Nick Hawk: Stop Selling Your Sacred Body

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘HAWK TALK: Stop Selling Your Sacred Body’ by Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Speaker left adult industry for OnlyFans, built following easily, rejected money, prioritized personal values, regrets nothing, focused on healing sanctuary.

Key Insights

  • Key insights from the video transcript:
  • The speaker gave up making millions of dollars in the adult industry.
  • They started doing OnlyFans a few years ago after meeting a photographer who was making $20-30k per month.
  • Building a following on OnlyFans was relatively easy for the speaker.
  • Despite the easy money, it didn't feel right to continue in the adult industry.
  • The speaker had opportunities to expand their business by turning two mansions into cam houses and incorporating other girls into their OnlyFans.
  • They made the decision to say goodbye to making $50-100k per month.
  • The speaker is now focused on building a healing sanctuary and doesn't need much more money.
  • They have realized the importance of treating their body as sacred and not sharing intimate pictures/videos.
  • From a religious perspective, sinning has consequences, including losing personal power and feeding a dark energy.
  • The speaker doesn't regret their past choices but is glad to refuse the money associated with it.
  • They could have become extremely wealthy but value other aspects of life more.
  • The video ends with a message of love and a call to wake up.

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I gave up millions, millions at my peak of jiggle owing. Averaging 40k a month. I had a back-to-back, back-to-back record-breaking months for the company, 70k and 80k. I didn’t do OnlyFans until a couple of years back. I put that off for a long time, but I met with a photographer. And him and his friends were just posting nude pictures, and he was making 20 to 30K a month. I’m like, okay, why not? I was on Jiggles, everybody’s already seen me naked. I was in Playgirl. Built my followers up to 10k a month, $15 a month for my VIP. I had 200 followers there. I got them quick and easy, but it just still didn’t sit right. It was just such easy money, and the jiggle owing, I mean, I got to travel the world and I had fun. I enjoyed a lot of my clients. And then I had two houses in Vegas, two mansions I could have turned into cam houses, which I thought about doing. I could have made the easy 2030K off those a month. I know how to build businesses and promote and advertise, and with my name, and I knew all the girls, I could have incorporated girls into my OnlyFans and doubled that. I said goodbye to an easy 50 to 100K a month. While I’ve made some money, I’m not super rich. I’m doing well, I’m building a healing sanctuary, I don’t need it. I don’t need much more importantly. I can calculate. I’ve had the guidance and instruction to sit with my thoughts and I can calculate the destruction of doing so. I now know how our bodies should be. I know we need to treat these sacredly, and it’s not just sharing them with other people. It’s not just sharing them with other people but also sharing these pictures. There’s something to it, you know, again with the religious aspect of sinning. The Christianity is gross because of what they turned it into, but sinning is a thing. And when you sin, you pay for it, you lose power. You lose power from giving yourself away, even in photos. And then the worst aspect of posting these videos of yourself is you’re feeding this darkness, you’re feeding this addiction, and people to be on their phones and computers instead of being out there. It’s dark. It’s very dark energy. I see that now. I don’t regret anything that I did, but I’m so glad I’m saying no to all of this money. I could be a billionaire in ten years. I could be like Andrew Tate. I could have 30 cars, a three million-dollar Bugatti. Disgusts me now. You know, you’re outsmarting people, and you’re so smart because you’re making this money because you’re outsmarting people and taking their money from them. What else are you taking? That’s what you have to ask. Wake up, I still love you.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘HAWK TALK: Stop Selling Your Sacred Body’ by Rev. Dr. Nick Eagle