adapts to the World War Hulk. The MCU faces significant challenges when it comes to adapting the World War Hulk storyline. Marvel Studios has long grappled with the distribution rights for the Hulk, primarily due to Universal’s ownership of the character.

Following the critical disappointment of the 2003 Hulk film starring Eric Bana, Universal relinquished its plans for a sequel, leading to the rights reverting to Marvel. However, it is believed that Universal still retains distribution rights for the character. Universal was responsible for distributing 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, and if Marvel Studios intends to create another standalone Hulk film, they would need to negotiate a distribution agreement, potentially resulting in limited financial gains for Marvel. Furthermore, Universal would have the final say on the movie’s release date and marketing strategy.

Consequently, navigating these complex dynamics makes it challenging for a Hulk movie to move forward within the MCU. Despite this complicated scenario, recent rumors suggest that Disney is willing to trade Hulu for Universal’s Marvel characters. Nonetheless, in the absence of an official announcement, we can only speculate about what is going on behind the scenes. Still, if Marvel Studios has been secretly developing a World War Hulk film, it indicates that either they have resolved their issues with Universal or that they are willing to launch the project on Disney Plus and keep it out of theaters. Perhaps they will adopt World War Hulk into an event miniseries for Disney’s streaming service.

There is no way Marvel Studios can adapt World War Hulk directly. Multiple elements of Planet Hulk have already been adapted in Thor Ragnarok, but the Hulk’s exile in the MCU is self-imposed rather than the result of betrayal. Scar, Hulk’s son, was also introduced in She-Hulk, Attorney at Law in a calm manner, implying that he was born without a traumatic death. Scar escapes his mother’s womb after she dies in the spaceship explosion in the comic books.

Finally, the Hulk character has not appeared in the MCU since Avengers Endgame when we learn that Bruce Banner was able to keep his conscience inside his super-powered body. To make a World War Hulk film work, the MCU must free the enraged Hulk from his cage and give him a reason to fight the other heroes. Perhaps the MCU could make Scar the main antagonist of the World War Hulk film, tasked with challenging Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Whatever the case may be, we hope to hear some official news soon because a proper Hulk storyline in the MCU has been long overdue. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to captivate audiences worldwide, the prospect of a World War Hulk movie has become an enticing possibility.

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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘WORLD WAR HULK Teaser (2024) With Mark Ruffalo & Charlie Cox’ by Film Royalty