Nexon’s Massive Update: Dark and Darker Comparison

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Dark and Darker vs Nexon: Massive Update’ by Asmongold TV

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The case against Dark and Darker game is dismissed, but the future remains uncertain as it depends on the Korean court and appeals, while clones have not been released yet.

Key Insights

  • The case against Dark and Darker game has been dismissed in Washington.
  • The court argued that the case should be resolved in a Korean court of law.
  • The dismissal does not mean the DMCA is invalid, and it is up to Steam to decide whether to reinstate the game.
  • Nexon may still appeal the decision, and there is ongoing litigation in Korea.
  • Dark and Darker could potentially sue Nexon for lost revenue if they win the case.
  • The judge mentioned a clause in the contract stating that any disputes should be resolved in Korea.
  • The game had significant growth and potential revenue, which could be a basis for damages if Nexon is proven wrong.
  • The future of the game on Steam is uncertain, and it might depend on the outcome of the Korean court and appeals.
  • Clones of Dark and Darker have not been released yet, surprising the content creator.
  • The case dismissal does not imply Dark and Darker was right or Nexon was wrong; it is a jurisdictional matter.
  • The YouTuber expresses hope that the game will continue and that the players' main concern is playing the game.

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Apparently the case has been dismissed, not in South Korea but in Washington. Let’s see what has to say.
Hello friendos, welcome back bro. Did he join a gang? He’s wearing his hat backwards, what the fuck man? It’s late today when I’m recording this, so if I get some things wrong or misspeak a few times, you know, forgive me.
Big news though, for a couple reasons. Dark and Darker, obviously one of the biggest games at the moment in the West that would have been a way way bigger game if it was allowed to release on Steam, but was getting sued and DMCAed by Nexon for allegations of essentially stealing the game. Loads of videos on this, you can go check those out. Basically, I still don’t know how there isn’t like a non-compete or something like that, how is there not one. What the fuck do I know, right? But damn, court case in the West, in Washington State, has been dismissed.
This is not the hugest W ever because obviously the case is still going to go on in Korea, and it does mean that some things aren’t going to change, some things will, okay? But it’s also definitely not a loss, they’ve definitely cracked this one here. The reason it was dismissed and why it’s not a W in terms of are they right, is that it

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Dark and Darker vs Nexon: Massive Update’ by Asmongold TV